Tuesday, April 09, 2013

2013 Second Annual Age of Limits Conference

[Guest post from Orren. I’ll be there. Hope you can make it.]

Thursday May 23 through Monday May 24
The Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary, Artemas, Pennsylvania

Dedicated to the pioneering work of Donella Meadows, Jorgen Randers and Dennis Meadows and their epochal 1972 report The Limits to Growth.

Hello! Orren Whiddon here with a reminder of what we are planning for this years 2013 Age of Limits conference, and our new Sustainable Life Skills Intensive.

• This year we have extended Age of Limits to a full three days of content, beginning Thursday evening May 23rd and ending Monday Noon May 27th. With this expanded schedule we will not have to “double-book” two presentations at the same time, allowing for for 1½ hour major presentations each day. In between we will host numerous one hour workshop and networking opportunities, expanding the time available to continue the conversation—person to person, face to face.

• Our three day format has allowed us to add two more major speakers to our roster of last years guests: I wish to welcome Dr. Guy McPherson and Albert Bates to The Age of Limits. Please visit the web site for full particulars.

• We are pleased beyond words with the feed back we received for last years Age of Limits. Our focus on face to face conversation among attendees and our presenters worked very well, showing there is a clear need for thinking people to speak the words and confront the implications of our ongoing industrial collapse... on a personal, human level.

• We learned a lot and had a few surprises of our own. For we planners our greatest take-away from your feedback was the very real need that we all have to process the emotional consequences of collapse, and specifically our grief. It has become a truism that the intellectual and emotional process of coming to terms with collapse mimics in many ways the five stages of grief first outlined by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. But knowing that on an intellectual level does not mean that we have under gone and passed through that process on a psycho-emotive level. Saturday evening Carolyn Baker and Circe will host an observance within the Stone Circle, “Facing a Collapsing World, Grounded in Grief,” preceded by Guy McPherson's “Walking Away from Empire.” Please join us for this groundbreaking exploration.

• The draft working schedule and presentation outlines are being posted to the website, please do check in for pricing, meal plans, and updates.

Sustainable Life Skills

with Patricia Alison
Friday, May 17 thru Wednesday, May 22

• Many attendees of last year's Age of Limits conference spoke of wanting more content directed towards the practical aspects of adapting to decline: food production, shelter, livelihood and community. Taken together, this is a huge subject—as we well know, now being more than 10 years into our own purposeful mitigations here at Four Quarters. Rather than attempt to squeeze even more workshops into an already crowded schedule, we feel this content deserves its own time, place and focus.

• This year we are preceding The Age of Limits with a five day intensive introduction to the principles of sustainable collapse mitigation from a Permaculture point of view. Beginning with a Friday evening meet and greet, and ending the following Wednesday evening, we will present an information-packed five day practical experience in preparing for decline.

• In keeping with Four Quarters history of thinking “outside the box,” this is not a $1,000 package, as it would be elsewhere. Sustainable Life Skills is just $375 which includes your food for the full five days! How do we do it? Simple: we are a non-profit and everything we do is through volunteers who believe in our mission. We hope you will join us, and come away believing too!

Please visit our web page at www.ageoflimits.org for full particulars on both The Age of Limits and Sustainable Life Skills. Feel free to call us at 814-784-3080 with any questions or to register.


Anonymous said...

Will see you there. Bring copies of your books!

Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Republic said...

This sounds absolutely like what I need - if it wasn't in the US!

Any chance of holding one in the UK or Europe? - or is there enough like minded people over here to make it worth getting together to do it ourselves?

vera said...

Collapse 101? Please. Ya just lost me, Orren, for good.