Monday, November 16, 2015

A Most Convenient Massacre

[Un massacre qui tombe à pic !]
[Ein Massaker, das sehr gelegen kam]

What a difference a single massacre can make!

• Just a week ago the EU couldn't possibly figure out anything to do to stop the influx of “refugees” from all those countries the US and NATO had bombed into oblivion. But now, because “Paris changed everything,” EU's borders are being locked down and refugees are being turned back.

• Just a week ago it seemed that the EU was going to be swamped by resurgent nationalism, with incumbent political parties poised to get voted out of power. But now, thanks to the Paris massacre, they have obtained a new lease on life, because they can now safely embrace the same policies that a week ago they branded as “fascist.”

• Just a week ago the EU and the US couldn't possibly bring themselves admit that they are utterly incompetent when it comes to combating their own creation—ISIS, that is—and need Russian help. But now, at the après-Paris G-20 summit, everybody is ready to line up and let Putin take charge of the war against terrorism. Look—the Americans finally found those convoys of tanker trucks stretching beyond the horizon that ISIS has been using to smuggle out stolen Syrian crude oil—after Putin showed them the satellite photos!

Am I being crass and insensitive? Not at all—I deplore all the deaths from terrorist attacks in Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon, and in all the other countries whose populations did absolutely nothing to deserve such treatment. I only feel half as bad about the French, who stood by quietly as their military helped destroy Libya (which did nothing to deserve it).

Note that after the Russian jet crashed in the Sinai there weren't all that many Facebook avatars with the Russian flag pasted over them, and hardly any candlelight vigils or piles of wreaths and flowers in various Western capitals. I even detected a whiff of smug satisfaction that the Russians got their comeuppance for stepping out of line in Syria.

Why the difference in reaction? Simple: you were told to grieve for the French, so you did. You were not told to grieve for the Russians, and so you didn't. Don't feel bad; you are just following orders. The reasoning behind these orders is transparent: the French, along with the rest of the EU, are Washington's willing puppets; therefore, they are innocent, and when they get killed, it's a tragedy. But the Russians are not Washington's willing puppet, and are not innocent, and so when they get killed by terrorists, it's punishment. And when Iraqis, or Syrians, or Nigerians get killed by terrorists, that's not a tragedy either, for a different reason: they are too poor to matter. In order to qualify as a victim of a tragedy, you have to be each of these three things: 1. a US-puppet, 2. rich and 3. dead.

Also, you probably believe that the terrorist attacks in Paris were the genuine article—nobody knew it would happen, and it couldn't have been stopped, because these terrorists are just too clever for the ubiquitous state surveillance to detect. Don't feel bad about that either; you are just believing what you are told to believe. You probably also believe that jet fuel can melt steel girders and that skyscrapers collapse into their own footprints (whether they've been hit by airplanes or not). You can certainly believe whatever you like, but here are a couple of easy-to-understand tips on telling what's real from what's fake:

1. If it's fake, the perpetrators are known immediately (and sometimes beforehand). If it's real, then the truth is uncovered as a result of a thorough investigation. So, for instance, on 9/11 the guilty party were a bunch of Saudis armed with box cutters (some of whom are, paradoxically, still alive). And in Paris we knew right away that this was done by ISIS—even before we knew who the perpetrators were. And when that Malaysian jet got shot down over Ukraine, we knew right away that it was the Russians' fault (never mind that on that day the Ukrainians deployed an air defense system, and also scrambled a couple of jets armed with air-to-air missiles— against an enemy that doesn't have an air force). Note, however, how we still don't know what happened with the Russian jet over Sinai. That case is still under investigation—as it should be. If it's real, officials stall for time and urge caution while scrambling to find out what happened. When it's fake, the officials are ready to go with the Big Lie, and then do everything they can to make it stick, suppressing what shreds of evidence can be independently gathered.

2. If it's fake, than you should also expect cute little touches: designer logos for publicity campaigns ready to launch at a moment's notice, be it “Je suis Charlie” or that cute little Eiffel Tower inscribed in a peace symbol. There weren't any props to go with the Russian jet disaster—unless you count that tasteful Charlie Hebdo cartoon of a jihadi rocket having anal sex with an airliner. There might also be a few traditional titbits designed to feed a media frenzy, such as a fake passport found lying next to one of the perpetrators—because when terrorists go on suicide missions they always take their fake passports with them. The people who are charged with designing these events lack imagination and usually just go with whatever worked before.

We should certainly expect there to be more fake massacres of this sort—whenever the political situation becomes sufficiently fraught to call for one—because at this point ready-to-go jihadi terrorist cells are something of a sunk cost and can be deployed very cheaply and effectively. Of course we should grieve for the victims, but there is something far more important at stake than mere human lives, which are, deplorably, becoming cheaper with each passing year. We should grieve for the truth.


jo6pac said...

Yep, false flag? It did take off all the news on the talking heads cycle.

Yes more will be needed down the road to keep the sheeple inline.

Anonymous said...

Very convenient - it takes everybody's attention away from Syria (tangential now, with French playing their worm-out victim cards), away from the Yuan being accepted into the SDR basket (not yet but everybody is falling in line), it covers up the failing economies of most western countries, it induces fear in the idiot portion of the population (depends on what country you are in - some have up to 90% idiots), etc., etc.

When these crazily transparent false-flag attacks occur, one needs to look at the other hand where things get moved and rearranged while your eyes are on the terrible tragedy. And yes - France is more than capable of killing her own people - any government will do this when it believe it to be necessary.

Many skirts are being raised across the planet and what is underneath is not at all attractive. Secret after secret is coming to light - the west is now evil and the east is now suddenly wearing white hats and riding to the rescue - cui bono?

Beware getting on any horse and riding with the pack these days - all the horses are owned by the same bunch of corporations and banks...

rapier said...

Make no mistake. It certainly was ISIS/ISIL/Daesh. Let Pepe Escobar take a stab at convincing you.

and further ruminations on this and other matters.

DeVaul said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I agree entirely with this analysis -- right down to the point where I feel the whole thing is practically scripted from beginning to end.

The raid on civilians in France was totally predictable, as was the subsequent reaction of the public, the statements of the "world leaders" (not Africans, South Americans or Asians), right down to the preplanned "Je suis France!" tag line and the inclusion of some kind of monument totally unrelated to the events as something for people to gather around with their lit candles and made-in-china teddy bears.

Before September 11th, 2001, hardly anyone in America knew what or where the World Trade Towers where or what they were for or who worked in them. Afterwards, the dust represented democracy, world peace, love, and anything else you care to name.

Lost on everyone is a French aircraft carrier en route to the Middle East to bomb some wedding parties, after which a few individuals will tweet: Je suis France now?

It's all baked into the cake and even RT News seems to have jumped on the bandwagon, which means I have stopped reading all news, as there is no point to it anymore. Voltaire would probably advise the same at this point, so I'm just gonna go cultivate my garden and try my best to forget that I live in a world gone insane.

Theophrastus said...

Dmitri is right: we must grieve for the truth, because it is almost entirely lost.

Positive Dennis said...

My facebook friends pictures have suddenly gone tricolor. Why didn't this happen when the airline crashed? It's the same colors. Good point Dmitri.

Karl K said...

FWIW - When the Russian airliner went down, I did grieve for the victims and their families. But, you are correct - it was pretty much a lonely vigil. said...

All the bodies in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos....and on and on and on go on several death cards: The USG, mosdef; the French government, mosdef; UK, ditto... But they are not alone. Cheers.

Barrabas said...

Geez there couldnt have been more symbology loaded into this attack could there ? Lets See
The band " the eagles of death " - reference to the bombing Campaign and maybe the u.s itself
Bataclan means " junk " and is on Voltaire street " trash the enlightenment of the eagles of death "
"La Belle Equipe " - on Rue de Charonne ( street of charon ) the beautiful team attacks on charon street , the god of death who ferries people to the other side
La casa nostra ( our house ) on Rue Fontaine au roi - our house on the street of the fountain of the king , which effectvely Hollande will now make himself
Comptoir Voltaire Cafe means " counter voltaire " , and presumably the enlightenment principles
Le Carillon and le petit cambodge " the chime and little cambodia " , a wake up reference to the u.s bombing of cambodia ? On rue alibert ( named after a doctor in 1840 who administered to lepers ((muslims ?))
The stade de france in St Denis , ( Dionysis) , patron saint of france who was said to have picked up his own head after being decapitated and walked for 10 km preaching a sermon the entire time - wow
Thats before getting into the Cabalistic numbers of things !

Gorilla Radio Blog said...

And what of the scheduled Climate Conference...?

Bob Wise said...

If this is a false flag attack, is ISIS cooperating with the perpetrators by taking "credit" for it?

Macon Richardson said...

I write to thank Barrabas for his estimable analysis of the symbolism associated with the Paris false-flag attack. As he said at the end of his post, "That's before getting into the Cabalistic numbers of things!" You betcha!

Ike said...

Great article. Concisely points out how to tell a false flag and provides the motives. It is a pity but the mainstream media will have acres of bullshit and hours of fantasy video and commentary and somehow entirely avoid what is obvious.

Macon Richardson said...

We, of course, have know knowledge if ISIS took credit for it or not. Someone took credit for it--or so we are told. That someone whoever the told it to that they represented ISIS--or so we are told. ISIS is an enemy of _____ (enter name here) yet the US, UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and France have done little except favor ISIS--or so it seems. But I think this point has been proven and taken beyond the realm of faith-based belief by the fact that Russia has managed to do more damage to ISIS in the last few weeks than the combined efforts of the US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have in over a year.

But if a real ISIS did take credit (which I doubt), and if the real ISIS is a real fundamentalist force in Islam (which I doubt), and if it is trying to rally fundamentalist Islam against Euro/American crusaders, why not take credit for Paris. Clearly, ISIS's days are over in Syria/Iraq. Clearly now is a time to go underground. Their claim for the Paris event will rally hundreds of thousands of sympathizers to emulate them. Now's the time to go underground and attack the Sino-Russian, the Euro-American and the African-Christian blocks. ISIS has learned a lot from the American jihad model--cause as much chaos as possible. If you can't win make everyone else suffer. That's as American as apple pie. It's the world of the future.

forrest said...

Terrorists hijack minds; that's their real job.

The jihadi folks and the fearmonger militarists both get what they want from this sort of thing: more fear, more public anger, more warfare.

And once you start talking 'secret organization' -- You can't very well tell _which_ secret organization without a program, and no such program could possibly be guaranteed accurate.

To put on this kind of circus, you need a few crazy dumbfucks who've been so pissed by humiliation & social disregard that they'll kill and die for just a little recognition -- but those people don't need to know, necessarily, where their leaders' paychecks are coming from. So maybe it was 'false-flag', maybe it was honest Islamic fools; maybe it was a mixture. Doesn't matter.

It's an ugly technique, but it works -- leads to more of the same, at least until people notice more pressing problems, like for example inconveniences in our actual personal lives.

Alexis TK27 said...

@Bob Wise,

ISIS is not "cooperating" with the perpetrators, ISIS is merely following their instructions. Remember, all ISIS leaders are undercover CIA agents. Just like Al Qaeda leaders were. Usama Bin Laden is now living a comfortable and quiet life in California, his face reconstructed after going into retirement. Sometimes, GWB comes by, they have a beer together and speak of good old times.

Once you have understood that they are masterminding everything, it all becomes much clearer.

More reassuring, too. Last night, I awoke in sweat and distress: I had had a nightmare that in fact there was no "they" organizing all events behind a curtain. That the true Master of this world was... Chaos. How awful and frightening!

But no, no, you don't need to worry. "They" are in command.

Unknown said...

Its one of Hollande's facetious little jokey-poos. Take a look at the Ba-Ta-Clan: it speaks volumes. Hollande's problem is not yours: his problem is hanging onto power after having lied to win hearts and minds and after having implemented Far RWing austerity policies, put more than 1 million people out of work, smashed opposition and smothered debate. And now he wants to get re-elected.
Socialist Party General Secretary prior to 2012, he is ditching the party (formerly 180,000 listed members - voted by a majority in the country) at the behest of the Bidness community and will found a Democrat Party to pair with what you've got in the US.
His only strategy for winning is to run against Marine Le Pen - but he needs massive abstention to pull that off. t
The only sources of news people now have in France - under 3-month martial law such as is usually declared in support of a Coup d'Etat - is what the gummint says is news.

Rhisiart Gwilym said...

This spot-on paragraph of Forrest's complements Dmitry's ice-cold, dead-accurate analysis perfectly:

"To put on this kind of circus, you need a few crazy dumbfucks who've been so pissed by humiliation & social disregard that they'll kill and die for just a little recognition -- but those people don't need to know, necessarily, where their leaders' paychecks are coming from. So maybe it was 'false-flag', maybe it was honest Islamic fools; maybe it was a mixture. Doesn't matter."

Exactly! That's all it takes to mount a false-flag. And into that mess it's easy to inject one or two of your own serious pros just to make sure it's as horrific as you need it to be - like the white guys in the black Merc who shot up the Parisians at La Belle Equipe most professionally, three taps apiece, for about five minutes; leisurely, changing magazines as they went, and then sped off, uncaught and unharmed, and now completely unmentioned in the official hysteria-fest.

Unknown said...

If plain stupidity can explain the incomprehensible action, it is then quite often the most likely explanation, according to my experience. I can not see how the bombing of Paris by muslim fanatics is putting a good light on French government, quite the contrary. French government, like the rest of them, is all about positive aspects of multicultural society, when that backfires it hurts official narrative significantly, making them look incompetent, foolish and cowardly. As for the western indifference to Russian victims of ISIS airliner bombing, they just didn't give a fuck, they love only themselves. Narcissism is the prevalent characteristic of contemporary Western man.

In Godspeed,

Marko Erich

Ronald Thomas West said...

“Their judgment was based more upon blind wishing than upon any sound pre-vision; for it is a habit of mankind to entrust to careless hope what they long for, and to use sovereign reason to thrust aside what they do not fancy” -Thucydides

NowhereMan said...

Great post Dmitry! Word of warning though, don't go posting any of this on Naked Capitalism or Jim Kunstler's blog. They're not having any of this "crazy" conspiracy theory stuff, what with their "open and inquisitive" minds and all that. Americans are sheep being prepared for the slaughter. Lie down now little lambs, the MIC will save you from the big bad wolf, ya hear?

Anonymous said...

Nailed it Dimitry.
And Unknown said "Narcissism is the prevalent characteristic of contemporary Western man."
So true, as today actor Charile Sheen's HIV-positive status is news, tracking along side the Paris massacre for newsworthiness.

PLK said...

"And when Iraqis, or Syrians, or Nigerians get killed by terrorists, that's not a tragedy either, for a different reason: they are too poor to matter."

I might add that they are too dark to matter.

NowhereMan said...

@ Alexis TK27: No, not all ISIS leaders are undercover CIA agents, that would be much too labor intensive and tie them much to closely to the events themselves. But you can bet that all ISIS leaders are working with and are facilitated by assorted Dark Ops connections. That's the beauty of these arrangements. The organizations themselves can for all intents and purposes be "real," in that they're made up of actual disaffected jihadis for the most part, most of whom are clueless about the larger picture entirely. They're just being manipulated and facilitated by the dark ops puppet masters into providing a valuable service for nearly free.

Ien in the Kootenays said...

It does not really matter if the Paris attack was a false flag or not. Whoever did this and whoever is responding by using more excessive violence has one aim: pushing humanity into hate and war. Let's not fall for it.

KevPilot said...

As far as the no-Russian-flag avatars is concerned, I'd say about half of that (maybe a bit less) comes from the Russian response. Unless the tone and comments were twisted completely in the Western media (I do not speak Russian), when the US claimed insight into the crash as a terrorist act, Moscow's response was at least prickly and verging on down-right pissy. I recall statements from the Russian Aviation Authority to the effect of, "Stop talking out of your ass." If Russian authorities handled the messaging differently (unless, I say again, that response was completely twisted by the Western media) then I think the airliner tragedy would have had a better chance of receiving the same type of sympathy and comrades-in-loss displays as we saw with Paris. Less so in the US (sadly) than in say, Germany and France, but still some outpourings of grief. I understand and applaud the Russian Aviation Authority's response for insisting on analysis before emotion (I wish everyone were more like that!), but the response from Moscow that I read had a definite F-U tone to anyone who posited terrorism in the early days. At the time, I wrote this off as the Russians interpreting these comments as insult to their security measures and deciding to insist it was no one's business but theirs. While that go-it-alone attitude is a perfectly understandable response, one cannot expect sympathy from others when they are told to go soak their heads.

Michael said...

Interesting that the gunmen were "calm, quiet and unemotional".

Does that sound like the usual brand of terrorist???

I would expect at least some incoherent ranting.....

Sounds more like the military/SpecOps.....

Unknown said...

Met an airman that participated in the NATO attack on Libya. He told me it was "a mess" . Hillary and Obama make no mistake about it are full fledged PNAC supporters. Horrid to have these as leaders for anything.

lev said...

False flag doesn't always mean somebody else did it or the victims were fake crisis actors. It was Muslims doing the killing and a lot of people did die. Its also not a question of who gave them weapons, who planned it or talked them into it? Obviously other radical Muslims. The real question is, who looked the other way? Some of the most advanced surveillance states seem to have the some of the worst terror attacks. Im sure there are others with this opinion but the conclusion ive come to is, similar to 9/11 and similar to the France attacks, all it took is for authorities is to do nothing about the known threat. There ARE people willing to do these acts of terror, it just takes for them to get a free pass. This is evident in the Portland "Christmas Tree Bomber" scenario where the perp was provided all of the equipment and planning by the FBI to carry out a bombing but wasn't given real explosives. There are other such cases where the FBI would lead people on. What if the explosives were real and he was allowed to pull the trigger? I don't see that out of the realm of possibility.

indus56 said...

We might grieve, also, for what shreds of democracy we have been able to gain and retain.

Rhisiart Gwilym said...

@lev: 'Looking the other way', aka LIHOP, didn't get the three WTC buildings rigged for controlled demolition. That absolutely required a proactive, hands-on management effort by suitably-powerful people within the US ruling establishment: the only credible group in the world (with a little help from their opposite numbers in the Israeli ruling establishment, plus some of those weird, dual-passport Ameraelis) who had and have the practical power to make such a complex and extended process happen without a serious hitch; plus, of course, all the other clouty things that were made to happen that day, like the stand-down of the US Air Force, the disarming of the Pentagon's SAMs, and so on. Foreign no-count sneakers-in making all that happen on their amateur own, whilst the big guns in the establishment, and all their security and intelligence people, just hummed to themselves and looked the other way? Ya think? Really?

Look, lev: have you heard about this bridge that's for sale, in Brooklyn; simply amazing ground-floor opportunity, with immense profits just guaranteed if you get in on it quickly enough. And it just so happens that I have, right here...

DeVaul said...


Please do not insult Lev. He is quite right. The hijackers were operating out of Sarasota, Florida, which is the main retirement area for former CIA agents and government spooks. They were trained to "spot suspicious activity" yet they saw nothing the whole time Atta and his gang were working there on their plans.

Meanwhile, terrorists who were trying to learn to fly a plane but not land it or take off in it were reported by locals out West to the FBI, so all the operations were moved to Sarasota, FL, where everyone knew to keep their mouths shut.

Whether there were bombs in the building or not is irrelevant to what Lev is saying: our government, our military, and our local law enforcement all turned a blind eye to suspicious activity happening in a warehouse right under their noses.

Whether an airplane can cause a building to fall into its own footprint is irrelevant since we have made no attempt to recreate this scenario. (The Russians used a recreation of the downing of the jet over Ukraine to determine that a missile was the main cause, and even matched up the projectiles to determine what kind of missile it was). We cannot duplicate another "test" to see what happens when a plane hits a skyscraper, and, fortunately, we don't need to.

The real questions that "bombs in the building" fanatics often overlook are these:

1) Why did we not declare war on Saudi Arabia? The attackers came from there.

2) Why were all relatives of the Saudi royal family allowed to fly out of the country the very next day while no American could fly anywhere?

3) Where was our airforce?

4) Why did we not demand an explanation from the Egyptian Ambassador regarding the one Egyptian national involved in the attack?

5) Why did we not invade Saudi Arabia and hang the king there because one of his cousins orchestrated a suicide mission in America killing 3,000 people?

6) Why did our president and vice president hide out for several days? Did Mr. Hollande go into hiding? Why not?

The unanswered questions go on and on, and thus make the question of bombs in the building irrelevant as to the involvement of our government in this massacre. Those who continue to argue about this are wasting their mental energy on nothing.

Dmitry has shown above quite well in layman's terms how to tell whether something is fake or real, and the 9/11 attack was planned by our government using a variety of tried and true techniques, and then blamed on Afghanistan! There is nothing left to argue about that would make any difference to those who died or will die because of this massive betrayal. Our grandchildren will discover the truth and then go "ho hum", as we do when we discover that the Lusitania was a gunrunner or that the Maine sunk because of a fire and explosion in the coal bunker.

As for the Russians, they have "suddenly" found bomb residue on the plane, but there is no explanation as to why Egyptian experts could not find the same thing. It is also strange that after a month of bombing, the Russians only now decide to attack 500 truck long convoys heading out of Syria(?) to... where? RT News keeps changing its tune as to where they start and where they end, which shows that everyone is now lying about what they are doing in the land of Mordor.

We will never be told the truth. All we have is our own common sense to guide us, and my common sense tells me that Russia can now strafe the oil convoys that can be seen from outer space because the Sultan has agreed to allow it. The sooner the Russian Federation gets out of the land of Mordor, the better off it will be in the long run, as anyone who stays there too long becomes hopelessly corrupt and untrustworthy. I don't think Putin understands this anymore, or perhaps the raging of the mob has taken the lead from him. It has happened before.

Lukas Vangheluwe said...

Some strange and interesting details about the attacks.

At the football stadium, three people exploded themselves, leaving only one victim and little damage.

The guy who exploded at the café voltaire was a known drunk and hashish smoker, whose coffeeshop (where drugs were dealt) was closed by legal injunction on november 5th. The waitress who was taking his order, survived the explosion.

The attacks with real impact - bataclan, the street with the restaurant - were done by persons of whom some if not most disappeared.

Fascistoïd laws were being proposed the day of the attack.

Emergency service readiness exercises were held the day of the attack. (Which also happened on 9/11)

France had 30000 policemen at the ready to close the frontiers.

For some french commentators, this has the hallmark of a collaboration between french intelligence services and the takfiri salafite wahabite bastards.

If you can handle french, here's the full story :


Unknown said...

I wonder if there is any connection between the Paris bombings and the upcoming UN Global Conference on Climate Change, which coincidentally was also to occur in Paris next month. The empire definitely needs more enemies to keep the system from collapsing. Its "shock and awe" foreign policy is portrayed as a failure everywhere but Fox. I consider it a beautifully engineered and successful policy. I bet the real policy makers consider it a perpetual motion machine.

Rhisiart Gwilym said...

Lev, If you're upset by my bridge-for-sale joke in the second paragraph in my previous comment, please accept my apologies. Otherwise, I stand by every word of the first paragraph, to the letter. The three controlled demolitions are THE big smoking gun for an authentic MIHOP; no two ways! And add on the Air Force stand-down and the SAM disablement as two more almost as big. But the CDs definitely clinch it. BTW, DeV, I didn't say "bombs in the building", I said rigging for controlled demolition. Chalk and cheese… Take a look at the technical details of preparing a building for CD. That simply can't be done by amateurs sneaking into a building a little bit with rucksacks. It's an extended, expert, light-industrial process.

Unknown said...

Kudos Dmitry,
I commend your bravery for stirring the pot with your audience. We may need this bracing slap on our faces, but realize that some of your readers will be chased away by the cold wind of truth. good riddance and please hit me again ;~)
"The people who are charged with designing these events lack imagination and usually just go with whatever worked before." - so true and the obvious answer to
"Who could have coordinated such a sophisticated ruse?"
Just about anyone when people are so willing, in fact desperate to be fooled.

Francisco said...

rapier said...

Make no mistake. It certainly was ISIS/ISIL/Daesh. Let Pepe Escobar take a stab at convincing you.

and further ruminations on this and other matters.

The Pepe Escobar article mentioned above seems to have been pulled from Asia Times (it was still there two days ago, but now the link retursn a 404) and Pepe Escobar no longer appears in their "By Writer" section on the left side of the Asia Times homepage. Does anyone know what happened?

Unknown said...

Hmmmm. Maybe my wild suggestion (above) isn't so far out there after all:

fritz said...

Thank you Dmitry. As ever spot on. The devil's in the details. You've proven as ever genius at keeping an eye on the most significant details. Lev et al, please lighten up on the arguments. Those details were intended for every truther to argue over for years. Ok decades. Then they could get lumped in with Judas Goats like Charlie Sheen and get called, well Truthers.

Ironic. When I had more growth hormones flowing than I knew what to do with, I remember that being called a pimp was the worst insult. Now kids are calling grooms that on their wedding day. Seems like there was a time too when someone who insisted that the truth was worth knowing might have been called a truther - but not with a sneer.

It's still work for me to keep as big a picture perspective as Dmitry does. Hence I keep reading Dmitry. I wade through news sources quicker lately. I keep in mind: Mr Global is passing out completely false, partially false and occasionally true narratives like candy to confuse us folk naive enough to think the truth is pertinent.

Mr Global clearly has another reason for ever growing multiple layers of stories on each false flag attack. Every gladio operation gets a list of possible stories that divide the watching population into as many divided groups as can be much more easily managed. Each one of these groups gets led by their own elected Judas goats like the sheep they turn out to be in the end.

And long after that end, Mr Global has proven time and time again that the narrative that sticks and is passed on to the progeny of today's sheep will be Mr Global's choice. Anyone here remember how old they were when they found out that Roosevelt et al knew about (not to mention provoked) Pearl Harbor? Or that LBJ, Admiral Morrison (Jim Morrison's father) cooked up Gulf of Tonken (please do watch McNamara come clean in his old age again in Fog of War.)? Or that the U.S. govt assassinated MLK Jr (as established in a US court of law in the King family's suit)? Or that Lee Harvey Oswald CIA handler was and remained GHW Bush's closest friend? Or,.................

So we're arguing over narratives that 50 or 10 or even 1 year from now we will have lost all control over? Anyone want to replace Winston in his work in 1984? So perhaps like Dmitry (and the majority of people trapped in places Mr Global has his sites on) we need to pay more attention to the narratives Mr Global is pushing as well as the truth the entire world plainly sees. Otherwise we risk missing little tidbits like the list above.

Or little thinks like US generals speaking before Congress in the last few weeks about spending half a billion USD to come up with 5 (count em), 5 moderate rebels willing to fight to oust Assad. Them are some well paid rebels. Hope they got super hero powers with each of their $100 mil. Oh yeh, and where exactly did them other terrrrists get all them brand new humvees, toyota trucks, small and large arms?

Thank you all and please do continue. Thank you again and again for the help with my sanity Dmitry. After rereading this (and other news) it's more and more clear I needed it.

Unknown said...

It is true, that the US has always had a love for France. It was grace a General LaFayette, Louis XVI and many other French citoyens that we won our independence.

Of course, when Chirac spoke out against the Iraq invasion (he was friends with Sadaam, who knew?!), the "Freedom Fries" came out for awhile.