Monday, October 24, 2016

Interview on Global Research

There is no question that technology has been key to humanity’s mastery and domination of the planet.

Thanks to these marvels of innovation, humans have transformed their natural surroundings to their service, leading to larger numbers of people, reliable and greater supplies of food, and the ability to extend lifespans.

There is of course the other edge of that sword.

Thanks to the powers they have harnessed, humanity is currently facing a multitude of interconnected dilemmas and problems stemming from population overshoot, climate change, and resource depletion. Thanks to human ingenuity applied on an industrial scale, human agencies threaten destructive wars and military interventions capable of destroying all life on the planet.

In a brilliant new book, author and past guest Dmitry Orlov postulates the existence of something called the technosphere, analogous to the biosphere, which came into existence as soon as human inventions started transforming the natural world. This artificial construct appears not to embrace life as we know it, nor does it have any affinity for the human species, beyond what can be manipulated into the technosphere’s service!

In one of our program’s most provocative interviews yet, Dmitry Orlov further explains the characteristics of the technosphere, the shortcomings of techno-fixes for our ecological crises (e.g. “renewable energy”), how organized religion and progressive social movements are enabled by and are artifacts of the technosphere, and how this force imperiling all life on Earth can ultimately be overcome and human freedom secured.

Orlov ends the interview with a review of the history behind the current Russia-US tensions, prospects for a larger war, and what, if anything, the diplomatic breakdown signifies.

Link to the audio.
(The interview starts at 7:55.)

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Living on Earth said...

...military interventions capable of destroying all life on the planet.

With near-certainty - not so. Sulfide-based ecosystems that support complex biological communities will survive, as will lower-order insecta, remote and pelagic species such as the Greenland Shark. The evolutionary course of life on Earth will certainly change and vacated niches will be quickly filled through adaptive radiation.

You need to spend much more time in the study of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

A Biologist.

Unknown said...

Concerning Ted Kaczynski, who is mentioned around the half hour mark.

Miles Mathis argues rather convincingly that the whole Una-Bomber real-time ritual was a CIA psyop from start to finish. Miles begins his 22 pages exposé with these three sentences:

"Yes, I too bought this one for years. Until now, even. But my recent discoveries caused me to return to this event for a fresh look. And Oh! how transparent it now seems."

The Intel tactics here applied could be called 'Expanding the technosphere by making it critics look like asocial, insane outcasts'. Ha ha! These CIA clowns won't stop at anything...

Unknown said...

Great conversation!

Half way in you discuss Ted Kaczynski. In his exposé 'The Unabomber was another Psy-op' Miles Mathis rather convincingly argues the whole Ted Kaczynski saga was ludicrous, and ultimately very transparent hoax by the CIA.

The modus operandi applied here could be called 'Expanding the technosphere by making its critics look like asocial, insane outcasts' and thus per-epmtively stopping people from investigating this topic. Ha ha! The CIA clowns know no shame!

Please, have a look. Crucial intel:

Anonymous said...

I actually made the mistake of going to Miles Mathis's pdf on Kacyinski. It's free-association paranoia on stilts.

milesfromneihu said...

@ Paul Coppock. Thanks for the tip. I was tempted.