Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A Senator Masquerading as a Gas Station

John McCain is dead, and many people are celebrating whereas they should be sad. He wasn’t a friend of mankind—he was its enemy, but a really bad one. But with such grossly incompetent enemies—who needs friends?

McCain did a great deal to destroy America. He devoted his entire lifetime to American destruction. To start with, he was quite effective as a protester against America’s genocidal war on the people of Vietnam. Other Americans just marched around ineffectually, waving banners and shouting antiwar slogans, but not McCain! His own father had a lot to do with starting that war, but McCain made up for that by destroying 26 American war planes. That’s quite something! If every American flyer crashed as many planes, countless innocent lives would have been saved.

Of course, he could have done even better—and he did try. He almost managed to destroy the US aircraft carrier Forrestal by setting it ablaze. To top off his illustrious military career, he surrendered to the enemy and spent five years in a Vietnamese prison. This made him a hero—in Americans’ eyes only, while the rest of the world saw in him a murderer of Vietnamese children.

His “martyrdom” as a POW helped pave his way to a political career, first in Congress, then in the Senate. During his obscenely long career in national politics, McCain did what he could to make American “democracy” look like a complete joke and to hasten America’s collapse. This, by the way, wasn’t a tall order: American “democracy” had long been a cesspool—a playground for lobbyists and political technologists based on a fully gerrymandered system of fake elections. But he did his thing, and is therefore twice the hero.

Defecating into the cesspool of American politics doesn’t alter its chemistry much, but McCain pushed the limits here as well. If only he and the native genius that is Sara Palin had won the Presidency! This surely would have hastened American collapse by quite a substantial amount, bringing his life’s work to fruition. This was perhaps his greatest failing: he turned out to be a traitor to his own friends and a faithful servant to his political enemies. He shut down his electoral campaign two weeks before the election. Then he did whatever he could to kiss up to Obama and helped wreck the repeal of Obamacare. McCain deserves to have a gigantic sausage-shaped obelisk erected in his honor, made of the same lumpy, brown material that he was so full of throughout his political career.

Internationally, McCain was a stellar performer when it came to meddling in the affairs of other nations, often in ways that helped undermine America’s standing in the world. Whenever he visited a foreign country, the likelihood of civil war breaking out there went up by a notch, sometimes by two. He always had a warm place in his heart for terrorists—be they Ukrainian neo-Nazis or the homicidal maniacs of the Islamic Caliphate (a.k.a. ISIS). He managed to perform in spite of not being very smart: in 2013 he published an article on the website Pravda.ru, thinking that it was Russia’s main newspaper (which was at that point two decades defunct).

He was one of the prime architects of the Ukrainian government’s “anti-terrorist operation” against its own citizens in the east of the country. His actions helped assure American defeat and Syrian victory in Syria and set the Ukrainian government he had helped install in 2014 on a course for self-destruction. Russia owes him a debt of gratitude for its reunification with Crimea after its two lost decades in the Ukrainian wilderness. He was also a champion of America’s own self-destruction through national bankruptcy, always being in favor of its profligate, fantastically corrupt and otherwise ineffectual defense spending.

His crowning achievement was his successful push for anti-Russian sanctions. They made it very difficult for Russian government officials to appear serious and resist the urge to say “May we have some more sanctions, please?” Thanks to these sanctions, Russia has moved rapidly toward achieving food security and has become one of the world’s major agricultural exporters; it has achieved or will soon achieve complete self-sufficiency in defense and in many other industrial sectors; and it is quite far along in making itself independent of the US dollar and of Western finance.

The effect of the sanctions in simultaneously driving down both the ruble and the Russian stock market has allowed the Russian government to sell dollars high and to buy up Russian industrial stocks low, effectively re-nationalizing Russian industry at bargain-basement prices, shifting the share of its government ownership from around 16% to at least 65% while squeezing out Western financial interests. The profits that would have otherwise been pocketed by Western investors are now flooding into the Russian treasury, to be spent on health, education, housing, roads and bridges and so on. McCain, you socialist you!

McCain also had a wonderful talent for being not just wrong but exactly wrong, as in the exact opposite of right. He called Russia “a gas station masquerading as a country.” That was great for Russia, because Russia was at the time a country masquerading as a gas station, to buy itself the time it needed to rebuild and rearm. Now that it has done so, the mask can come off, and Russia is most grateful to McCain for having given it plenty of cover just at the time when it most needed it.

It is a sad moment now that McCain’s untimely demise has sent him off to an eternity in Hell, because he didn’t get to finish his life’s work: destroying the United States. Nevertheless, we should call it a job well done, for the course on which he helped set the country is now unalterable. Even if he is replaced in his Senate seat by someone actually competent and able to act in his nation’s interest, this won’t alter its course by much, and certainly will not reverse it. Let us now observe a minute of silence in honor of John McCain, for upon his passing the American Collapse Party has lost a true leader.


Beagle Juice said...

Let's not forget his support for open borders! Does anyone remember when he offered to pay Americans $50/hr to pick lettuce, and then refused to honor it when the applications came in?

Unknown said...

It looks like not many people liked John MacCain.
Some payed homage in a different way; the anti-trump G. Duff site publishzd a mock news, showing he didn't like more MacCain than Trump.

JeanDavid said...


Marty from North Dakota said...

McCain's crowning achievement is doing well by his Arizona-based constituents: Lockheed Martin, ATK Orbital, Boeing, Raytheon, et. al. He was richly rewarded.

Moshe said...

McCain is going to be missed for about a week for the military industrial complex, the War Party and Israel. Then, his many prospect replacements will take his seat.

Karl K said...

What a refreshing read.

As a former carrier sailor, I am still mad the 134 sailors killed on the USS Forrestal when his hotdogging "wet start" from his aircraft set off the chain reaction of missiles going off and the fire.

America sure has a lot of memory holes.

Forensic said...

Let's not forget the example McCain set for all married men as he returned from Vietnam to find that his wife had been horribly injured in a car accident in his absence. He told friends that "She's not the woman I married anymore" and married a woman 24 years his junior, before he was divorced. I so enjoy pointing out his history to those loudly mourning the passing of this 'hero'.

Dave Note said...

In 1967, the USS Forrestal suffered near catastrophic damage from a fire that raged on-board for nearly two days. John McCain was stationed on the Forrestal at the time and was quite likely responsible for the fire that killed 134 sailors and injured 62 others.

Hot dog pilots were well known for their "wet-starts," a process which allows fuel to build up in the engine before hitting the plane's start switch. The result of the wet-start is a long flame erupting from the tail of the plane. It was done simply for effect, a showy procedure meant to draw attention to the pilot.

On June 29, 1967, John McCain is alleged to have used a wet-start to "shake up" a pilot in the plane behind him. The result was a fired rocket, dropped bombs and a fire that raged for nearly two days. 134 sailors lost their lives and another 62 were badly injured.

McCain never had to answer for the incident. His father and grandfather were Navy admirals with a great deal of sway.

Three months after the Forrestal disaster McCain was shot down over North Vietnam. You know the rest of the story.

Is this man a maverick or a dangerous lunatic? Should we wait until he is president to know the answer?

Altalavista said...

it is interesting to practice "adversarial inversion" in a positive way. it shows in daylight what the shadow of American bravado is.

Unknown said...

So funny... Making lemonade out of a big fat rotten lemon is one of the things you do best. Thank you.

StevenStarr said...

Absolutely brilliant, I laughed my ass off
thank you so much, I never thought I would as so much as smile when thinking of that Rat Bastard McStain.

the blame-e said...

Very nice post, Dmitry.

American Mad Dog MSM has all banded together to make this giant in the annals of giant screw-ups a God. And here I thought the former Soviet Union were the experts in the kind of propaganda that did the most damage at home, by embarrassing its own people with its heavy-handed ineptitude.

Three months after the USS Forrestal disaster John McCain was shot down over North Vietnam. Rumors swirled that John McCain was shot down by his fellow aviators in retaliation for a chronic lousy attitude, and hot dog ways, that were getting fellow sailors killed. The Vietnam War was the first American war where US soldiers were fragging their officers, so there was plenty of credence to the rumors.

Even his daddy was a screw-up. Admiral John S. McCain's heavy hand was all over in the USS Liberty fiasco, where Israeli aircraft shot the ship up and then sent out Israeli torpedo boats to finish the job.

Thank God that this POS is dead. Ding. Dong.

Unknown said...

Makes you wonder how McCain always got re-elected.

Think about it.........

Unknown said...

And thats just the tip of the Iceberg -
i) Leaving his wife who stood by him while he was in Vietnam (where he also got himself a 2nd wife AND child) for a much younger model of 24 yrs old, just 6 months after he returned, .
ii) Sponsoring the NDAA 2012 (the right to imprison anyone, even Americans with no due process)
iii) Shutting down searches for lost POWs in Vietnam to avoid paying war restitution (along with the other fake John Kerry 322). Many were left to die.
iv) Taking the biggest bribe to sign the Dark Act (keeping GMOs hidden)
v) Calling a guy who wanted answers about the USS Liberty a "Jerk"
vi) His Songbird, Tokyo Rose tapes (conveniently "Misfiled" by the CIA)

And he was never confronted about the Forestal or his VC broadcasts. And now world leaders are in mourning for such a heroic man. They obviously have different standards to the rest of us.

Jayhawk said...

Barry Goldwater was once asked why he opposed the Apache helicopter, given that it was to be built in his home state of Arizona. His reply was classic Goldwater. "Hell, they could build the damned thing in my living room, and I'd still oppose it until they get the price down to within reason." Not all Arizona politicians are cut from the same cloth.

Unknown said...

McCain's death reminds me of a German/Nazi joke about Hitler & his Jewish physician when Hitler asked him when he was going to die. His physician said: I don't know but you'll die on a Jewish holiday. When Hitler asked how he knew, he said when you die it will be a Jewish Holiday. The same with the death of John McCain, it will be a holiday for PEACE & FREEDOM of all people on this planet!!

ogardener said...

Outstanding! And humorous too. Har!

Unknown said...

Miracles it seems do happen but this miracle should have taken place 81 years ago the world would have been a much nicer place, good riddance To a pile of rubbish.

Unknown said...

Great article. I would like to believe that he is now facing the real judgement day.

Winfield Tyndale said...

This is McCain according to Nelson Rockefeller's son:

The Hidden Tax on Humanity
Real-time analysis and history of the hidden tax on humanity.

John McCain—A Last Chance at Honor
May 16, 2018

— by Mel Rockefeller with Jeff Gates

First, let’s be clear about who produced the political career of John McCain and why. Only then can we assess his behavior as a pliable and reliable asset of those who induced us to wage a disastrous war in Iraq and now seek to take us to war in Iran. The origins of this successor to Barry Goldwater’s Senate seat date to 1928 when the Chicago Outfit’s Gus Greenbaum moved to Phoenix to oversee mob operations. The National Crime Syndicate was formally established the following year in Atlantic City. In 1931, a Jews-only conclave in Manhattan’s Franconia Hotel divided the nation into 24 exclusive territories with Murder, Inc. the enforcer. Greenbaum was put in charge of Arizona...
McCain’s father had already committed treason with his complicity in covering up an Israeli assault on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967. The ship was identified by the Israelis as our prior to an attack that killed 34 Americans and injured 174. Widely regarded as the most disgraceful event in U.S. Navy history, Admiral McCain was key to the cover-up, threatening crewmembers with court martial if they spoke to anyone about their murderous ordeal at the hands of a purported ally and “special friend.”

(And it's gets worse!)

Lazlo said...

If you only have time for one McStain eulogy, this is it.

Unknown said...

A gas station masquerading as a senator

alex carter said...

This is the best thing I've read from you (and I've been reading your stuff for YEARS) and one of the best things I've read, ever.

I'd love to see this on the front page of every US paper.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Searcy knew the real McCain quite well. He was deceit 101, the same shyster the failed us empire is adulating.

McCain was never tortured by the Vietnamese; in fact, they treated him quite well. He invented the torture story to launch his political career; which worked, obviously.
b) When he fell into the lake in Hanoi, his arms got broken. Several people wanted to beat the shit out of him, even kill him, but a man named Mr. On, refused to let them do it, and in effect saved McCain's life.
c) After McCain's release from the Viet Cong jail, On tried to contact him, in particular thru Bob. McCain avoided his savior like the plague, because this cd potentially blow his cover abt being 'tortured'.
d) McCain continued to refer to the Vietnamese as 'gooks', long after the war was over:
e) After hounding McCain abt it for yrs, Chuck Searcy finally managed to shame McCain into agreeing to a meeting with Mr. On. For Mr. On, it was an honor, a big deal--wow, a US senator! In advance of the mtg, McCain purchased a paperwt or ashtray from the Senate gift shop ($5, or thereabouts), and spent a total of 5 mins. w/him.

Unknown said...

The room a his funeral was full of John McCain's. They were honouring one of their own killers. What is Bush, Obama and Clinton but John McCain holding higher office.

LuckyStar said...

Let's not forget that McCain was a bloodthirsty killer with love for war, misery and destruction! He volunteered and succeeded in dropping napalm bombs on unsuspecting villagers in order to burn them alive and he succeeded in that!
Advocating, lobbying and voting for wars, he succeeded in doing so as well.
He only failed to convince the American war machine to attack Iran. This is his only failure as a warmongering prrrik.
Now that his soul is wondering in endless darkness, he will have great company along the way!