Monday, May 16, 2016

Interview on the New Lifeboat Hour

Carolyn Baker took over this radio show from Mike Ruppert (RIP), did it on PRN for a while, and has recently struck out on her own, turning it into a pure podcast.

In this episode we discuss all sorts of things: economic collapse, the presidential election farce, climate upheaval and much else. Please tune in and have a listen.


Rhisiart Gwilym said...

Always grateful for your uncompromising clarity and honesty about what's happening, Dmitry. I'd spend more money on your publications if I had it to spare. But I try to support your work by spreading links to it as widely as possible. Exceptional work, mordantly done. Please keep going!

shiningZ said...

Excellent interview, Dmitry shows himself to be a worthy interlocutor once again. His comments on Trump are the first I've heard anything of substance on Trump's approach to foreign policy, beyond the great wall of Mexico.

The appeal to contribute through the podbean app leaves one in a dilemma in light of the comments contained in the interview, regarding the financial system. You can only contribute to Carolyn Baker using a credit card. Being technosphere-aware, How do we reconcile ourselves to this?