Thursday, September 10, 2015

Design Improvements

Over the past month I have spent some 150 hours sailing—moving south for the winter. This has given me plenty of time to rethink some elements of the QUIDNON design, and to introduce a few improvements. While some are purely products of reflection, others resulted from direct experience with a sailboat design which I found to be inadequate. Here, I will explain the changes in prose. I will come up with updated drawings as time allows.



Unknown said...

I very much appreciate you sharing your sailing experiences and insights. This was well worth reading.

Matt said...

Thank you! ...and excellent timing. I am about to reconstruct a cockpit having cut out a rotten one. I will take your suggestions seriously and do some mock-ups for comfort tests before I proceed.

Francisco Ortiz said...

Hello Club Orlov Comrades!

This is a very quick 3D sketch that we made of "The Quid".


The cool thing about it is that the open source software that generated it is Russian. :)

The modeling is imperfect but maybe it helps you to imagine a party inside of it, full of intelligent people, sailing far away: exploring the world and human's diversity.

However, you need a hardware that supports WebGL to see it ;)

All the best!



From Brazil.