Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Time Machine in Australia

The massive brain rot that is observable in the US can perhaps be explained by the “fracking fluid in the drinking water” theory; but what about the rest of the English-speaking world? This is a guest post by Gary Flomenhoft that offers some clues.

I’ve been in Australia (pronounced “Straya”) for four months now. I live in Brisbane and have traveled to Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, and Stradbroke island. I’ve met my share of Australians around the world over the years. They are all “how’ya going, G-Day mate, no worries,” eternal optimists, and very nice people. They all, every single one of them, say thank you to the bus driver when exiting the public bus. They are happy, they are polite, they are kind. They live thousands of miles from most of the world, and haven’t got a care. Go for a surf, eat some prawns or Moreton Bay bugs, hike in the hills, enjoy life! Obsess about cricket, Australian Football League, National Rugby League, Rugby Union, soccer, any kind of sport.

Their Prime Minister Abbot is a doofus, but entirely harmless, like a Koala. His Putin “shirt-front” turned into a friendly photo-op at the G-20, although his outraged sentiment was entirely understandable after the shoot-down of MH17 with so many Australians on board. But Abbot credulously believed the absurd propaganda spewed out by the US, instantly blaming the Russians, and imposing sanctions as a result, without a shred of evidence. If they had evidence, don’t you think they would parade it all over the press? Duh! All the actual evidence so far, including 30mm bullet holes in the cockpit, point to a Ukrainian Airforce jet shooting it down. Australians remind me of the US in the 1950’s, very naïve and innocent, but no cold war, so truly nothing to worry about. But they reminded me of something else too. I just couldn’t put my finger on it... All blond and tanned, perfect hair, perfect bodies, pure and innocent… It suddenly dawned on me! ELOI!

If you don’t remember, Eloi are the surface dwelling people in HG Wells classic story, The Time Machine portrayed in a Hollywood movie. Tell me they don’t look like Strayans! Here’s a random couple of Strayans copied off the net for comparison:

In Wells story, Eloi are the stupefied descendants of the upper class who are bred and fed on by the subterranean dwelling Morlock cannibals, descendants of the working class. Here are the Hollywood versions of Morlocks:

In the story the Eloi don’t ask any questions and line up voluntarily to be food for the Morlocks on a regular basis. So this obviously begs the question. Who are the modern day Morlocks?

Well, let’s start with someone who is shouting an unheeded and unlikely warning, former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. In his recent book Dangerous Allies, he advocates rethinking Australia’s military alliance with the US. He thinks it’s an obsolete remnant of the cold war, and time for Australians to go their own way, and seek new alliances in Asia, especially with China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, or get sucked into America’s future military hostilities with China. He should know about dangerous allies, as he participated in Governor General John Kerr’s CIA coup to oust Gough Whitlam, the sitting Prime Minister in 1975, becoming the Prime Minister himself. Fraser also vehemently supported the US genocidal war in Indochina, although now he has regrets. Better late than never…

Australians, to a person I have met so far, feel unbridled loyalty to the US for defeating the Japanese in the battles of Coral Sea and Midway, preventing an invasion of Australia, and offer unconditional loyalty in return. Just tell us which of your illegal, immoral wars to join, and we’ll be there pronto! Join the latest Christian Crusade against the jihadists in the middle east for no definable reason or benefit, and gee gosh darnit, we’ll be there in a jiffy. Enrage Islamists near and far, who launch ugly acts of revenge on the streets of Sydney and Brisbane? No problem. We’ll suffer anything for our loyal friends the yanks, or Seppos for slang. (Cocknie: Septic Tank, rhymes with Yank. Septic = Seppo) We won’t even give a thought to the consequences… Eloi! Fraser warns that the US has no friends, just interests.

So who are the Morlocks? Those would have to be the neocon psychopaths from the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) who have taken control of US foreign policy, advocating worldwide Empire, full spectrum dominance, and hegemony, like Mr. Torture Dick Cheney. But for a real Morlock that would have to be the Prince of Darkness, Richard Perle, architect of many US covert actions around the world leading to death and destruction everywhere he goes:

Don’t question the neo-con Morlocks, Australian Eloi, just do whatever they say!

But there is another group of Morlocks feeding on the Strayan Eloi, and another unlikely prophet warning Australians, Lynden H. LaRouche Jr. I picked up a CEC rag the other day at UQ. CEC stands for Citizen’s Electoral Council, a LaRouche publication. It was an odd mix of brilliant analysis and questionable assertions. We’ll pick out the good parts. The headline was: Australia, UK Must Join BRICS in New Economic Order! “[This] pathway is being blazed by the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, and their allies). It opens up a radically different vista: a new, just world economic order of sovereign nation states, collaborating to ensure the Common Good of all of their citizens. Such cooperation will replace the London/Wall Street "free trade" imperial looting system, ending governments' "bail-in/bail-out" sponsorship of its "Too Big to Fail" banks (p. 13); halt its sponsorship of al-Qaeda and ISIS to spread chaos worldwide (p. 4) and justify the fascist-style police states at home; and stop its drive for world war.” Pretty good advice I’d say as Australia is following Wall St. and the City of London financial model, which is likely to go down the drain anytime now. CEC warns against NATO encirclement of Russia, and advocates a “Glass-Steagall type legislation to break up the too big to fail banks into commercial and investment banks, as they were until the 1930’s era Glass-Steagall Act was abolished in the US in 1999, setting the stage for the GFC, that’s global financial crisis in Strayan-speak. CEC has a nice chart of derivatives held by Australian “Systemically Important Banks”:

They also advocate a government (not private) Australian central bank returning monetary sovereignty to Australia. Pretty good advice, I’d say.

So who are the Morlock here? We’ll get to that. But first there is one more way the financial Morlocks are eating Strayans for lunch, the cost of housing. Australians pay almost the highest of anyone in the world for real estate. Isn’t that odd in a country of 23 million people slightly smaller in area than the US that has 330 Million? As a result Strayans are in debt peonage for the rest of their lives if they are lucky enough to own anything. Banks own most of the real estate, so it turns out to be another scam for the banks. Government insists there is a housing shortage which is total nonsense. My friends at Prosper Australia have documented for seven years in a row that there are 6-46% speculative vacancies held out of use for capital gains, as well as 50% of properties being owned by absentee owners for investment, ie: capital gains since they often don’t even bother to rent them out. In addition land isn’t taxed high enough to remove the speculative gain, so an asset bubble develops that keeps driving land up and up, until it pops of course inevitably. We’re just not there yet. But keep believing that you’ll get your piece of money for nothing and chicks for free... Eloi! Here is the full explanation.

The Morlock who typifies Wall Street’s parasitic feeding off the Eloi of the world would have to be the one “doing Gods work”, which is Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs. In addition to being a Morlock, he is also a vampire-squid.

So Strayans keep feeding yourselves to the neo-con and Wall St. Morlocks. You’ve got nothing to worry about. Ignorance is bliss.


beetleswamp said...

LaRouche? Reasonable? The Wizard would call that replacing an old busted down oligarchy with a shiny new tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Abbott - is far from harmless , if he could he would have Australia engaged in full scale warfare in order to promote and try immortalize himself as a great wartime leader - witness his behaviour over the search for the Malaysian missing jet, the Dutch led investigation of the downed Malaysian jet (he wanted to arm policeman to send them into a war zone to force their way to the jet - the Dutch had to publicly bitch slap on several occasions before he settled down and the sending of Special Forces to Iraq where they twiddled their thumbs for months because they were never wanted by the Iraq government), in addition his desperation to sign trade contracts to allow Chinese labor to work in Australia if no suitable locals are found, suitable locals are never found ou just create a test which you set and judge which the locals off course fail but your pick passes, this system has already been employed in Australia while being introduced by the previous conservative government, he is truly a dangerous man - to the average Australian.

Silent Otto said...

Poor old skippies we are cute and cuddly , leave us alone ...what do you expect when 80% of our media is controlled by our own home grown vampire squid - Crown Prince Rupert , The Sun King himself .....at least we have progressed to making Aboriginal people full citizens and allowing them to vote , in 1967 ...i think a very bemused Albert Namatjira was the first recipient of bona fide citizinship , his acceptance speech " errr... Thanks mate "
For an alternative view of Australian history i reccomend john pilgers "a secret country " and Rachel Perkins excellent and chilling film series " first australians " ..,,hoo roo

Lobotomy said...

Parasites can't exist without a host, and shylocks can't infiltrate into the leadership of African, Arab, or Asian societies. "Eloi" are more naïvely trusting than others, and thus the ideal host.

k-dog said...

This puts a whole new spin on putting another "Shrimp on the barbie". That irritating and overused Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) phrase heard ad nauseam back when America was having a version of a "Pax Romana" and Paul was getting bling from the Australian Tourism Commission. Those forgotten days when American white people were into real estate, unearned riches and certificates of deposit. Back when American international violence was out of sight and out of mind. Well hidden and off the public radar.

Unknown said...

Nice article about Oz, ta, and accurate too, except you you forgot about the miners, our huge heroes, Gina&Clive….

Also, not 100% Oz bods are slaves to the yanks&poms, ‘else i wouldn’t be here….

But, everyone down here knows that the kiwi’s are the real problem - when you visit NZ and they don’t know what you’re talking about when you ask for an order of fish and chips….don’t smile…it was fufteen munits past sux, i’d just sunk a tunny & was fummished.

This is a lovely gentle site, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, I stand corrected on Abbott. What do I know, an ignorant American!

The Dutch refused to send investigators for 4 months to the scene of MH17, saying it was "too dangerous", meanwhile letting bodies rot, evidence be destroyed, etc. Turns out this was all political and probably part of the false flag operation. I saw an interview with the local militia, and they claimed to be able to guarantee investigators' safety the whole time. The Dutch wouldn't send investigators to the scene because they would supposedly have to "recognize" the DPR. So they used that as an excuse to violate all the standard practices of crash investigation. Had to keep up the narrative of "Putin" did it. Then they signed an agreement with Kiev govt. to keep findings secret.

How could I forget Murdock, Australia's homegrown media Morlock, now appropriately an American citizen! He probably changed his name from Morlock to Murdoch for cover.

Unknown said...

Abbott is dangerous .... just take a look at his recent budget policies that are damaging Australian lives and our environment. And please do not making sweeping judgments about Australians .... after all would you expect one of your Strayan's to be reading ClubOrlov? PS - We are not all blonde.

forrest said...

The trouble with Wells is that in typical human societies the Wicked Morlocks are going to want to mate with the cute Eloi females before eating them.

So what we get in practice is a bimorphic species where the males get ugly with age and wickedness, which doesn't significantly impact their reproductive potential, while the females come to look like the cute Australian in the photo. The Eloi, on the other hand, will probably get culled so as to all look nutritious and tasty.

If female Morlocks retain some choice of mates... then probably both sexes will evolve toward cuteness. Imagine fat and bovine Eloi, serving each other up for consumption by refined and delicate Morlocks... who may even play with campaigns for Eloi Liberation in their idealistic youth.

Anonymous said...

Forrest: hilarious! LMAO
withintheether: It's satire, get over it!

Nathan said...

I know it's amusing for your similie, but most Australians these days are not smokin' hot blonde beach bods. Like the people of most Western nations, Aussies are getting extremely obese.
Target, one of the largest middle class department store chains down here, has recently changed their advertising style, using "plus sized" models as the new normal.
I will allow that, percentage wise, you're gonna see more surfer types up in Queensland and northern New South Wales where you're hanging out.
We have between 1300 and 5000 US Marines based in Darwin these days, and it's a regular hive of suburban building activity up there from what I've heard. This US war base is part of Obama's "Looking East" strategy or whatever he's calling it these days.
It sounds like Malcolm Fraser is actually talking some sense. But nobody is more maligned than an old Prime Minister who doesn't have the decency to die early and spectacularly. Abbott won't be listening to him, I wouldn't think. Mister-Rabbot is far too busy bestowing knighthoods onto racist old royal consorts to listen to some crusty brown-clad relic from the 70s.
It's obvious that Australian citizens were killed by the Ukrainian vassal-state of Washington, yet the Budgie Smuggler and his right hand man Julie Bishop can't wait to spew whatever Obama and Murdoch tell them to. The budgie in his Speedos is singing like a canary, to the tune of "And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave."

We Aussies need to stop blindly digging and selling dirt, and get back to being Girt.

seraphim said...

Hey, Good on you mate! Nearly bullseye.

Agreed that the Hon. Anthony (not completely Strayan)is a doofus. But not that he is harmless.
He is a Rhodes Scholar. What were/are the Rhodes Scholarships?

THE RHODES SCHOLARSHIPS, established by the terms of Cecil Rhodes's seventh will, are known to everyone. What is not so widely known is that Rhodes in five previous wills left his fortune to form a secret society, which was to devote itself to the preservation and expansion of the British Empire. And what does not seem to be known to anyone is that this secret society was created by Rhodes and his principal trustee, Lord Milner, and continues to exist to this day. To be sure, this secret society is not a childish thing like the Ku Klux Klan, and it does not have any secret robes, secret handclasps, or secret passwords. It does not need any of these, since its members know each other intimately. It probably has no oaths of secrecy nor any formal procedure of initiation. It does, however, exist and holds secret meetings, over which the senior member present presides" (Carroll Quigley, The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden, Books In Focus, New York 1981).

But Tony loves robes and trinkets!
"Following his appointment as prime minister in 2013, Tony Abbott announced the Queen had accepted his advice to again amend the Letters Patent to re-establish the grade of Dame and Knight (for the Order of Australia)". And rushed to confer a Knigthood on Prince Phillip! Hobnobbing with royalty! When an OBE for the faithful Tony?

Dana said...

One in 4 Australian residents were born overseas, majority being 'visible minorities'. Abbott along with Canada, UK, EU does what the 'exceptional nation' to the north tells him to do.

Unknown said...

Imagined Conversation: Petro Poroshenko and Tony Abbott at Normandy

PP: Hey Tone! Good to see ya finally.
TA: G’Day Pete. Yeah, good to see ya. How’s things in Banderastan?
PP: Bit rough, Tone, bit rough. But, we’ll get there, I hope. Hey, come over here so’s we can have a private chat, just you and me.
TA: OK Pete. What’s up?
PP: (In a conspiratorial voice). Something big, mate, something big. In a couple of weeks. I’ve got Barry and Dave lined up already. Steve too, though he’s a bit of a fruitcake. Still, gives us the numbers. Angela’s kind of on the fence, but we’ve got her knackers in a vise…err, nipples in a…err, you know what I mean.
TA: Umm. Yeah, but what’s up?
PP: Something big, mate, something big. The internal security boys will pass an information package to you soon. They’re cooking up fake evidence now, you know, enough to cover various scenarios when it happens.
TA: Umm. Yeah, but what is “it”?
PP: You’ll know soon enough. (Whispering in Tony’s ear) OK, a little clue. The Russkies did it, you know, Putin’s missile and all that sort of stuff.
TA: Ohh! Alright! The Big Bad Russkies. I like it. I like it.
PP: Yeah. The others have got the same info package as you’re getting, so make sure what you release to the media is the same as theirs. And time it so it all comes out together.
TA: No worries, Pete. Rupert’s me mate and he owns most of the media in Oz. The proles swallow everything he feeds them. By the way, any Aussies involved?
PP: Err. ‘fraid so mate. But only a few. You know, for the good of the cause and all that.
TA: Yeah, well, OK then. Umm. Shit happens, I suppose. Yeah.
PP: Hey Tone. I’d love to visit Oz soon. When it’s done and dusted. Banderastan’s up the creek, you know, and I’ll need as many pals as I can muster up.
TA: No worries, mate. Can do. Red carpet, lines of soldiers with guns and all that. I’ll get Sir Peter to…Har Har Har!
PP: What’s so funny, Tone?
TA: Just occurred to me. You and he have got the same name. Want me to knight you Sir Petro?
PP: No way Tony. Folks might think I’m some kind of freak.

Unknown said...

Entertaining but not very on-target. Abbott was elected only thanks to the baby boomer demographic wedge who are pretty clueless and easily herded by News Corp(se) fear mongering. Since Phony Tony gave the prince a knighthood even the boomers are laughing, & Tony will be flushed as soon as the LNP can find someone else.

Yes a sad majority of skips still take US/MSM propaganda as gospel, but once our housing bubble pops and more soldiers start dying in the next yank war expect a rapid reversal.

Unknown said...

I have been in Australia for 11 years, I do not recognise the picture you paint. I think you got your information from watching neighbours. I live in Cairns, people have NO manners, they grunt, they are attractive at all. They are grossly over weight and VERY lazy. This applies to your average white Australian and your aboriginals I don't mind the aboriginals having few manners because they probebly never had them, not sure what the white folks excuse is. I do love it here by the way and have some great freinds

Anonymous said...

Have reposted this on my blog www.thechosenites.wordpress.com with a short "friendly" comment of my own

Bernard Weckmann

denk said...

yank to austrayans
*We really like using you guys...
It's like this: the British have the Gurkhas; we've got the Australians."


Peppercorn said...

Ozzies are generally as you described them for I too, am one! However, they are generally very dumb.
Some are dumb through choice, and being worked into the ground "I don't wanna know nothin about the real world, I just wanna go for a surf and watch the game tonight!"
Others are just dumb. Their life does not exist past footy and TV shows and they have no hope of ever understanding anything unless it is explained to them by the TV Presenter or the Radio Host.
Then, there are others that think they're smart but are still dumb because they're locked into that left/right paradigm and that has become their religion.
So, although they do think, are generally dressed in suits, have run businesses and speak with a better and clearer form of English, they still can't see the forest for the trees. They are blind to seeing the US as the evil, hegemonic power it has become. Far Out man! they are still arguing the merits of the Iraqi war to anyone who'll listen.
Then, you have those that watch the footy, go for a surf, work as little as possible, try and stay out of debt, drive old bomb cars, live in a sunny beachside area away from the rat race all because they DO understand what's going on in a sixth sense kind of way.
They have realised there's little they can do but, live the best life possible and stay under the radar. These are Australia's Intelligentsia! They are without doubt Australia's best and brightest!
But, they are the only one's who, have thought it through and realise that like the rest of Aussies, they're just visiting this place and will never take anything with them of value other than their relationships with their family, friends and life's memories!

ginothehood. said...

brilliant analysis. all coming to a grinding halt now. resource prices down austerity on its way.

Kacy said...

I am flabbergasted and intrigued - you write so well and bring it all together - now I understand what it really means to be Australian.