Tuesday, November 03, 2015

An Exit Strategy for Traitors

[Ein Fluchtplan für Verräter]
[Une strategie de sortie pour les traîtres]
[Предательская стратегия ухода]
[Una strategia di uscita per Traditori]

[Germany—the country at the center of the European Union and its economic powerhouse—is something of a black hole. 70 years after the fall of Nazism, it is still an occupied country, under military and political domination of the US. The national press, popularly referred to as Lügenpresse (the lying press) faithfully echoes the party line set in Washington. Germany's spineless politicians, popularly renamed from Volksvertreter (people's representatives) to Volksverräter (traitors to the people) are no better. And so we are unable to see what is actually happening there, as the European Union is, in the words of Russia's FM Sergei Lavrov, “committing suicide” by letting in the invading hordes from the Middle East. And so this short report by Alex, who tells us what he sees, is most welcome.]

Do you remember the last time you saw a man with wild eyes, strange clothes and a giant sign around his neck saying “The End Is Nigh”? “How ridiculous and pathetic!” you might have thought. Now, imagine the reality of your country changing within weeks to a point where you come to the same conclusion as him, suddenly feeling that his approach might be ever so reasonable. When a large part of your fellow-humans catch a strange sort of illness, one which leads to complete insanity faster than in the worst zombie outbreak, you might find yourself out of more viable strategies.

This exactly is happening to me, as well as most people I know, right now, right here in our export-champion, model-democracy Germany. Sane people are finding themselves isolated and helpless amid insane politicians, an antagonistic press, paralyzed communities and a large inert populace unable to even fathom what’s happening. I am of course talking about the so-called “refugee crisis,” but because even this name is working against us, I will call it what it really is—a war against Europe by means of invasion. It is now vitally important to call things by their right name, because this distinguishes friend from foe.

But it is even more important is to understand why this is a war rather than a crisis caused by refugees. Everything about this development bears the hallmarks of a military/intelligence operation.

First of all, look at the timing and the scale. It really took off around September, and within less then two month it is already threatening the stability of Europe as a whole, to a point where even the European “Leaders” are talking about the end of the European Union. Credible numbers are not available, but the German government estimates the number of “refugees” that have already arrived somewhere between one and two million, so the real number is probably much larger. Almost all the camps are crammed with far more people than is claimed. Some towns are being forced to cope with more “refugees” than they have citizens, some double as many. The estimates for next year amount to something between two and five million more “refugees.”

Ask yourself, why would millions of men (the overwhelming majority are young men) suddenly and collectively decide to leave their families behind, leave their country, travel thousands of miles and head for either Germany, Austria or Sweden, ignoring all the other safe countries on the way? Who told them that this would be worth it? Where did they all get the money to pay for it? Why was there absolutely no effort at any border to stop them? Why did this not start earlier? After all, the middle east has been a war zone for years—ever since the USA exploited 9/11 to start “spreading democracy.” How could this happen within days, weeks at most. Did the first hundred thousand send a message to the rest that it was OK for them to come too? If so, how?

Secondly, look at the character of the average “refugee.” Why are they all well-fed, well-clothed, self-confident young men showing no signs of stress or hardship? Why are they leaving their families behind? Do they know their wives and children can follow them later? If so, how? Why do these men not want to stay behind and try to rescue their countries? Why do they all own high-quality mobile phones charged with seemingly endless minutes? It is clear that the “refugees” have been briefed on exactly what kinds of social benefits they can demand, and how to go about doing it, and so they are audacious and become violent if met with resistance. They even demand expensive medical treatments, which are granted and taken for granted. Why? There are no background checks for any of these people—naturally, because there is no time to do ten thousand-plus background checks every day. For all we know, these people could be criminals, mercenaries and terrorists. An unknown number have serious diseases, such as hepatitis, TB and even the plague. No one keeps track of that, no one registered them, no one limits their freedom of movement. Those who register do so mostly with forged Syrian passports, which Turkey hands out like candy, even to black Africans who look nothing like the Syrians. Tens of thousands of “refugees” have “disappeared” from their camps, some even stopped the special trains midway to their destinations by pulling the emergency brake and ran off into the wilderness. Where to and why—no one knows. No one asks questions, but what is clear is that we have completely lost control over European territory.

Thirdly, there is the little matter of collaboration and treason. Even if this is a genuine refugee crisis, why is that none of the policies of the German/European government make any sense? And why is the press acting continuously and uniformly in favor of their policies, and is downright hostile toward the European populace? If millions of people have to flee immediate peril, there are a lot of different ways to care for them without endangering the integrity of Europe and ruining several national budgets. But instead of discussing what to do, how to do it and how to pay for it, the plan seemed to be predetermined, decided and fixed long ago.

The political “solution” is to soak every city and town in Germany, Austria and Sweden with people of unknown origin and intention. Flanked by a press hailing the process, underestimating their numbers and suppressing reports of crimes committed by the “refugees,” damning and demonizing every form of opposition. Every branch of government, all authorities and parties, in concert with the press, stand should to shoulder in pushing this agenda against the overwhelming indignation of their citizens and closing their eyes to the fact that this is against the law. Censorship, propaganda, hate speech, defamation and open rejection of basic democratic rights against any opposition, are simply exploding right now. A prime example of this is Germany's vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, who called an undefined but large part of the German populace who dare to oppose this insanity “Pack” (vermin).

Everyone who takes a stand in Germany now, opposing any refugee-related policy by the government, is subjected to insults is labelled as a right-wing extremist, a hateful criminal and a danger to society. Some get singled out and persecuted in public using extensive defamation campaigns. The author Akif Pirinçci became the latest victim after giving a speech at the PEGIDA demo, the accusation against him based on a shameless misrepresentation of the facts.

Even the most peaceful protest is immediately threatened with a ban (but most are still granted permission anyway). Every speech or publication mentioning treason or comparable accusations is instantly subject to investigations under the charge of demagoguery or threat of violence. Current examples can be found daily in the major mainstream outlets such as Der Spiegel, Die Welt, Bild and the like. If this situation came about by chance, such a spontaneous consensus would have been extremely unlikely. But from day one this has been an obvious propaganda/defamation campaign against the truth and against the interests of the European populace.

The German press even earned itself a new name that sticks: “Lügenpresse” (the lying press) is a word that can be heard on every corner. In private, the politicians are being called traitors all the time.

The national railroad company is ordered to offer special trains free of charge for the “refugees,” bringing them into every corner of Germany the fastest way possible while delaying regular trains.
Vacant houses and apartments are confiscated by force and given over to the “refugees” free of charge. Every “refugee” given rental housing is paid for by the communities, as much as 500 Euros per person per month. This is a big opportunity for some scumbags to make money really fast, by making, ill and elderly Germans homeless.

The police and the press have been ordered to suppress reports of any crimes the “refugees” commit, and so you will not find any in the press, nor even in police reports. But if you ask around, you will hear plenty of stories about rampant assaults and rapes in every city and many towns in Germany. Some “refugee” camps burned down, but most were burned down by their inhabitants, mostly in protest or because of minor disagreements. Police sirens are heard in every city every hour now.

When the “refugees” started shoplifting, then raiding supermarkets, the government told the retailers to keep quiet about this, and has been paying for everything that was damaged or stolen ever since. The only exceptions are alcohol and cigarettes—all other retail goods are free, no questions asked.

The small business sector has declared the “refugees” unemployable, due to zero qualifications, unwillingness to work and lack of language skills. However, the experts in the press somehow see a “big opportunity” to grow the economy. There is no critical discussion and no plan for the future. The only advice Chancellor Merkel gave to Germany was “Wir schaffen das” (We will do it), not elaborating exactly what we will do, nor how. But anyone brave enough to think for themselves can easily guess.

To keep it short, any political common sense and human instinct would prohibit such reckless, potentially irreversible, not to mention illegal behavior. Its end result is clearly visible: it is either the ruin of Europe—mainly the countries targeted by the “refugees,” which are Germany, Austria and Sweden—or war. Since I don’t believe that either coincidences or stupidity of this magnitude is possible, this is either treason or high treason. At least two charges have been filed against the current government, one for organized immigration crimes, and just recently for high treason. About 400 people became party to this action afterward. They are unlikely to succeed, because the judiciary is complicit. But if it isn’t obviously high treason now, it will become so within weeks—called out by everyone, because there is no end in sight.

The rest of organized society is equally treasonous. The press has openly declared itself an enemy of democracy and the general public, and at best a collaborators. The church, even while immediately threatened by violent Islam, prays for more immigrants, damning people who dare to utter doubts. The intelligentsia is either silent or applauds our altruism. The treason is complete. Police and the military are completely overwhelmed. The military was reduced in size long ago to the point of utter ineffectiveness and has been stressed out by international missions. The police is simply not equipped to handle millions of potential enemies fanned out all over Europe, awaiting the order to attack.

For foreign observers, this may sound far fetched and exaggerated. But consider this: in some areas of Germany, when you call the police now, no one will answer the phone. When they do, they are unable to do anything. A friend of mine called the police hotline (not the regular local emergency number) and was advised to form some sort of militia to solve the problem. A town of 600 has a dozen policemen at most, but often around a thousand “refugees” to handle. No one will come to their help if these “refugees” decide to take what they seem to believe is theirs already—because someone told them so, I guess. We are adrift in a sea of enemies, and the front-line in this war will run along the welcome mats at our front doors.

I find myself in a nightmare unable to wake up. Most people feel helpless and unwilling to accept the sad truth: we have been betrayed by everyone (except perhaps the police and the military) we entrusted with our safety and our hopes for the future. Even though the end of the global economy in its current form seemed a given to me, this kind of treason and ill intent to bring it all down took me by surprise. Among the twenty or so people I talked to about this in confidence, absolutely everyone is convinced that this is heading toward civil war—and fast! The only question remaining is whether the Germans start it, or the “refugees,” or some other party. We are one mayor terror attack away from sheer chaos. I have heard from several people connected to European security circles that the illegal weapons market is completely sold out, with many dealers holding on to their weapons for their own personal use. This is a rumour, but since we have been forced to depend on hearsay for any real information right now, I tend to believe it.

There is a small protest movement making headlines in Germany and even internationally. The PEGIDA movement has been gathering every Monday in Dresden to protest European immigration policy for a whole year now. They have had plenty of support since bad immigration policy has given rise to this manufactured “Völkerwanderung” (mass migration). On the October 19—the one-year anniversary gathering—around 35-40 thousand people came to protest peacefully, only to be attacked by several thousand violent “protesters” from the Antifa movement. An allegedly anti-fascist group, so violent and fascist in their behavior they would make for excellent recruiting material for the actual fascists of the SA or the NSDAP. One of the PEGIDA followers was beaten and severely wounded with a metal pole even before the gathering started. Several hundred policemen had to fight for their lives for hours. The Antifa, which is known to many as the second executive of the government, is nothing but an effective mobile force to quell resistance, exactly like the SA, only without the nice uniforms. Wherever demonstrations are announced, the Antifa members will travel there to express their opinion with “hard-hitting” arguments.

Unsurprisingly, PEGIDA is a prime target for hatred and defamation right now. As small as it is, the establishment seems to consider it as real danger, since their complete press gag order against it during the last year did not choke it off. But as important as they might be locally, the outcome seems to be irreversible. The invasion has succeeded already. With each passing day the numbers turn more and more against us. By now the best outcome is a civil war within months, reversing this development. The worst outcome is complete disintegration of European nations within the next few years, rendering large parts of the continent ungovernable. The divorce between the government and the people is almost complete by now. No sane person believes the press or the politicians. The ones who do retreat into fantasies of hate and self hatred. Never before was it more visible to me that this society is completely broken, with every key element, acting against both individual and collective interests, seemingly following orders while digging their own graves.

Once again, unquestioning obedience has taken over German society, but this time without the consent by the masses, because this time the final solution concerns them. The chaos that will follow will by no means be an accident: it is engineered and ordered.

Once again, yet another generation will have to answer to their grandchildren: How could you let this happen?

Alex S.


mmorgue said...

Dear Dmitry,

as a German, a staunch follower of your thoughts, I have to comment on this weeks post.
There are indeed a lot of concerned people here, and yes, the media is rather "gleichgeschaltet".
But I think this "war" drift, to my ears sounds almost hysterical.
I am living in a small village, and nearby we have a refugee shelter. There are more women and kids than men, and they all seem like educated people - exactly the ones you would expect to flee, because they have something to loose.

Please dear readers, take this post with a rock of salt!
And Dmitry, may your new engine last longer than oil supplies...
Cheers from Germany.

Yossi said...

Alex S your views seem to be aligned with UKIP here in the UK. DO presumably supports your views. Weird.

Rhisiart Gwilym said...

You sure about Alex's analysis, Dmitry? This sounds like the rumour-mongering of a far-right fantasist. Though - please note - I'm not saying he's wrong. I don't know. It's just that this piece seems just a bit too far-fetched.

Still trying to get a real balance here. But I say again: I don't say this is wrong. It's just that - for now, until further evidence comes out - it's a bit too much to swallow whole.

Mind remains resolutely open, though. There's no doubt that folkwanderings are going to happen, as the world plunges deeper into these hyper-Interesting Times. But - clearly organised, like this one? And yes, like lots of others, I too noticed that seriously dubious matter of all those young, well-dressed, phone-toting men, obviously >not< terminally-distressed refugees, all together in pretty evident cohorts, and promptly thought: "WTF…?"

Decidedly, that doesn't ring true at all to a story of genuine ruined refugees on their last legs. Might it be an organised plot, hiding in the throng of the real refugees, though? That's entirely conceivable.

Rashakor said...

I fail to see one important thing in this diatribe: qui bono?
I really cannot see how this strategy would benefit the "traitors" given that under the civil war scenario they are the most likely to hang from a lampost first.
To paraphase the Archdruid, I would caution people to attribute to conspiracy what can be simply explained by sheer idiocy. The most likely scenario here is that european authorities failed to see the magnitude of the problem in time and are trying to cover their incompetence by manipulating the press. The only possible result will be the gig exploding in their faces and Europe going all nazi once more... This time on the muslims.

Mister Roboto said...

@Rashakor: Yes, when I read this, even if it is a hysterically exaggerated account, it occurred to me that if the governments, media, and establishments of Europe want a resurgent Nazi-type movement on their hands, all they need to do is to continue to cling to their currently blindly stupid policies.

Anonymous said...

"three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead"-ben franklin. weird conspiracy theories are in a constant battle with franklin's homely wisdom. the idea that a vast conspiracy involving quite literally millions of people can be carried out in secrecy is too absurd to take seriously. the notion that europe's elite would front for a conspiracy that would result in their own violent, mass demise is entirely silly. this post is worthy of a monty python skit.

Ivan Lukic said...

The style of the post is dramatic, but I am surprised to see that some readers don't see the real danger in this situation. Probably they don't live in Europe and are not informed about demographic trends and projections for the European nations.

NowhereMan said...

Have to agree with Rhysiart for now. Hard knowing what to make of all this at this point. Just not enough reliable information available to us outsiders. The generalized chaos probably benefits the elites, especially if they know of something we don't, such as an impending economic shock doctrine collapse event, but the refugee problem in general is one that's here to stay with the now permanent resource wars and slow motion unfolding climate change catastrophes.

Roberto said...

I found rumors of predominantly young middle eastern men crossing the mexican border to be pretty conspiratorial until finding some pretty damning YouTube videos of Homeland Security bus drivers confirming their cargo was indeed young, mostly male, middle eastern immigrants bound to facilities inside the USA. Perhaps all talk of institutional idiocy trumping conspiracy lunacy may fall by the wayside before a frightened core of dedicated one world government adherents who are freaked that their carefully crafted agendas are being threatened by a slowly awakening herd of tax cows (thanks to the internet).

Taking a little highly caffeinated stroll over to conspiracylandia: what better way to distract the various vulnerable populaces than some nice internal brushfire chaotic conflicts saved by white horse rescuers sporting U.N. logos? (Yes…. YouTube videos on this as well, plus undeniably long train convoys of military equipment being delivered and staged all about the USA).

Jeez…. to calm my frayed Mayberry RFD delirium tremens I better drink another pot of stiff mexican coffee and link over to the calming voice of Alex Jones at InfoWars. Then to really calm down to a rational mindset listen to Paul Craig Roberts while wolfing down some intensely sweet, sugar syrup doused white flour waffles. Ummmm, ummmmm.

One thing I AM grateful for is living down here in southern Mexico where towns often have a giant, well lit at night sculpture of the cross looming over the city on a prominent hill. Say what you will about a overwhelmingly pious catholic society but they won’t take kindly to any roving hordes of looters and sport rapists mucking about on their streets. Frontier justice is alive and well down here with frequent public lynchings in the face of often hands-off police (yay! hands off cops.... that actually smile at you most of the time and say hello) and the locals are just not going to put up with it. If this account proves out true in Germany (or the BarcoLounger, reality TV addicted denizens of the the United State of America) I just don’t see it remotely possible down here. This might be a good time indeed to vote with your feet rather than at that delusory nationalistic love cubicle: the voting booth. As one astute analyst once brilliantly posited: FREEDOM = ANONYMITY + MOBILITY.

Marijo Zilstra said...

Apparently this was Erdogan's move. As Turkey decided to release refugees.

October 20, 2015... Germany’s chancellor offered to support its [Erdogan's] demands for EU funding, visa liberalization and advances in talks with the 28-member bloc. In return, Merkel said Turkish leaders -- she also met interim Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu -- signaled a readiness to help curb the flood of migrants fleeing Middle Eastern wars.

AND chaos is the result of a million-pin-pricks i.e. the book: The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam ... by Barbara W. Tuchman

Which analyses: the pervasive presence, through the ages, of failure, mismanagement, and delusion in government.

Europe should be afraid. Sticking to US policy is destroying them!!! Supporting wars that take place in not such geographically distant arenas. The writing is on the wall: the borders will be shut down between EU countries. Armies everywhere on the borders to stop the flow of migrants. The setting up of internment camps along the borders of Germany. Yea. It is not pretty. And this is just the beginning.

As per YOUNG MEN: a family pools all its resources and then sends the most capable member of the family on the journey with the plan of eventually joining that youth, or at minimum, be in a position to receive finances once their relative secures a job. How much of the 3rd world survives. Migrants have been doing this forever.

Who in their right mind would remain in a war zone, to fight for what exactly? Their particular piece of earth. These are not wars of ideology. ISIS seems to be the only group offering a utopia. And that utopia is not appealing to the majority.

Unknown said...

Could this maybe be an attempt to smash the generous social safety net and good wages that European countries are known for? Bring in desperate people willing to work for very low wages and and no benefits to undercut average workers and weaken unions and labor solidarity?

NowhereMan said...

the idea that a vast conspiracy involving quite literally millions of people can be carried out in secrecy is too absurd to take seriously

Conspiracies have been, can, and are being carried out all of the time, even on vast (global) scales. All that's required are a core cadre of dedicated individuals, all with some integral "buy in" (family members, reputations, economic fortunes, or whatever) such that they wouldn't dare give up the secret, and a reasonably executed plan thereafter. Of course if said conspiracy is actually going to be worthy of the name (such as, oh, how about 9-11, for example) those individuals also need to be major power brokers and movers and shakers within their areas of expertise or interest. And if they're even multi-generational family movers and shakers, like say, the Bush clan, so much the better still. And finally, as any good politician knows, if you're going to lie about it all (and you will), the rule is go REALLY, REALLY, BIG (the bigger the better!) or stay at home; the theory being that most people will discount REALLY BIG lies as just too big to believe, and impossible to carry off, just as you are doing here. And finally, finally, even though a large conspiracy such as 9-11 had probably thousands of participants, almost all of them were largely unwitting or had such a small view of the overall plan that even though they might have suspected what was up, they knew they had no substantial proof and dared not say anything. Or, even more simply, believing as you do, they just chose to ignore the evidence right before their eyes and embrace the cognitive dissonance it implied.

Unknown said...

I'm glad to read MMORGUE's comment "take this post with a rock of salt". As I read "An Exit Strategy For Traitors" I found it hard to believe Germany would allow the collapse described to happen. It's possible, of course, but way unlikely. I enjoy reading Orlav's posts, and he brings up issues that are uncomfortable, but important, however this one seems a little far fetched, at least I hope so.

Zoltar said...

Two things in Alex’s report strike me as most germane to us all. “The divorce between the government and the people is almost complete by now.” How many countries can still boast of legitimate democratic governments which are answerable to those who elected them? And the German Lügenpresse, like America’s corporate presstitutes, can no longer be relied upon to investigate matters of this sort and get the truth out to the citizens. America’s Fourth Estate is now co-opted and part of the problem.

I am reminded of the phrase coined by Robert McNamara, “the Fog of War.” It seems that we are now enshrouded in a fog of pre-collapse. Many are delusional or firmly committed to an attitude of denial for as long as it can be maintained. The rest of us can tell full well that things are terribly wrong, but how to determine the truth?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

They're clearly preparing for war.

Terry T said...

Qui bono?

Those who need cover for an imminent world wide economic depression. If/when the USD reserve currency status falters, the $ printing presses have to be curtailed. Nothing like a world war to rally the citizenry (consumistry? Dupistry?) like an Evil Enemy. The vilification of Russia is not some idle chit chat in the navel gazing media. I really believe the US national debt is to be paid from the proceeds of 1, the material remains of vanquished nations, and 2, the extortion of USA's viable infrastructure and public lands. That seems to be the plan in my estimation. The Euro might as well be a Deutschmark with some stars on it. Germany has had to do financially what it was not allowed to do militarily. So Syria, destabilization, and Full Spectrum Dominance over ALL rivals are served by this manufactured crisis.


And yes, driving the luxuriant European wage rates down as was done in the USA via manufacturing outsourcing is an added "benefit" to those who would enserfify the world's [dominated] populations. I don't know how the Russian leadership can handle the stress of this, an existential crisis for them. "Do or Die" I suppose.


tweell said...

As President Obama has stated, never let a serious crisis go to waste. Things have to get bad before the common people will follow a man on a white horse promising peace and prosperity. How can a true World Government with opportunities for serious graft (to the right people, of course) get going without a crisis that makes people ready to give up their liberty for security?

Keep your own counsel, and be ready for betrayal.

StevenStarr said...

There have been reports that the US has provided funding for the movement of refugees from Europe, see Does USA finance trafficking of African migrants from Libya to Italy? http://europelibya.blogspot.com/2015/08/does-usa-finance-trafficking-of-african.html and http://www.info-direkt.eu/insider-die-usa-bezahlen-die-schlepper-nach-europa/

What purpose would this serve? To provide an excuse for martial law imposed by NATO?

TH in SoC said...

Yes indeed, the end is nigh. But what end? Europe is finding out (as the U.S. is also finding out) that you can't wreck other people's countries and steal their resources without eventually having them show up at your doorstep. Do the "pure" Europeans (especially the northern Europeans) and "pure" White Americans want to curb their "immigration problem"? Then let them live within their means. If you leave other people alone and don't wreck their homelands or conquer them in order to steal their stuff, they won't feel any pressure to migrate to your homeland. It really is that painfully simple. When Europe participated in the wrecking of Syria, Libya and North Africa, they knew that the present crisis would be a likely outcome. See this for instance: http://www.ekathimerini.com/202999/article/ekathimerini/comment/refugee-crisis-was-not-unexpected-top-un-official-says.

DeVaul said...

I do not know what to make of this sudden mass exodus from Syria, but I know that the NATO puppet down in Turkey is playing a big role in causing it. He has about 3-5 million Syrian refugees he can unleash on Europe anytime he wants to, and he just recently played the refugee card on Merkel, whose only real qualifications as a leader is that she always manages to avoid ending up floating face down in her backyard pool. This is her only real skill that I know of.

I can tell people what I saw in the mid-eighties while I was studying in West Germany. There were a large number of Turks there complete with "Turkish Quarters" in the larger cities. They had been invited there after the war as Gastarbeiter by the German government. They were of course mostly young men willing to help rebuild West Germany, which was a moonscape after the war. However, they did not return to their homeland, but settled in West Germany instead and brought many of their relatives to West Germany to live with them or go to university there.

Germany still has this large Turkish minority, along with a large number of Arabs and Persians who were sent into exile by their governments and ended up in Germany because of its liberal asylum laws. One Persian was my best friend. He had been exiled by the Ayatollah. Both of us were blackballed from all political groups on campus because we asked questions and refused to accept anything blindly.

(However, in a stunt worthy of 007, a British friend and I managed to infiltrate a Communist group on campus in order to get our hands on some hilarious posters of Ronald Reagan that they had in their stockpile of political posters. Once the posters were secured back in our dorm, we "Sieg Heiled our way out of that group as quickly as we could.)

So, Germany currently has a large Turkish minority, a large number of Arab and Persian refugees, and perhaps some other minorities from the past, and now a huge section of their country that just emerged from totalitarian rule that did not look kindly on minorities, and Merkel wants to add 4-5 million Syrians to that mix?

I have no idea why this is happening, why all middle class Syrians are leaving (who else has the money to get past Turkish, Bulgarian, Greek, Macedonian, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, and Slovakian border guards?), why it is happening so suddenly after years of war, and most importantly, why anyone would want to destroy Germany (or Austria and Sweden for that matter). The whole thing is stranger than fiction.

I can only say one thing: it will not work. Germany is already full, and it cannot have several million people who have no intention of assimilating dumped on it in a matter of weeks. It is insane, and insane policies do not usually play out well.

Unknown said...

Several months ago I listened to a fairly long piece on NPR about immigration to Germany. It focused on an incident where Merkel was questioned at some kind of public meeting by a Lebanese girl who had come to Germany for surgery, liked it and her family had joined her and applied for residency. Merkel spent some time explaining why unlimited immigration was not in the cards for this girl & her family. Now this. My question is - what in the world has changed? Are Merkel & her peers in the other European countries being bought off or blackmailed?

Rob Rhodes said...

The one European observer I have spoken to, albeit in Hungary, tells me that the demographic he observes is not a bunch of young men but a mix of people including mostly complete families with children. Of course he could just be part of the conspiracy, almost everyone is according to Alex.

Europe will be changed by such immigration no doubt, but probably only incrementally compared to, say, Europeans coming to the Americas. There will be waves of migration as resource depletion and climate change grip the planet, this one will likely come to seem modest, but to imagine a plot as described, well I think you will come to feel embarrassed about publishing this.

Lukas Vangheluwe said...

The article seems to me a terrible hodgepodge of healthy skepticism, dirty innuendo and paranoia.
Here in Belgium, I haven't seen that many refugees, and I would expect to, since I work on the railways. No supermarket attacks, no local merchants urging caution.Lügenpresse, yes. Volksverräter too. Population divided between welcoming and suspicious, as is the press.

Lebanon, Iraq, Lybia and Syria were all refugee spunges before their destruction. Lybia slowed and absorbed the african diaspora, Syria was a layer cake of refugees before the current conflict. (as Syria wasn't doing too badly before the current crisis, this should give the lie to europeans calling the end of days). Small wonder there are millions on the roads. Of course this is a crisis created by the west, the west bombed them. The overflow of refugees should have been expected, after all, we've been having refugees since Palestina, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ruanda, Burundi, the Congo, Yugoslavia, and on an on and on.

It is imaginable that this völkersturm is part of a dirty plot to do us all in, but I doubt it. I think they just forgot, that this was an inevitable outcome of their policies, and now they are scrambling to find the appropriate reaction. Lots of politicians warning about terrorist infiltrators, and some praising Mutti Merkel for doing the human thing. The real surprise, for me is how welcoming most of the population is : The first amenities in brussels were organised by private locals, not by the government.

I may just be adding to the fog of war, but is it conceivable that Alex could be arguing for the wrong side?

Col. B. Bunny said...

Jonathan, "their own violent, mass demise" is exactly what is taking place. Can you not see this?

How do you explain the complete and utter passivity of the German leaders, their complete failure to take steps to seal the borders?

At every opportunity, the politicians "give up" and act as though their only option is to adapt to a reality created entirely by millions of foreigners. Not only have the leaders lost the initiative, they surrendered it at the outset years ago. No. Germany, and Europe with it, has one duty only -- accept hostile Muslim refugees.

Could Europeans demand a halt to U.S. attacks on Syria? Yes, but where are the demands?

Does Europe have over 3.5M active and reserve military? Yes. So what are they being held in reserve for if not to preserve Europe from invasion? Is this or is this not an invasion?

Why is it that the only reasonable and acceptable opinion is that any and all immigrants must be accepted without question or resistance?

By what stretch of the imagination can you, like mmorgue, extract anything that is normal, healthy, and not pure evil out of this ongoing tragedy?

JerseyJeffersonian said...

Well, Alex' post may only seem hyperbolic because Die Lügenpresse is in fact doing a really bang up job of obfuscating and telling big whopping lies. Really, friends, in the face of all of the clear evidence in front of your faces of the power-serving cravenness of the Western press over the last decade and a half (at minimum), is that such an outlandish possibility?

Here is a link to a recent post of an interview of Andrew Korybko by the Serbian publication "Geopolitica" in which he expands upon the current realities, and the possible plans afoot that flow from this engineered "Völkerwanderung", with particular attention being directed toward the Balkans, but framed in the larger context of societal destabilization, a technique much favored by the NeoConservatives, NeoLiberals, and the R2P crowd.


Too far fetched? Remember, as Mr. Korybko states, one of the strengths of these forms of destabilization is that it is so brazen that normal people cannot see it for what it is until it has gotten very advanced. Failure to grasp the audacity contributes materially to the destabilization's success. How much easier this all becomes when access to information and analysis is crippled by a power-serving press, a press that has dropped poison in the ears of the citizenry for decades, lulling them to sleep with half-truths (say, heart-tugging videos perhaps) and misdirection.

Alex is on the front line; are you going to wait to get your information from Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung or the New York Times before you impute any veracity to his report? You will be waiting a long, long time before anything even tangentially resembling the truth comes from those quarters; and time, recall, is a tool in the service of the destabilizers.

Alex said...

I hope the average German can arm up.

Forming militias is actually good advice! Germans should follow the rule the Israelis do: For one of us, 10 of you - at least.

mmorgue said...

Dear Steve,

I wasn't talking about some video that someone has shot somewhere. I was talking about my personal experience where I live, which happens to be in Germany.
Sorry for offending you, though,

Robert T. said...

There are many reasons why a country would choose to enlarge its population, especially the male population. Here are three of them: a.) to buff up its defences, b.) to get prepared for war, or c.) both.

Dime novels from Oblivion said...

Judging by the comments many readers appear to be skeptical of what Alex has to say and I must admit I am as well. The writer seems to be somewhat disillusioned and is somewhat new at it. Not that I can blame the writer. It's just that this can lead you to believe all kinds of things. I remember a couple years back the libertarians started makin sense to a lot of young people who had lost faith in the two-party system. They weren't wrong to recognize this farce, but clearly the libertarian thing was not completely thought through either.

Balázs said...

To Rob Rhodes,

I'm Hungarian, and I can confirm the observation of my compatriot. I could see men and women, children, and their proportions looked normal. What notably (and explainably) was missing was the elderly. These refugees didn't look well fed. Actually, they looked like what they were: refugees.

Ronald Thomas West said...

I appreciate the comment with the caveat 'don't ascribe to conspiracy what can be attributed to incompetence' or something like that.

I notice the considerable whine of the article overlooks Germany's role in destabilizing the region; USA sycophant German intelligence had been complicit in the proxy attempt to overthrow Assad from early on. Now, Turkey's Erdogan saw his chance ... open the floodgates of refugees and when Europe must ultimately come begging for him to shut down the flow, he can name any price. For instance Europe 'look the other way' when he consolidates absolute power while jailing anyone who so much as looks cross at his administration.

'Mutti' [German = mama] Merkel might have a PhD in quantum physics but her 1st degree in clueless narcissism is far more relevant to politics, she's been gamed because she is halting, dull and necessarily cannot think on her feet, let alone think with foresight. The Germans chose her because she made them feel secure, oops!

Unknown said...

This piece is full of racism and xenophobia. Why is the writer not concerned about the Nazis and Nazi sympathizers who are attacking refugees and burning their housing here in Germany, incidents which are increasing rapidly in number? I can only assume it is because he sympathizes with those Nazis.

Vitaly Purto said...

@jonathan the idea that a vast conspiracy involving quite literally millions of people can be carried out in secrecy is too absurd to take seriously.
Alas, too often repeated word conspiracy was, is and always will be the most useful tool for those who run out of arguments. However, there is an ages honored way to test conspiracy theory. It's the time shift. Following King Shlomo adage There is nothing new under the Sun, physicists use the time shift to order to generate invariant a.k.a. Law of conservation of energy.
Now back to conspiracy theory test. How many conspiracy theorists were not taken seriously since 1949 when Soviets detonated rude atomic device is impossible to underestimate. Yet it was Paul Nitze who used this opportunity to change history of the USA. Paul Nitze started as investment banker and during the WW2 became member of staff of Senator James Forrestal, who being shocked by Soviet break through committed self-defenestration on rather small personal scale. However, his former lieutenant immediately grasp the opportunity to defenestrate the all results of the most bloody global conflagration in human history: Paul Nitze produced top-secret 68 pages long document NSC-68. With due respect to the law NSC-68 was declassified and open to everybody. There are only 3 reasons to-day for not to compare guess-work that started in 1950 with reality available now. It is 1) Blind following to conventional wisdom; 2) Lack of curiosity; 3) Conscious objection to truth seeking. Everybody is welcome to add to the list.

mort said...

The situation in Germany as well as the rest of the EU needs to be correctly assessed as soon as possible and it is probably already too late. Just as in the argument over "global warming" which was correctly predicted nearly 120 years ago and still denied by many in spite of the observational data. Overpopulation, of course, is at the root of it all

Oldfartdancer said...

"Hurr it's a conspiracy", so is every leftist waving "refugees welcome" signs and every leftist politician a CIA/Mossad plant plotting the downfall of Germany?
You do this to yourselves and you always do this, there's something wrong with you,something wrong with your social guilt groupthink and your naive aloof culture, and I wish we had never given you a third chance.
I wish we'd dissolved the country and let the Russians rape you all into extinction after the second time you pulled this shit.
I don't want to see more French and British and Polish and American and Canadian and Anzac soldiers die because of another one of your counterproductive projects.
If you're going to kill yourselves at least have the decency to do it quietly and not drag everyone else down into your cesspit.

Unknown said...

Alex gives an accurate account. You can't and won't be able to discover what is actually going on here because Germany is in total McCarthyite lockdown. The Germans call it simply Stalinism.

Alex has to be anonymous because if you say anything against the IDEA of letting so many people in you are labelled a "Rechtsextremist", a far right extremist or, as Gregory Barrett so nicely demonstrated, you'll be called a Nazi or Nazi sympathizer.

You simply cannot speak out if you want to hold onto your job, social or civic position or your business if you have your own business. Of course, if you are one of the ones calling people Nazis for simply voicing opinions, then all is rosy. If you are not trying to voice your opinion in public then you won't feel threatened by the TPTB.

Local radio stations and local internet sites are pressured to not report anything except the party line. Cafe owners are told to keep people out who in any way have criticized the situation. Saying you are against war, NATO or bankers will get you denounced.

The catch is: no one can give you their own specific examples because then they would come under attack and be ostracized.

The political parties have systematically sent out empty-headed youth members to demonstrate against any public demonstration against Merkel's policy. If you demonstrate against the Nazis in Ukraine you'll still be called a Nazi, or an anti-semite or far right extremist.

The government funds various groups who in turn fund local groups "against racism", "against anti-semitism" and so on. These groups are the spearhead of attacks against anyone who questions the government policies. The members of these groups denounce you just as Mr. Barrett did. All discussion is forbidden.

Amongst the few people brave enough to speak out or attend peace demonstrations are Russian Emigres! This includes octogenarian Jewish Russians and Russian Veterans of WWII who will attend a peace demonstration while the university/party youth are screaming 'Nazi' at them.

One must remember that the demonstrations in Germany began a year and a half ago in response to the U.S. Coup in Ukraine. They were peace demonstrations, demonstrations for social and economic justice.

Various university international relations departments have been converted to neo-con, Russian-hating workshops, such as the World Socialist Website reported about Humboldt University in Berlin.

BTW, the various translator applications for smartphones and tablets are a communication godsend as you can sit down with the Syrians who come here and ask them firsthand what is going on in Syria.

One of the main things I've learned is this, think Saving Private Ryan: because of the war in Syria all boys except the youngest must go into the army at 18. If they say no to that they are forced by the terrorists to join them. At least for the Syrians that's the simple reason so many young single men have left Syria. Do we have the right to demand they stay? I don't think so.

The Syrians tell me that before the war Assad's army was very small. But then as the terrorists attacked more and more cities demanded to be protected by the government, so the government needed to continually enlarge the army.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Mr. Chavez, mmorgue's comment is Exhibit A for why Germans allow this to happen. He lives in a small village and the people in the "refugee" center are nice, so, therefore, Germany is not in any danger. All is well with him. He has not a care in the world. Just wait till some invader relieves himself in his nice, tidy little front yard and rapes his sister/wife/daughter.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Mr. Barrett, like the little leftist you are you float the word "Nazi" but offer no proof that any such attacks are made by National Socialists. You casually and dishonestly reach for the Nazi epithet because you have not the wherewithal to deal with the substance of what Mr. Orlov says.

Leftist AntiFa thugs have been operating for decades and whom do they resemble? The SA. How inconvenient. But you choose not to see that they are organized and operate as unacknowledged auxiliaries of the government.

I'll be interested in your views on Nazis and neo-Nazis when you acknowledge that that National Socialism is ultra left and that AntiFa are similarly just ultra-left thugs.

And don't forget to offer proof of the Nazi connection to recent violence.

Ike said...

I find it difficult to believe this a carefully crafted conspiracy. I would accept that the USA is happy to see Europe thrown into chaos and the possibility of its economic resurgence aligned with Russia is reduced. Also I find the view that any form of chaos is welcomed by the financial elite to help hide their incompetence at managing the world economy and their looting of the wealth of western society. One can't help but feel Europe is getting its just desserts for its slavish following of Washington's ridiculous policies in the Middle East and Ukraine.. I note that NATO is busy on some pretend crisis ,war game against Russia, when its help would be invaluable controlling feeding and housing these refugees. Why the fuck have you Europeans let your military leaders politicians and media get so far away from supporting a decent society.

Rhisiart Gwilym said...

"Third-world savages", Steve? What does that make you? An Overdeveloped First World savage? Anyone using blanket language like that against the Wandering Folk certainly asks for the description.

DeVaul said...

Wow. A lot of comments and passions stirred up here. Since I am not in Germany, I will give an opinion and theory, or rather a partial theory about what happened.

I have seen many pictures of the refugees. There appear to be two distinct groups: whole families traveling together or even with another group of families from the same village or district (American pioneers did this also), and the other group consists of mostly young men traveling alone.

Obviously, the families are trying to save everyone. Many are actually Kurds who cannot get papers of any kind in Turkey (way to go, Sultan!), so they must get forged documents and press on in order to flee the Turkish concentration camps set up specifically for Kurds, who the Sultan is at war with. While there are no gas chambers or crematoriums in these camps, the Kurds are not allowed to work legally, so they cannot earn money for food. That's a great way to raise a family. There are also Syrian families and left over refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya -- all countries destroyed by the US and our European allies, as others have pointed out above. This is the most harmless group, but also the least likely to want to return to the camps they fled from, and their homes are all rubble.

As for the single men, many are what I would call "advance scouts" (my family did this in America also by sending men to the Ohio Country on hunting expeditions) who will hopefully find a job and secure location and then work on rescuing other family members. These men will compete for jobs with the native population and cause trouble in the economy. They have a limited amount of "seed money" that consists of their extended family's life savings, so they are under tremendous stress to achieve their objective and as quickly as possible.

And now the third group: religious fanatics who try to blend in with the refugees in hopes of reaching some country in Europe and starting a sleeper cell. After it grows strong enough, they will set off a bomb in some shopping mall or district as part of their religious war. These men are the most dangerous, and as Dmitry and others have pointed out, there are no background checks being done and these men know it, and if they fear a check IS coming, they will pull the emergency brake on the train and run off into the woods or do whatever is necessary to avoid exposure.

My theory is a partial one because I don't quite understand why the exodus happened so suddenly, but my gut instinct is that it was precipitated by the Sultan himself. Hosting 4-5 million refugees while waging war against Kurds AND helping terrorists overthrow Assad DURING an election year is not cheap, and if Europe told him to go take a hike when he asked for more money and help, he might very well have leeeeaned a little bit on the lever that opens the flood gates. In fact, he may very well have slipped and fallen face first onto the lever given his greasy reputation for being more "Byzantine" than the Byzantines themselves.

We ordinary people are never invited to view these events firsthand, so all we can do is guess at what might have happened. Our grandchildren will know what happened, of course, but by then it will be ancient history.

SwampNigger said...

I don't know what to make of this.

However, one would be naive to believe that this massive influx of refugees and the predictable culture shock was not fully anticipated.

These masses exited Turkey with full acknowledgment of the US and its lackie NATO affiliates.

The masses of refugees were inside Turkey as part of US/NATO imperialist terror assaults--coordinates with barbaric friends in the Gulf monarchies.

That there is barely any conversation in mainstream media about the causes of the refugee problem, and the EU nations that have gone along with destroying Libya, Iraq, and now Yemen and Syria--this non-recognition and discussion makes this whole situation surreal.

Indeed, the lack of honest conversation and debate naturally fuels paranoia and fear.

How many Germans are repudiating their governments complicity with the meth-fueled mercenary jackals that are paid to overthrow the legal government of Syria?

Indeed, the mass media propaganda and establishment group-think renders populations pathetically malleable.

mmorgue said...

Dear Bunny,

for your information, I see and hear people's concerns, but think that most of them are just based on personal fears. I also have a flat in Berlin Kreuzberg which is as urban as it gets over here in Germany. Lots of immigrants living there, mostly of Turkish descent. And I have to tell you that even there living together mostly works, which is to say that it is not worse than in other mostly German neighborhoods, where folks also have their conflicts.

Funny that you choose Descartes as a picture where actually you seem to be guided by irrational fears (sorry for the pun).

backwardsevolution said...

Very good article. There truly is something rotten in Denmark; the whole thing stinks.

Carine Clary said: "Several months ago I listened to a fairly long piece on NPR about immigration to Germany. It focused on an incident where Merkel was questioned at some kind of public meeting by a Lebanese girl who had come to Germany for surgery, liked it and her family had joined her and applied for residency. Merkel spent some time explaining why unlimited immigration was not in the cards for this girl & her family. Now this. My question is - what in the world has changed? Are Merkel & her peers in the other European countries being bought off or blackmailed?"

I saw this too (Merkel had come to a high school to speak with students). Merkel stated rather matter-of-factly that the girl and her family would most likely have to return home. She said something like, "We can't take everyone." Then all of a sudden we have this. Why? Something stinks.

People, open your eyes! U.S. citizens did not want the thousands of Central Americans coming into their country months ago. Did the U.S. government listen? No, they pretended there was nothing that could be done and they allowed the immigrants in. Bailing out the banks after the 2008 economic crisis? U.S. citizens stated emphatically that they did not want the banks bailed out. Did the U.S. government listen? No, the banks were bailed out. And there is obviously collusion going on between world central banks (they're QEing and printing money to their hearts' content). There is no democracy. The media is owned; your governments are owned.

Ask yourselves this question: if the E.U. had seriously wanted to stop these migrants, do you really believe that they wouldn't have been able to? They could have stopped them in a second. But instead, Merkel has actually been inviting them in, laying down the red carpet for them. Why? These people are not refugees; they were not fleeing for their lives. They are mainly young men, well-dressed, cell phones, and they have money. These people are wanted, being sought. Oh, yes, the leaders pretend they can't do anything, they wring their hands, but they are actually seeking these migrants.

One article I read said that the left and right are working together (the unwitting dupes or witting bleeding hearts on the left AND the financial/corporate/sociopaths on the right). The owners who really rule your governments are rubbing their hands together that the clueless left are aiding and abetting them in their current agenda.

Is this an invasion? Yes, certainly to anybody who isn't on the left or the right. But to anybody looking at this from above, it looks like an invitation. And don't for a minute insult me by saying Merkel all of a sudden cares. No, I think she changed her mind when her orders came through. She is nothing more than a puppet, just like the U.S. puppet.

People never see until it is too late.

UnbekanntImInternet said...

I live in Germany and mostly agree with this post.

The full impact of this concerted invasion will be felt by next summer. Nothing good will come out of it. The officialdom and their media whores will become ever more stridently hysterical and oppressive in trying to paint a bright picture and to shut down dissenters. The public will not buy it because those still naive enough not to see the writing on the wall will have their perception altered by the ugly reality which will pummel their opinion back down to earth.

Both officialdom and the media will lose the remnant of credibility they have left, a loss they will never recover from. The proportions of this political betrayal will propel the Germans against their elites. This will permanently change Germany, just as the "mani pulite" (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mani_pulite) pemanently changed Italy after the cold war. I would not be surprised if the CDU and the SPD will shrink into marginal political forces within the next couple of years, this change has in fact already started: http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/forsa.htm

Stephen Reay said...

To expand on backwards evolution's thought "These people are wanted, being sought. Oh, yes, the leaders pretend they can't do anything, they wring their hands, but they are actually seeking these migrants.", it makes me imagine the refugees are let in, among other reasons suggested above, to be a new Omega/enemy (since Russia/Putin isn't working out), to take some heat of public anger off the politicians and media (and the US).

MacD said...

The comments mostly confirm that the people have become sheep. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

"people have become sheep". Another one who asks for wolves, more wolves (and Wehrwölfe?)
Please realize that making yourself common in the contempt for human beings with your enemies, you are doing their business.
No doubt, this crisis in Europe is fuelled with purpose (a hint: "fuck Europe"), and there may well be some sleepers among the forced migrants. Concentrating the refugees in large camps supports the business of Salafist recruiters at their gates. Discriminating and excluding them from being treated as human beings would perfect promotion for their recruitment.
However, this is the second large attempt to smash the civil society in Europe, the first one has been the war of aggression against Yugoslavia, triggering forced migration from the war zones (courtesy to a large extent by IMF, Albanian partners to international organized crime and NATO). These migrants had been sheltered in Germany mostly by their guest worker relatives from Yugoslavia, only partly needing public support. And although the "conservative" parties tried to use the crisis for mobilising votes, rendering xenophobia including homicides against refugees, the German civil society forced their politicians into abandon this cynical attempt.
Organized civil society, the Muslim Umma, and Christian social ethics have much in common. "Es gibt nichts gutes, außer man tut es" - nothing good happens unless you do it - is not naive. It is the only way for mankind to survive, and it is powerful.

Francisco said...

This comment is for Rashakor and his "conspiracy theory" argument

One of the first things Truman was told when he became president of the USA in 1945 was the Manhattan Project and the fruit of its labors. The project had started in 1939 and employed well over 100,000 people. Truman knew nothing about it. He didn't learn about it EVEN WHILE HE WAS VICE PRESIDENT (he had been vice president for 82 days when Roosevelt died).

Perhaps the following essay sould be of use to those who like to wave around the "conspiracy theory" argument.

Dangerous Machinery: "Conspiracy Theorist" as a Transpersonal Strategy of Exclusion

Ginna Husting, Boise State University
Martin Orr, Boise State University

In a culture of fear, we should expect the rise of new mechanisms of social control to deflect distrust, anxiety, and threat. Relying on the analysis of popular and academic texts, we examine one such mechanism, the label conspiracy theory, and explore how it works in public discourse to "go meta" by sidestepping the examination of evidence. Our findings suggest that authors use the conspiracy theorist label as (1) a routinized strategy of exclusion; (2) a reframing mechanism that deflects questions or concerns about power, corruption, and motive; and (3) an attack upon the personhood and competence of the questioner. This label becomes dangerous machinery at the transpersonal levels of media and academic discourse, symbolically stripping the claimant of the status of reasonable interlocutor—often to avoid the need to account for one's own action or speech. We argue that this and similar mechanisms simultaneously control the flow of information and symbolically demobilize certain voices and issues in public discourse.
Suggested Citation

Ginna Husting and Martin Orr. "Dangerous Machinery: "Conspiracy Theorist" as a Transpersonal Strategy of Exclusion" Symbolic Interaction 30.2 (2007): 127-150.
Available at: http://works.bepress.com/ginna_husting/3

Edward said...

I try but I find it hard to sympathize with Europeans on this issue. My basic philosophy is that if you mess up somebody else's country they have a right to come and live in yours.

Besides it will all work out great. After all those of us from places like the Middle East, Africa and South America have seen it all before. Or at least our forbears did and the Europeans constantly assure us that it worked out great for us.

We had hordes of Europeans come in uninvited, they were mostly young men who left their families behind. Many were extremely violent terrorists and carried out all sorts of crimes. They settled wherever they wanted, demanded all kinds of expensive benefits and simply took them if denied. Plus they brought all kinds of horrible diseases such as smallpox. In the end we all got pushed into reserves and had to learn their language etc As they say, it worked out great.

So no need to worry Europe it will all work itself out. These things go around every so often.

rapier said...

The makeup of the people streaming towards Europe is hard to determine. A lot of them are not Syrians but of those who are as registered by the UN half are women.


It is true that is not the whole story by any means. There are plenty of people fleeing Iraq and Afghanistan and other Arabic speaking places who might claim to be Syrians. It is likely the majority of those are seeking exit from the chaos there driven by the old desire for a Western style life especially economic.

Finally there are surely a few trained and well motivated jihadists among them and a lot more erstwhile jihadists and yes they will surely attempt terrorist attacks.

All that said the assertion that "millions of men (the overwhelming majority are young men)" is false. Yes the whole sad tale has been partly if not largely the result of US policy dating back to its war to push Russia out of Afghanistan and right through the Iraq wars and the embrace of the 'Arab Spring'. And truth be told even before that and its partnership with the barbaric Saudi monarchy which is the real source of jihad. The waves of Middle Eastern people in and of itself are not going to destroy Europe. That is coming from the failure of neoliberalism and the failures of industrial society. Which will come first from the financial side and then to real economy people. The wars now ongoing to Europe's South and East will just be icing on the cake.

Fromawaysiteblog.WordPress.com said...

Just think! They would all be in their own beds right now if it where not for Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Bosnia, etc, etc, etc.
We know who the War Criminals are, but who is going to arrest, send to trial, convict, jail and hang for their psychopathic crimes against humanity? They still walk free among us while bogus awards and 50 thousand dollar speaking engagements enrich their egos.

Caro said...

Here's a simple conspiracy test: Have all European countries protected their borders over the past 400 years? Are those same countries protecting them today? The difference in these two answers prove something is radically different.

Caro said...

If the German government was truly interested in preventing widespread disease, they would set up public health clinics at all entry points into Germany, whose sole purpose is to screen migrants of communicable diseases. Anyone manifesting symptoms can’t enter the country. Public Health protocols have already been invented, but Europe is ignoring this vital history.

Summer, 2014, a massive number of unaccompanied minors entered the U.S. What followed was an unpresedented outbreak of Enterovirus D68, a rare illness in the U.S., but common in Central America. An epidemic of children went to hospital with severe flu-like symptoms, some even died or became paralyzed. Our one-year old grandson contracted this disease, and was in isolation at a hospital in Virginia for four days.

The rumors of disease following a huge influx of unprocessed migrants is real. Have you heard of Ellis Island? They handled one of the greatest public health care challenges of the modern era, when huge waves of immigrants came to New York, starting in the 1890s. "The U.S. practically invented the mass application of simple Public Health protections. An 1889 Act of Congress established the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, formalizing their service under the Marine Hospital Service along military lines...doctors wore uniforms and carried out quarantine duties including inspection of immigrants arriving at Ellis Island. Public Health and Marine Hospital Service officers played a major role in fulfilling the commitment to prevent disease from entering the country," from http://www.usphs.gov/aboutus/history.aspx.

Unknown said...

Dear lord! Thank you for proving that the oneness of humanity. I mean here I was thinking Europeans were way more sophisticated than the Americans who worry about "keeping America American" which we all know is just code for being proudly racist...I mean seriously when the Prime minister of Hungary talks about "keeping Europe Christian" flying in the face of international law I wonder if there is ANY hope... I'd love to address this post point by point if given a platform. Refugees are human beings who deserve human rights...and the elite are just playing off a manufactured crisis of our poverty to push us against our better human nature.

Galearis said...

Legitimate crisis, or exploitable process? Truth or hyperbole? Probably a lot of both....But the conclusions at the end of the piece are possible (if not likely). It would be helpful to know if the demographic breakdown of the refugees is accurate. If so, the "natural" process would be for any Arab country of ten to fifteen years of war (or anarchy) and with a destroyed economy to have massive unemployment of young males and destroyed destitute families. The latter would be in the refugee stream - but only those with some resources to do so (and perhaps noted in news stories of the drowned). The young males would not be as constrained and may have ended up in the majority. All of them would be traumatized, hostile, and desperate. And none of them would be what you would call ready to be acculturated material.

To quote Putin again to Washington: "Do you know what you have done?" Only if Washington is far sighted enough to take the position that if it cannot run the EU as vassals (as it sees them -especially Germany - turning to Russia in the end), it would render them destroyed along with the M.E. This is possible if Washington has a policy of destruction of its allies if it sees them moving away from control. Chaos is a weapon too. Is Washington that devious, immoral, or even (wacky) intelligent enough to have such a far sighted (if not more than a little unpredictable) policy? Is it a globalist invention to reduce populations without total war? There are lots of ways to look at this process.

The above may be what is afoot in the works as long as Washington continues to support chaos and war in the M.E. and is seen to be doing that by citizens in the surrounding regions (like Russia at least) - and perhaps Germany. The chaos is balanced with the decline of Empire - and the United States stays on top of a mound of growing garbage. And it needs that chaos to emigrate to the "stan" countries et al to weaken Russia too. It would all seem to be such an extreme scenario, and yet,... We live in a world where this would be seen as too outlandish for a Hollywood movie, and yet,...

FWIW, Galearis

Michael said...

Maybe the sign should read “The End Is Nein”?

This article is inflammatory in suggesting civil war is a distinct outcome in the near future, but we should consider its broader implications for the future of Germany and Europe. At a minimum, it implies that the democratic voice has been suppressed via the mechanisms set up after WWII to deal with fascist “inclinations”. It also implies that the government may be engaging in potentially illegal activities. For my part, I don’t travel Europe and have to rely on what I read on the internet.

What I think is the government’s plan: the goal is to keep the economic and government Ponzi schemes extended by the inclusion of low-paying laborers that will support the pension and retirement plans of the very soon next wave of retirees, in effect compensating for the low birth rate of Europeans. Japan is already facing this predicament but their xenophobic and cultural aversions to immigration have eliminated this policy option. The US, on the other hand, has been able to absorb millions from Mexico and SA over a period of several decades. In contrast, this appears to be occurring in Germany but in a vastly accelerated rate over a very short time span. Despite what both American parties say, the plan has been to incorporate cheap labor at the bottom of the economic pyramid since at least the 80’s.

To point, our economic system is a growth addicted, debt-fueled Ponzi scheme at its heart. One of those inputs to keep the growth and future debt defaults at bay by including more people and more resources (such as China and its cheap coal circa 2000, and India too). More people and more resources make government statistics look good (until collapse). Both the financial and government systems (unfunded future liabilities, underfunded pension plans, exponential debt expansion), depend on an infusion of cheap labor that will also extend this system.

I suspect the elite plan was to have 10 to 15% of Germany’s population composed of new immigrants. This would explain the lack of resistance and the amazing accommodation of so many immigrants (the stories of housing accomplished by moving current tenants). However, this plan may have a fatal flaw in not accounting for the amount and speed of the refugee influx, overwhelming local resources and leading to outright hostile reactions.

I am not an expert on German character. I would say, in comparison to Americans, that they are more analytical and logical. As such, they tend to see issues in black and white, and may have a blind spot for grey or ambiguous outcomes when calculating the trajectory of the future. This sort of explains past historical decision making (in my simple analysis). The danger is when people jump to conclusions that may not pan out to be serious issues.

On the other hand, being a “doomer” with its view that collapse will occur due to the fact that we live on a finite world with diminishing returns (such as the 10% CAGR for oil production costs since 2000), I have to consider the second possibility that the elite (or TPTB or Deep State) may consider pre-eminent collapse as a good time to start a War. This would seem to explain the aggressive actions by the US and its cohorts (Turkey, KSA, Qatar) in the ME and also in the former republics of the USSR (Georgia, Ukraine). As a generalization, we seem to be about 5 to 10 years in fully appreciating the actions carried out by our governments.

Let us hope that civil war or any kind of war does not arrive by the actions of our liberal democratic governments. On a sadder note, this whole situation reminds of the blind political calculus and fated reasoning that lead to WWI.

Serge said...

In case of these refugees shot now and ask question later would be a right move in my opinion.
By shot I mean send back. They are totally alien element in Europe. They will not adjust, they will not get absorbed and within 20-30 years they will become major issue. It is fifth column whether they are true refugees or not.

cloudrider said...

I offer for your consideration my theory that what we are seeing is a well choreographed operation to engineer broad public support for the idea of "Festung Europa" (Fortress Europe) by allowing the german people to exhaust their compassion and absolve themselves of collective historic guilt and sense of responsibility.

The fact that the racist and xenophobic fringe is making so much noise, torching buildings assigned for refugee accomodation and babbling of revolution is actually not helping. People are neither stupid nor sheep, but finding a sane and nuanced position on morally challenging and complex issues takes time, especially when it is not an individual but an entire society that is involved. This gets even more difficult when some of the obvious conclusions point towards positions long held by some unsavoury subcultures.

DeVaul said...

" As such, they tend to see issues in black and white, and may have a blind spot for grey or ambiguous outcomes when calculating the trajectory of the future."

Actually, this is not true about Germans at all. I lived with them and they are the opposite of Americans, who do see everything as black and white, good or bad, right or wrong.

Germans are very practical people and try to see all sides of an issue (NOT an American trait). They can spend hours debating a political issue when the typical American would not spend more than 5 minutes before ending it or storming off in a huff. I sat and listened to them for hours and hours for two years. They see every gray spot (and pride themselves on seeing it too) and contemplate the ambiguity of nearly everything. (Leftover Hitler Jugend do not, of course.)

Germans are practical people because of their propensity for engaging in deep, scientific analysis of nearly everything (yes, it can be maddening at times). As practical and logical people in general, they are not well equipped to be suddenly stunned by utter madness or complete chaos. This is their weakness, and the chaos left by WWI and the destruction of the Reichsmark in a matter of weeks in the years before WWII is what caused them to fall into a national psychosis.

For example, expecting a village of 102 people to take in and care for 760 refugees leaves Germans unable to even think. There are maybe, let's say, 40 able-bodied men in the village. The rest are women and children. How are these 40 men going to take care of 760 people who have nothing? That is what they are suddenly being asked to do and to the German mind that is beyond illogical. This is happening everywhere, and it stuns them in a way we Americans cannot understand.

From what I saw, when Germans are presented with a situation that is totally out-of-control and insane on every level AND not subject to ANY debate, they react in one of two ways: they either just surrender outright or they rise up and resist by any means possible. And this is what worries me about the current situation in Germany.

It is easy for the idealistic urban Germans to say that all refugees must be cared for, but those Germans who live outside the major cities and who will bare the brunt of the huge influx of desperate people know how the real world works and how easily it can be destroyed by idiotic political mismanagement.

In my opinion, Germans can be just as easily stunned and radicalized as Arabs, who were "shocked and awed" by the US into becoming avenging suicide bombers and religious maniacs who killed anyone who disagreed with them about anything. When a nation is put under enough stress, it can implode, and what rises up out of the ashes can be quite ugly indeed. We already have too many examples.

Unknown said...

First, for Italian readers I can suggest the following synthesis of this outstanding article: http://www.ilprimatonazionale.it/esteri/germania-travolta-dallimmigrazione-33654/
Second, a further analysis discussed here (unfortunately in Italian only) http://www.ilprimatonazionale.it/economia/immigrazione-petrolio-33714/ points to the fact that Europe simply consumes too much oil while its domestic extraction is quickly declining.
Add that offshoring of manufacturing activities has allowed so many countries to achieve sufficient competence to replace Europe, that Usa domestic oil extraction has started declining too, that the "dream" to flood Europe with Usa-backed Qatar/Saudi natural gas was buried under Russian bombs in Syria, and one can understand why the relevance of Europe has gone down the tube.
By the way, this would as well explain how Usa have shown so much urgence to close successfully the Tpp (Pacific) negotiation while paying far less attention and pressure on Ttip (Atlantic) partnership treaties.
Not only european relevance has dropped, but it's likely becoming a real problem at the eyes of the American elite in the framework of competition for resources - oil first (given that at least 10 million barrels per day are already anti-economic...).
As a consequence, decline of Europe may be more than welcome (i.e., actively promoted) on the other side of the Atlantic.
For sure, even a collapse of Europe will not prevent a direct confrontation between the two big remaining blocks - Usa + Tpp countries vs Russia+China+SCO partners including Iran (and Iraq?).

The_Editrix said...

"You sure about Alex's analysis, Dmitry? This sounds like the rumour-mongering of a far-right fantasist. Though - please note - I'm not saying he's wrong. I don't know. It's just that this piece seems just a bit too far-fetched."

No it isn't. I don't agree with each and every detail, but it's on the whole pretty accurate and certainly not the "rumour-mongering of a far-right fantasist". Everybody who dares now to criticise even mildly -- correction, everybody who doesn't wholeheartedly hails -- Merkel's immigration policy is branded far-right, so this elicits a little "ouch" from me.

"Several months ago I listened to a fairly long piece on NPR about immigration to Germany. It focused on an incident where Merkel was questioned at some kind of public meeting by a Lebanese girl who had come to Germany for surgery, liked it and her family had joined her and applied for residency. Merkel spent some time explaining why unlimited immigration was not in the cards for this girl & her family. Now this. My question is - what in the world has changed? Are Merkel & her peers in the other European countries being bought off or blackmailed?"

What else could Merkel say in such a situation? Of course it wasn't a political statement but a reaction to the embarrassing situation which was, by the way, staged. Reem is a Palestinian girl who used to live with her family in Lebanon. After the brouhaha with Merkel she was caught making Jew-hating statements which caused another brouhaha. Her lawyer Hans-Eberhard Schultz is known to be a hardcore leftist, Israel-hater and avowed paedophile. Of course, Reem and her father are allowed to stay in Germany now. People like them are always welcome here. This is an account for Germanophones: http://www.focus.de/finanzen/news/europas-grenzfall-reems-seltsamer-freund_id_4940352.html

Very few people understand what is really happening in Germany. We ought to be grateful for Alex' article.

PostGrowth said...

This smells of racial and cultural paranoia. More problems will come from social distrust than the necessary sharing of the logistics of welfare and assimilation, and sharing productive jobs. No doubt an orderly migration would have been better, but the wars and climate change effects never seem to happen with the requisite order that the people living comfortably in untroubled developed nations expect.

What is apparent to me is that governments and a lot of other people, do not understand the scale of strife and pressure, that would force so many to find safe haven. Maybe someone should document what is like to live and die in a hot war zone of massive ongoing civilian bombardment by each and every armed player in the conflict.

Neither does anyone comment on the rapidity and scale of breakdown of support for a national population in war zones. Soon other nations are also experience rapid collapse. There exist collapse thresholds beyond which the a lack of social support and supply of basic necessities triggers mass migration. When, and not if, will such a threshold will come to your nation?

Those in the better off life-boat nations are fearful that the domino effect of migration will get to overwhelm their life - support system.

The report from future climate hell --
To continue business as usual, just keep jacking up the carbon emissions in your own nation. Do invest most of your GDP in military destruction of what-ever side your nation is against at this time, and encourage your industries to destroy every ecosystem and species you can, while aiming for economic growth and profits.
There is no need to worry that rising CO2 levels cause impairment of human cognition. By the time the effect is noticeable we will have stopped worrying about it. Perhaps this tipping point has already passed.

Michael said...

A CR-ISIS it seems to be.....

mmorgue said...

good example. I'll add another one from Germany:
our capital Berlin resides in territory that was Slavic up until the middle-ages. There was some kind of Middle-Age-Merkel, who thought it was a good idea to invite population pressured Germans from the west (for tax gains and to cultivate huge swaths of wilderness). They multiplied like good Christians and at some point they were the majority and chased away the (pagan) Slavs.

This is how migration on a long timescale has always worked, and it seems to me that any objections to long term trends are just petty ramblings...

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Civil war is brewing. It's coming. And make mo mistake that, in the event of conflict in Germany, the Americans will intervene on the side of the globalist Merkel regime and the Afro-Muslim invaders.

In fact, it's obvious that the US-satraps are using the third world invaders as foot soldiers and 'shock troops' against the indigenous European populations.

Those of us who are preparing to fight for the Nationalists may find ourselves in the awkward position of facing US military personnel stationed in Germany, most of whom, I am led to believe, are in non-combat roles.

This is going to be messy.

Ivan Lukic said...

For those who think that Alex is extremist, read this. This is report from Czech source, since in Germany truth is not welcome in media. I must admit that migrations are unavoidable in history, but mass migrations in a short time are very unpleasant for the native peoples that experience it. I shall say it again, Europe deserves it because it followed US in it's destructive actions.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

As history tells us, migrations are not inevitable. They can be reversed.

Did the legs of the Afro-Muslim invaders suddenly stop working when they arrived in Germany?

Don't be absurd.

The third world colonists can leave just as easily as they arrived.