Monday, January 23, 2017

Interview on Biodynamics Now!

I was recently interviewed on The Biodynamics Now Investigative Farming and Restorative Nutrition Podcast. Please have a listen.


peakaustria said...

got the book yesterday cool and new ideas profound destilled a must read! started to make some weeks ago some calculations of how the IoT and AI and other super-trendy progress is a runaway energy and resource waste mashine-algo. Aka the quant - financial trading self-learning AI machines will get the capital by themselfes and with adaptation of competitors, they they will need to increasingly get more and more GH/s and Flop/s and self learning layers over layers so exponential waste of power conversion from AC/DC. the other new techno- positive waste - feedback i see in self-learning AI are PR and Advertising or Opinion Bots cause they will outplace themselves over time and will accelerate more and more data center power with more and more resources and is a draft and i am currently still working on the paper so feedback is warmly welcome.

Unknown said...

This is weird, I've just experienced several random references completely out of the blue to the Unabomber over the past week.

I've just had an epiphany: Ted Kaczynski is our John Brown the Abolitionist! He is to the technosphere as Brown was to slavery.
We are past the point of diminishing returns on technology, and slipping toward actual harm from more advances. The Germans have a word for this idea: Verschlimmbesserung
An attempted improvement that makes things worse than they already were. This is a very common German expression which has no good translation in English. I think we need such a word also.