Tuesday, November 20, 2018

NEW RELEASE: Collapse and the Good Life

My latest collection of essays is now in print. Some of these essays were previously published here while the rest—probably the more significant ones—have until now remained hidden behind a paywall and only accessible to subscribers. This collection represents a gradual shift of focus. I am still doing my bit as a chronicler of collapse, but what I want to emphasize is that a meaningful and fulfilling life can be lived even in the midst of collapse, which, with the right preparations and the right mindset, can be relegated to its proper use as a particularly macabre form of entertainment.


The book is 244 pages long and contains the following essays:

Collapse and the Good Life
Cultural Collapse is in the Lead
Why Russia Doesn't Strike Back
The Death and Resurrection of a Blogger
Keeping up with Putin
It Doesn’t Matter Who is President
All Values are Relative
Imperial Collapse Markers
Three Blind Men and the Greatest Depression
Barbarians Rampage through Europe's Cemetery
The Self-Deluded Animal
An Immersive Experience
Taking Refuge in Insanity
Individualism as a Risk Factor
Newsflash! World War III Finally Over!
Calling the Deep State’s Bluff
US Intelligence Community as a Collapse Driver
A Retreat into Bad Poetry
The Coolest Substance on Earth
Censoring Alex Jones
When Truth Becomes the Enemy
The Suicidal Empire
Magical Thinking as Realpolitik
A Senator Masquerading as a Gas Station
The Truthers and the Fakers
Useless Information is Useless
Terrorism of the Absurd
In Praise of Irresponsibility, Part I
In Praise of Irresponsibility, Part II
Humpty-Dumpty’s Fateful Choice
Collapse for the Oligarchy
Full Nuclear Retard
America’s Skull: Crumbling or just Thin?
In Praise of Irresponsibility Part III: Out of Control

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