Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Is Obama a Russian Agent?

Sometimes a case looks weak because there is no “smoking gun”—no obvious, direct evidence of conspiracy, malfeasance or evil intent—but once you tally up all the evidence it forms a coherent and damning picture. And so it is with the Obama administration vis à vis Russia: by feigning hostile intent it did everything possible to further Russia’s agenda. And although it is always possible to claim that all of Obama’s failures stem from mere incompetence, at some point this claim begins to ring hollow; how can he possibly be so utterly competent… at being incompetent? Perhaps he just used incompetence as a veil to cover his true intent, which was always to bolster Russia while rendering the US maximally irrelevant in world affairs. Let’s examine Obama’s major foreign policy initiatives from this angle.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of his eight years has been the destruction of Libya. Under the false pretense of a humanitarian intervention what was once the most prosperous and stable country in the entire North Africa has been reduced to a rubble-strewn haven for Islamic terrorists and a transit point for economic migrants streaming into the European Union. This had the effect of pushing Russia and China together, prompting them to start voting against the US together as a block in the UN Security Council. In a single blow, Obama assured an important element of his legacy as a Russian agent: no longer will the US be able to further its agenda through this very important international body.

Next, Obama presided over the violent overthrow of the constitutional government in the Ukraine and the installation of an American puppet regime there. When Crimea then voted to rejoin Russia, Obama imposed sanctions on the Russian Federation. These moves may seem like they were designed to hurt Russia, but let’s look at the results instead of the intentions. First, Russia regained control of an important, strategic region. Second, the sanctions and the countersanctions allowed Russia to concentrate on import replacement, building up the domestic economy. This was especially impressive in agriculture, and Russia now earns more export revenue from foodstuffs than from weapons. Third, the severing of economic ties with the Ukraine allowed Russia to eliminate a major economic competitor. Fourth, over a million Ukrainians decided to move to Russia, either temporarily or permanently, giving Russia a major demographic boost and giving it access to a pool of Russian-speaking skilled labor. (Most Ukrainians are barely distinguishable from the general Russian population.) Fifth, whereas before the Ukraine was in a position to extort concessions from Russia by playing games with the natural gas pipelines that lead from Russia to the European Union, now Russia’s hands have been untied, resulting in new pipeline deals with Turkey and Germany. In effect, Russia reaped all the benefits from the Ukrainian stalemate, while the US gained an unsavory, embarrassing dependent.

Obama’s next “achievement” was in carefully shepherding the Syrian conflict into a cul de sac. (Some insist on calling it a civil war, although virtually all of the fighting there has between the entire Syrian nation and foreign-funded outside mercenaries). To this end, Obama deployed an array of tactics. He simultaneously supported, armed, trained and fought various terrorist groups, making a joke of the usual US technique of using “terrorism by proxy.” He made ridiculous claims that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against its own people, which immediately reminded everyone of similarly hollow claims about Saddam’s WMDs while offering Russia a legitimate role to play in resolving the Syrian conflict. He made endless promises to separate “moderate opposition” from dyed-in-the-wool terrorists, but repeatedly failed to do so, thus giving the Russians ample scope to take care of the situation as they saw fit. He negotiated several cease fires, then violated them.

There have been other achievements as well. By constantly talking up the nonexistent “Russian threat” and scaremongering about “Russian aggression” and “Russian invasion” (of which no evidence existed), and by holding futile military exercises in Eastern Europe and especially in the geopolitically irrelevant Baltics, Obama managed to deprive NATO of any residual legitimacy it once might have had, turning it into a sad joke.

But perhaps Obama’s most significant service on behalf of the Russian nation was in throwing the election to Donald Trump. This he did by throwing his support behind the ridiculously inept and corrupt Hillary Clinton. She outspent Trump by a factor of two, but apparently no amount of money could buy her the presidency. As a result of Obama’s steadfast efforts, the US will now have a Russia-friendly president who is eager to make deals with Russia, but will have to do so from a significantly weakened negotiating position.

As I have been arguing for the last decade, it is a foregone conclusion that the United States is going to slide from its position of global dominance. But it was certainly helpful to have Obama grease the skids, and now it’s up to Donald Trump to finish the job. And since Obama’s contribution was especially helpful to Russia, I propose that he be awarded the Russian Federation’s Order of Friendship, to go with his Nobel Peace Prize.


Dime novels from Oblivion said...

I always thought the same thing about Hitler. As much as he hated slavs and bolshevism his whole program sure did a lot for them. His war ended with Soviet forces occupying half of Europe, Stalin couldn't have thanked him enough.

Alfred1860 said...

A very compelling proposition.....as you say, the results have turned out to be completely in Russia's favour, to the total detriment of the USA.

Since 2007, much has been made in the alternative media of Obama's decidedly Communist background and leanings, up to and including the idea that he has been groomed since his youth to do what he has done. How strong is the remnant Communist faction in Russia? Putin's personality is strong enough and his worldview and logical reasoning skills sound enough that I would have a hard time believing that he is a Communist sleeper agent.

Do Communist goals still intersect in any way with Russian nationalist goals?

Mister Roboto said...

As JMG has pointed out on more than one occasion, getting Russia and China to become allies is no mean feat. The predisposition of these countries to be mutually snarling adversaries is so strong that when the two countries were governed by the same ideology, China threw its lot in with the very country that was the "Great Satan" of the world according to this ideology!

WZ said...

lol! This is amazing! What a convoluted world but it's great to be living in Russian renaissance! On the other hand the most it is difficult to explain all this is to my liberal Moscovite friend they still are impressed but the rock and rap and Hollywood glitter...they are the biggest Putin Bashers!
Great that Obama honeymoon is over. What a betrayal! But no he must be a Russian agent lol. Good job SRU!

Cottage Crone said...

Great post, Dmitry! I love it and laughed all the way through--even though it isn't funny to the Libyans, the Ukrainians or the Syrians.

onething said...

According to an article in the New York Times, (How Republics End) Trump openly asked Russia to assist him in smearing his opponent. Where does this come from?

toktomi said...

very creative

The levity is great especially when delivered with such clever wit, but I always fall back to the vision and the sadness of the mass destruction and killing that this creature represents.


Dmitry Orlov said...

Onething — watch out for the "fake news"! NYT and WaPo are about as fake as they get.

Anonymous said...

Onething - Man, you gotta warn someone when you are posting a link to Paul Krugman. I was blind sided! Since I was there already, I might as well read it. I was not disappointed.

Whats the point of even disputing what this jackass says? What is truly amazing is that so many people still listen to this "serious" douche bag.

All you can do is shake your head and wonder how people who are so patently stupid as to believe ANYTHING this guy says manage to survive day to day.

I used to laugh as I watched the idiots shoot themselves in the foot, repeatedly. Then one day I realized every time one of these idiots shoots themselves in the foot, they are simultaneously shooting a hole in the bottom of the boot that we are all standing in.

While there is a certain amount of entertainment from watching these idiots, it is also an existential threat to my survival.

At what point does it become self defense to toss these idiots out of the boat?

possumqueensa said...

The question in my mind was always "which of these two candidates can you imagine arm wrestling with Putin", so it had to be Trump. What was Hillary going to do, cough him into submission? Totter over him with spiked heels?

bronwen said...

Great analysis...also, in the Syrian debacle, he managed to get the Pentagon and CIA fighting one another in the battlefield, and arranged for Russia to become the dominant power in the middle east...with new bases, alliances with Syria and Iran, and replacing the US as power broker with Israel, Iraq, Turkey and now Egypt.

Unknown said...

Bob Wood

Question: Has Obama consciously countered the DEEP STATE

by clever counter moves, that the World sees as just, more Obama screw-ups?

eg. refusing to bomb Syria and limiting support to Poroshinko etc.

jrkrideau said...

I am not totally convinced that Obama is a Russian agent but you make a good case for it.

However I think that an even better case can be made for George W. Bush being an Al Qaeda agent.

From his very first speech (I think it was the first) where he spoke of a "Crusade" to the probably unneccesary invasion of Afghanistan and the naked aggression of the Irag invasion Osama bin Laden must have been offering prayers daily for his continued good health.

There is no way that the amazingly bungled occupation of Iraq could have happened by chance. Clearly the Al Qaeda brain trust were feeding Bush and his dupes, Rumsfeld and Cheney, detailed instructions on how to nurture terrorist groups.

It was Putin and his people's stroke of genius to highjack the Al Qaeda operation and expand it with Obama to favour Russian rather than Al Qaeda objectives.

Juandonjuan said...

When the FBI, State Dept, Congressional Committes et al were trying to find the "Missing"(Bleachbitted)emails, Trump tweeted maybe we should ask the Russians if THEY have them. It was a nasty snark that they're trying to invert in order to channel their inner Orwell. (We have always been at war with AL-Quaeda)

And to David: Yes that is OUR boat they're shooting holes in. Maybe we need to treat them like ballast and throw them overboard

Juandonjuan said...

and to complete the allegory- that would be Paul "Napoleon" Krugman.

WaPo and NYT are the "Two Minutes of Hate"

PTEcon said...

There are three major world powers, China, the US and Russia. Therefore, wouldn't aligning with Russia marginalize China, hurting them and leaving the US and Russia relatively stronger? I like the analysis and I'm no fan of Obama's performance in international affairs, but the conclusion falls flat. I would welcome a follow up piece to explain how a Russia friendly president leads us to ruin.

vrajavala said...

I agree with most of it up to the point of "Obama throwing the election to Trump."
thinking that Trump is some kind of dope, like Obama. Truly, Obama was significantly brainwashed by his real biological father Frank Marshall Davis, and I believe that he studied his Columbia years in Moscow. However, the author is forgetting that a significant component of Obama is his socio-pathic narcissism.
The other part is the fact that he is truly a closet Muslim.

Sabretache said...

I am bemused by the fixation of so many 'non-msm' Americans with the twin bogymen of Bolshevism/Communism and Herr Hitler (opposite ends of a contrived dialectic), whilst studiously avoiding mention the gigantic elephant-in-the-room of that particular debate, viz: Judaism - other than to (often sub-conciously) reinforce the de-rigeur western steriotype of the Jews as history's eternal victims. A number of the comments here are aposite.

The gross distortions of history simply seems to proceed apace, both in Russia and the West - 'Victor's history' it is called, and we all appear to remain absolute suckers for it.

Merry Christmas Dimitri. Good stuff as always

Sabretache said...

I am bemused by the fixation of so many 'non-msm' Americans with the twin bogymen of Bolshevism/Communism and Herr Hitler (opposite ends of a contrived dialectic), whilst studiously avoiding mention the gigantic elephant-in-the-room of that particular debate, viz: Judaism - other than to (often sub-conciously) reinforce the de-rigeur western steriotype of the Jews as history's eternal victims. A number of the comments here are aposite.

The gross distortions of 'Victor's history' simply proceed apace, both in Russia and the West (with Germany remaining the politically supine/occupied guilty party) and we all appear to remain absolute suckers for it.

Merry Christmas Dimitri. Good stuff as always

stevelaudig@gmail.com said...

Obama may well be a smart stupid man or the reverse. Or he may simply be a well-disguised 'dick'.

He's no historian and the only domestic production of his administration is the deeply flawed "obama care" and may not survive. He chickened on single payer and as a result the "win" was either minimal or nominal.

Perhaps if he'd gone to Moscow in May 2015


He'd not have displayed his ignorance so prominently by this quote.
“The Russians can’t change us or significantly weaken us,” Obama said at the White House presser. “They are a smaller country, they are a weaker country, their economy doesn’t produce anything that anybody wants to buy except oil and gas and arms. They don’t innovate.”

The Russians produced, concededly not alone but if measured in terms of blood it was Soviet/Russian, the defeat of the Third Reich and now appears to have to be dealing with Washington, a/k/a the Fourth Reich.

All US casualties for WWII in Europe were no more than a bad weekend [or week, perhaps] on the Eastern front where the "law of war" didn't apply.

And for this sacrifice, the Soviet Peoples/Russians have earned my continuing thanks. Obama will go down as a popular 'nice enough' guy who did little for the working/slave class in the US except to assure they had slave work at slave pay under slave conditions. The slaves rebelled, a little, in a few states, enough to keep the person most responsible for the misery of the Libyan people and war criminal Clinton II from power. Her loss is everyone's [save Goldman Sacks Pierpont Morgan Street] gain.

Unknown said...

Narrative that Obama is Soviet spy is old as this person is sitting in the WH. I read a article about him telling be very interesting people and by interesting detail that in the time when he was supposedly in Pakistan he was in Soviet Union getting hes "degree" in USA bashing and destroying. I realize that all of it is far fetched but still it was quite compelling case. If we throw into that his very interesting pedigree and "no long form b/s" and sheriff Arpaio (TX) fake birth certificate saga then the case just grows...

BUT - we must not forget - there is distinct difference of Russia today (1990-tish to current) and Soviet Union before that. If Obama is a agent then he is agent of Soviet Union - NOT of Russia.
Hes action are seemingly helped Russia but more important then that is that those action are weakened USA in ALL fronts - domestically and internationally. And not only 2against" Russia but against ANY foreigner power/state or country. Because of its size the Russia just tops the list - nothing more.

I have more than 30 years working as information specialist (retired now) and I have been living in US, in Russia and in some EU countries - so I guess I have some insight to the story.

Unknown said...

Never underestimate the power of US elites to be completely blindsided by the consequences of their unwavering belief in their own exceptionalism. They are an economic class composed entirely of spoiled children who now believe their own bullshit/propaganda. They lack the ability to imagine negative consequences for themselves because they have been sheltered from all forms of negativity all their lives. Also, many are sociopathic and lack the ability to see things from the point of view of other people. I think that sums up all the political policies of the recent past. Expect more blithering incompetence papered over by the cheerleading press, as there is no change in sight.

Unknown said...

I just read this article on Yahoo!, and was surprised to see that most of the comments were rather intelligent and to the point.
It seems that America is waking up! That's good to know


Len Mullen said...

I think it makes more sense to say Obama is a Muslim. For eight years he has used US forces and diplomacy to destabilize the Middle East. Now, he is trying to sow the seeds of WWIII as his reign of terror ends. Obama has welcomed terrorists and criminals into the United States and dismisses ensuing violence as lone wolf events.