Friday, November 23, 2007

"Reinventing Collapse" in the press

Shepherd Bliss, in a recent article published by - "The approaching holiday shopping spree as the U.S. economy declines" - mentions my Reinventing Collapse, based on an excerpt he received from my publisher:


An article at by a Russian now living in the US, recently came to my attention. In an excerpt from what has expanded into a book to be published next Spring Dmitry Orlov writes, “I watched the Soviet Union collapse, and this has given me insights to describe what the American collapse will look like.” Orlov’s pending book is entitled “Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Experience and American Prospects.” ( “Collapse” seems appropriate to describe where the US economy may be headed.

Orlov reveals various ingredients in the collapse of “modern military-industrial superpowers,” including a shortfall in the production of crude oil, foreign trade deficit, runaway military budget, and a ballooning foreign debt. He compares the USSR and the USA on these matters, adding the importance of “a humiliating military defeat.” Iraq may be to the USA what Afghanistan was to the USSR. Even with its $1 trillion military budget--larger than those of all the rest of the world combined--the US has been unable to subdue small, weak Iraq. Imagine what might happen with the much larger and more powerful Iran.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Reinventing Collapse

I am currently working on a book, titled "Reinventing Collapse," which expands on a lot of my writings to date. I am working on the manuscript with my editor, via the net, while sailing/motoring down the Eastern Seaboard, with my wife and our cat, in our trusty old sailboat, Hogfish. We are currently in Charleston, SC, getting ready leave for St. Augustine, FL.

The book is due out in May of 2008 from New Society Publishers. In the coming months, as the final manuscript comes together, I will post some excerpts, so stay tuned.

If you want to get a copy as soon as soon as it comes out, you can pre-order it from Amazon.