Saturday, June 13, 2015

Spineless, brainless organisms that feed on detritus

View of Boston Harbor on the morning of June 13, 2015
I think this phrase pretty well describes the mainstream media landscape in the US, to which I try to provide an alternative via this blog.

Coincidentally, this is also what most of Boston Harbor looks like at the moment. I snapped this picture minutes ago.

I'd like to sail to a place that isn't brimming with moon jellies, but to do that my sailboat needs a working engine, and I don't have one yet. I am running a fundraiser to raise the funds to buy one; if you haven't donated yet,

I am very grateful to the almost 300 people who donated anywhere between 13 cents (that's 0.0006 BTC) and $1000. But this blog has had 1,813,026 readers, and so far only 0.0165% of them have contributed. That's 165 parts per million: low even for an atmospheric CO2 concentration!

Perhaps you believe that good internet content grows on a Magical Content Tree?

Vladimir Ponomarev et alia
No, actually, what you get for free is two-party puppet theater blasted at you 24/7, plus celebrity gossip and pictures of cute kittens playing with yarn. If you are happy with that intellectually nourishing diet, fine; if not,

Please do so, so that we can return to our regularly scheduled blogging. Thank you.