Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Reality is not an option

I just got back from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where I participated in a panel discussion with John Michael Greer, James Howard Kunstler, Chris Martenson and Frank Morris, moderated by Kevin Lynn, on why reality is not an option in contemporary American public discourse. It was professionally filmed and the video is available on YouTube. Now that I am back on the boat, I will rest from the travels, then work on next week's post, in which I will answer the question I posed at the end of last week's post. (Those of you who agreed to pay the princely sum of $1/month know what it is.)


Roberto said...

One striking feature of this long overdue meeting of some choice minds was the civility of the panelists to each other.... basically kind people overall. No cutting off each other, no jockeying for the key zinger. And everyone got about the same amount of time to speak in a organic way: no Ridiculous Rules of Order needed here. Just some fine points. It would be lovely to see more of this stuff. Fun to watch the directions change throughout.

Rhisiart Gwilym said...

Dmitry - just trying to organise a bank here to do me the unspeakable favour of allowing me to have a basic bank account. When that's done, I'll sign up to your Patreon account. Till then, suffering partial Orlov-starvation... :)

Don Stewart said...

@Robert Goad
I did not find a You Tube recording. Did you find one, or attend the meeting in person?
Thanks...Don Stewart

Zoltar said...

I also appreciated the respect and civility of the participants, while noticing a couple of interesting axes of divergent perspectives: rich v poor (Martenson / Greer) and pre-collapse v post-collapse (Morris / Kunstler). And then, of course, the attendee who brought the “compassion for an infinite number of immigrants” axe to grind.

Your engineering knowledge was certainly helpful. I now know I need to add spalling of reinforced concrete to my prioritized list of worries.

Don Stewart said...

For anyone else searching for the You Tube
I have found that it is possible to search the organizers web sit4 and get to the You Tube. Alternatively, he is someone who has reposed it in a more accessible format:


Don Stewart

Ien in the Kootenays said...

Thanks, heading over to Youtube! I do not know Frank Norris but follow Greer, Martenson and Kunstler. This should be awesome.