Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Teenager summoned to court for feeding McDonald's chip to pigeon

A teenager has been summoned to court for feeding a pigeon a McDonald's chip.

Lauren-Paige Smith, 19, was tucking into lunch when she gave the bird a chip, which it wolfed down.

But moments later, the customer services advisor was handed a £25 fine for littering.

Miss Smith told the official that the bird had finished the chip and there was no 'litter' left, but she was still fined.

"It's madness. Lauren has never been in trouble in her life and they're summoning her to court for feeding some birds," said Lauren's grandfather.

The rest of this story, from The Telegraph, is here.

If you think that such events are isolated incidents, think again: they are symptoms of a rampant psychiatric condition which is described in detail in Sean Kerrigan's excellent book Bureaucratic Insanity. They are by no means limited to annoyances such as a fine for feeding the birds; they also destroy families and ruin lives. Don't be victimized by insane bureaucracies! Read this book and learn some countermeasures.