Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Video interview on USAWatchdog

[Thanks to Greg for making this possible and to Banana Azul for letting me use their splendid tiki hut.]
(But we spend the bulk of the time talking about Ukraine, of course.)


Christine Wasankari said...

EXCELLENT interview, thank you so much for sharing your amazing insight into this situation. There are many of us here in the U.S. that do not approve and we know full well what our corrupt runaway gov. is trying to do. Thanks again, very informative.

ivar laegreid said...


Terry T said...

This event arc has me worried. I think the USA system will collapse in a fashion, but it will be what we understand to be the "We The People" portion of it. The Military Industrial Complex with the interconnected apparatus composed of the CIA et al, international corporations (esp energy companies), Department of State and international banking will make "We the people" a client of a military totalitarian state. Only then will the average person realize the banana republic the USA has become. The only reason life is okay for so many right now is that we have been spending the infrastructural and social capital invested in, and bequeathed to us by past generations.

The nation of "We The People" has been systematically been divested of its industrial base, the infrastructure has been left to collapse, and better (?) yet, the populus has been properly polarized by an insidious propaganda machine so as to identify scapegoats and foment violent hatreds in the minds of the violent and gullible.

Unfortunately, what I see is that if you overlap the parts of the population that are Violent. Stupid, Ignorant and Brainwashed, you have pretty much covered such a vast majority of the population that I can't imagine something other than a bloodbath of the innocents being the outcome. And that's just within the boarders of the USA.

What will happen when this machine, thus freed from any Constitutional and political constraints is unleashed upon the world? The militaro-neocons have long advocated for military domination of all life on earth, and that which they can't control they've advocated for destruction. With the hardware available, independent life on earth doesn't stand a chance.

It's become more apparent to me that this is the end game that the neocons have had in mind. First the deficit funded military buildup at the end of the cold war, the elimination of any possible Peace Dividend that many of us had hoped for after the collapse of the Soviet system and the wild deficit-funded military expansion justified by a cipher known as "terror." All the while privatizing the profits and funneling them into the coffers of this machine's corporate ownership and sticking the debts to an American public that will be unable to pay, thus being forced into relinquishing the public lands and public property to this machine for "debts owed."

Or not.

Lisa V said...

Terry T. you voiced my thougths!

Sheila said...

The US military needs vast amounts of OIL to feed it's death machines. How long could they fight with the amount of available oil in it's reserves & fracked oil which comes out in trickles when what the military needs are gushes?

What if the military revolts against being used to support a fascist empire?
This government has long used religion to control the ignorant & superstitious masses & the military is using religion to force obedience amongst it's troops but atheism is creeping into it's ranks & atheism encourages questioning orders & dogma.
Because our industrial base has been destroyed,how will they build replacements for what will be destroyed?

The US is not as strong as we try to appear.We have become a paper tiger.

don said...

Great interview, Dmitry. You are in the right place to avoid the fallout if WW3 happens.

The US news is obsessed with the missing plane and the death of a religious nutcase. Interesting how things that don't/won't affect us personally are the big news items. While Rome burns.

Unknown said...

So how do "we" little folks protect our assets.

Walt Cornell said...

I have followed your blog for several years now and always enjoy your perspective. You are one of several bloggers I follow and although you are not always in agreement on every issue there is a consensus.
Looks like things with the BRICS are picking up speed. Like you said our leadership is dangerous at any speed.

Shawn Sincoski said...

JFC. Please don't do that again. Reading the comments on that twit's blog made me want to stick an ice-pick in my brain. I get the sense from your body language that you were not comfortable doing it.
At least nobody will be able to accuse you of not trying.

Anonymous said...

Great interview with Greg; very informative and a unique and valuable perspective. Thank you.

I visit USAWatchdog every day. And I'll be visiting this site too!