Thursday, October 26, 2017

Top Five

After the recent marathon writing session, I am taking this Thursday off in order to finish editing and proofreading an excellent new novel by Stan Goff which I plan to publish soon.

In the meantime, I hope that you find the time to peruse the following very popular offerings from the past four years.

It bears noting that this Tuesday’s post, Putin to Western elites: You flunked!—a follow-up to my most popular post ever—has been actively squelched by Facebook (which is, after all, a service of the Western elites) but is still on course with 10000 reads just yesterday.

This, I belive, is normal and to be expected. I know that I am walking a fine line, making use of another man’s public media in nonsanctioned ways—telling people things that they aren’t supposed to know. We should count our blessings that the methods of electronic mind control are as yet imperfect.

I’ll be back next week with a review of some of the most important things you aren’t supposed to know. In the meantime, enjoy...


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Robert said...

I remember Stan Goff from Mike Ruppert's old 'From the Wilderness' blog.

I bet his book is going to be great!

Jayhawk said...

When I listen to, or read, any speech by any American "leader" I hear at least one statement that is, on the face of it, utterly and blatantly nonsensical. Something along the lines of Omana's reason for our military presence in Afghanistan being that, "We are denying them space in which to plan their attacks." At least it's good grammar, but... Usually there are multiple instances of such babble.

In reading the speeches by Mr. Putin that you reference here I find a remarkable lack of anything even resembling that kind of nonsense. Kind of makes me wish that Putin would meddle in our elections.