Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Organizational Announcement

By popular demand, ClubOrlov is shifting to a semiweekly publishing schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays.

• Tuesdays will once again be free blogging days, with the full article (usually an editorial on current events) published on ClubOrlov and announced on Patreon. You should feel free to quote, excerpt or re-post these articles, provided you do so with full attribution (including my name and a link to the original).

• Thursdays will be premium content days, with the full essay (usually a longer, more in-depth, analytic piece) published on Patreon, visible to subscribers only and announced on ClubOrlov. For those who object to paying $1/month for Patreon access, a paper edition of the essays will be published on Amazon on a semiannual basis. For those who object to paying Amazon… well, there is just no pleasing some people!


Karl K said...

After reading today's "free" post, if anyone in the first world doesn't think a minimal Patreon donation (only $1) is worth it to read Dmitry's work, they are definitely not worth worrying about.

Many, many dots are connected.


Wolfgang Brinck said...

Writers used to be able to make a living writing articles. If they were clever enough, like E B White they could get a job with a magazine and get paid enough to live on by producing one column a month. Those days seem to be gone. Getting 1000 people to pay $1 a month is surely not enough to live on, even if it is on a house boat. Plus, Dmitry is producing 4 articles a month, each with a credible amount of meat in it. So yes, a subscription to cluborlov via patreon is a bargain, considering that a nine dollar monthly magazine at a news stand will have at best one article in it worth reading. I have personally stopped reading magazines altogether. The only time I approach them is at airports when I am desperate, and even then I often get on the airplane magazine-less because I cannot find a single article worth reading. So yes, $1 a month works out to 25 cents a week which will buy you 5 minutes on a parking meter and nothing much else I can think of.
I'm a dollar a month contributor to patreon myself and quite possibly might be talking myself into giving Dmitry more money to keep him entertaining me with new ideas.
I'm not a robot

Kelvinhall said...

Dmitry, I like your work and missed it when you changed your format to Patreon.

I donate to Paul Craig Roberts and think you should ask for a quarterly donation via some payment service such as Paypal (which I do for PCR).

I don't want to subscribe to any more things as they soon all mount up and become a burden should my circumstances change.

I would give quarterly and probably more than $1 a month (I give PCR about $20 a quarter).

I think you should consider this option.

Hope this makes sense.