Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hello, Russia!

Over the past week, Google's Blogger has been reporting an excessive number of visits to this blog coming from Russia. This data is not corroborated by other web traffic monitoring sources, including Revolver Maps or Google's own Google Analytics. Looking at the structure of the “Russian” traffic, it looks very much like random noise. What could this possibly be? “Evidence of Russian hacking,” anyone? Well, here it is, finally! Let's not forget, Google founder Sergei Brin is a Russian... And here we were thinking that “Russian hacking” is as real as “Iraqi WMDs”! Shame on us!

Today's page hits by country:


Unknown said...

Поскольку нас получается на тыщу больше всех остальных вместе взятых, то пуркуа бы да не па?

531AF said...

Я живу в Америке, так что надо ещё поправочку)

Wolfgang Brinck said...

Interesting stats. I have noticed a similar phenomenon for my blog skinboatjournal.blogspot.com though the total number of hits I get are about an order of magnitude less than what cluborlov gets.
My blog is not overtly political as it deals mostly with the construction of traditional arctic skin on frame kayaks and related low-energy technology. I first saw a spike of Russian readership a few months ago and again this month where I'm getting more hits from Russia than from the US. The stats for this week show me getting about twice as many hits from Russia as from the US.
Maybe it's because I have a picture of a Russian Aleut playing the accordion in Anchorage at the third annual urban unangax culture camp.
That's a joke of course. But it is interesting that Russians are showing an interest in traditional arctic technology, or perhaps not, given that they have so much shoreline along the arctic ocean.

Thomas Lunde said...

I am appalled at the low number of hits from Canada!!! 33 million plus people who totally ignore the wisdom and insights of this site. Statistically the number must be so low the zeros would take up a line of space. No wonder everyone I try and talk to about the world situation can only regurgitate the bullshit of the mainstream media. And our great (ha ha) leader just imposed more sanctions on Russia. I can only assume our so called intelligence and foreign services feed him a constant litany of lies for him to make such a stupid and insulting move against Russia. I have a family member who is an officer in the Canadian Armed Services who doesn't have a clue about the world reality, it's embarrasing to me to have to admit this. My family has fought in every war except the Boer War and yet we are sending Nato soldiers to Russia's border and have trainers ( ha ha) teaching the Nazi's in Ukraine how to attack Russia.

And as for our great ( ha ha) CBC which is supposed report the truth, just the other day headlined that Syrian soldiers had killed 82 civilians in Aleppo. If you want to hear another truth about this go to the site "Moon of Alabama" who just wrote an expose on how that came to be the mainstream medias interpretation which in my mind convincingly destroys the whole CBC article. The bullshit is so deep it's like walking through a stockyard of penned animals waiting to be slaughtered. Yes, you guessed it - I am angry to the core of my being at how we are acting as a Nation!!

Mark said...

Yesterday, I assumed the number of US hits is lower because Americans are allergic to any view of how the world works that is not approved by Thought Police, or their own comfortable Group-Think, or The Party Line. That was my first thought, because I had already used it to explain Jill Stein getting a measly 1% of the general election votes cast, and well, recycle, reuse, reconfigure. Two more possible reasons:

The Democratic National Committee has unspent funds which it continues to use to outsource to Russia the trolling of leftists.

Russians are interested in WTF Americans were thinking?

The third possibility is that the WWW has become intelligent, curious, and is now searching for intelligent life in cyberspace, and is basing itself in Russia.

But perhaps the best person to ask would be Ed Snowden.

Whyawannaknow said...

It would be interesting to add a few statistics to interpret those daily hits per country-

Number of internet connected devices available per country (smart phone, tablet, PC)?

Number of people above age 12 or so with an internet access not filtered to.prevent looking at this site...

possumqueensa said...

Thought you might like to know you have one follower in South Africa, yep, that's me and I live in a dusty little town in the middle of nowhere on the southern tip of the dark continent. You might start to get suspicious if suddenly there were, like, 20 of us, but one is nothing to worry about.