Tuesday, November 13, 2018

RU Upset LOL?


Rhisiart Gwilym said...

Hi Dmitry! I have a small problem. I contribute a (modest, retiree's) amount to your Patreon account, but just lately I've been blocked by a stupid glitch. Every time that I try to open one of your posts there, I get a screen with an only partially-visible message asking me - I think - for some more information about myself. I can't see what they want to know, because the window doesn't fit on the screen properly; and anyway the whole screen then becomes unresponsive to any actions by me, and I have to quit the programme before I can get anything to work again. I've already tried to contact Patreon twice about this (though they don't offer any way to do so, beyond pre-canned answers to FAQs) but so far I've had no response of any kind from them.

I'd like to go on supporting you financially, as I think that what you write is both important, and deeply satisfying in its wit and penetration. But I would like to go on seeing your posts, even the locked ones. Are you able to kick their arses a little and get some resolution, please?

Rhisiart Gwilym said...

PS: Hilarious video! You see why I don't want to be cut off from your commentaries! LOL!

Dmitry Orlov said...

Rhisiart -

I have taken this up with Patreon. I can't promise anything, but I'll try to get them to stop being intrusive and harrassing my patrons with irrelevant questions.

Isabella said...

I am going to take issue with your definition of male and female. As a geneticist [once] it's not quite right - also, it defines woman as a "not", ie, a female is so and is one, because she "doesn't have: a Y chromosome. iie. by a deficit, making her a lesser being. This carries heavy implications which can lead to unwanted consequences. A male isn't a male purely because he has a - working - Y, but because it interacts with a single X. A female is a female because she has two X's, which operate in tandem, some suppressed, others not.
For either, to have only one X is a bad thing.
However, I'm not offended, just raising one of my little battle flags. You know, the way the guy who has grown potatoes all his life does when someone says "this is a kind of turnip". He goes "grrrr".
We mostly all do it.
Can I ask what you said to the kids? Or isn't it repeatable :-)

Dmitry Orlov said...

I only spoke of the genetic TEST for sex. It looks for XY vs XX; that is, the presence or absence of the Y chromosome. It's not a definition, it's a test. The Y chromosome is a FLAG. What it does isn't relevant to the test.

toktomi said...

The simple point being that sex is testable and gender is not.
And Isabella may get stuck pulling a water cart which really upsets me.