Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Russian Warning

We, the undersigned, are Russians living and working in the USA. We have been watching with increasing anxiety as the current US and NATO policies have set us on an extremely dangerous collision course with the Russian Federation, as well as with China. Many respected, patriotic Americans, such as Paul Craig Roberts, Stephen Cohen, Philip Giraldi, Ray McGovern and many others have been issuing warnings of a looming a Third World War. But their voices have been all but lost among the din of a mass media that is full of deceptive and inaccurate stories that characterize the Russian economy as being in shambles and the Russian military as weak—all based on no evidence. But we—knowing both Russian history and the current state of Russian society and the Russian military, cannot swallow these lies. We now feel that it is our duty, as Russians living in the US, to warn the American people that they are being lied to, and to tell them the truth. And the truth is simply this:

If there is going to be a war with Russia, then the United States
will most certainly be destroyed, and most of us will end up dead.

Let us take a step back and put what is happening in a historical context. Russia has suffered a great deal at the hands of foreign invaders, losing 22 million people in World War II. Most of the dead were civilians, because the country was invaded, and the Russians have vowed to never let such a disaster happen again. Each time Russia had been invaded, she emerged victorious. In 1812 Nepoleon invaded Russia; in 1814 Russian cavalry rode into Paris. On June 22, 1941, Hitler’s Luftwaffe bombed Kiev; On May 8, 1945, Soviet troops rolled into Berlin.

But times have changed since then. If Hitler were to attack Russia today, he would be dead 20 to 30 minutes later, his bunker reduced to glowing rubble by a strike from a Kalibr supersonic cruise missile launched from a small Russian navy ship somewhere in the Baltic Sea. The operational abilities of the new Russian military have been most persuasively demonstrated during the recent action against ISIS, Al Nusra and other foreign-funded terrorist groups operating in Syria. A long time ago Russia had to respond to provocations by fighting land battles on her own territory, then launching a counter-invasion; but this is no longer necessary. Russia’s new weapons make retaliation instant, undetectable, unstoppable and perfectly lethal.

Thus, if tomorrow a war were to break out between the US and Russia, it is guaranteed that the US would be obliterated. At a minimum, there would no longer be an electric grid, no internet, no oil and gas pipelines, no interstate highway system, no air transportation or GPS-based navigation. Financial centers would lie in ruins. Government at every level would cease to function. US armed forces, stationed all around the globe, would no longer be resupplied. At a maximum, the entire landmass of the US would be covered by a layer of radioactive ash. We tell you this not to be alarmist, but because, based on everything we know, we are ourselves alarmed. If attacked, Russia will not back down; she will retaliate, and she will utterly annihilate the United States.

The US leadership has done everything it could to push the situation to the brink of disaster. First, its anti-Russian policies have convinced the Russian leadership that making concessions or negotiating with the West is futile. It has become apparent that the West will always support any individual, movement or government that is anti-Russian, be it tax-cheating Russian oligarchs, convicted Ukrainian war criminals, Saudi-supported Wahhabi terrorists in Chechnya or cathedral-desecrating punks in Moscow. Now that NATO, in violation of its previous promises, has expanded right up to the Russian border, with US forces deployed in the Baltic states, within artillery range of St. Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city, the Russians have nowhere left to retreat. They will not attack; nor will they back down or surrender. The Russian leadership enjoys over 80% of popular support; the remaining 20% seems to feel that it is being too soft in opposing Western encroachment. But Russia will retaliate, and a provocation or a simple mistake could trigger a sequence of events that will end with millions of Americans dead and the US in ruins.

Unlike many Americans, who see war as an exciting, victorious foreign adventure, the Russians hate and fear war. But they are also ready for it, and they have been preparing for war for several years now. Their preparations have been most effective. Unlike the US, which squanders untold billions on dubious overpriced arms programs such as the F-35 joint task fighter, the Russians are extremely stingy with their defense rubles, getting as much as 10 times the bang for the buck compared to the bloated US defense industry. While it is true that the Russian economy has suffered from low energy prices, it is far from being in shambles, and a return to growth is expected as early as next year. Senator John McCain once called Russia “A gas station masquerading as a country.” Well, he lied. Yes, Russia is the world’s largest oil producer and second-largest oil exporter, but it is also world’s largest exporter of grain and nuclear power technology. It is as advanced and sophisticated a society as the United States. Russia’s armed forces, both conventional and nuclear, are now ready to fight, and they are more than a match for the US and NATO, especially if a war erupts anywhere near the Russian border.

But such a fight would be suicidal for all sides. We strongly believe that a conventional war in Europe runs a strong chance of turning nuclear very rapidly, and that any US/NATO nuclear strike on Russian forces or territory will automatically trigger a retaliatory Russian nuclear strike on the continental US. Contrary to irresponsible statements made by some American propagandists, American antiballistic missile systems are incapable of shielding the American people from a Russian nuclear strike. Russia has the means to strike at targets in the USA with long-range nuclear as well as conventional weapons.

The sole reason why the USA and Russia have found themselves on a collision course, instead of defusing tensions and cooperating on a wide range of international problems, is the stubborn refusal by the US leadership to accept Russia as an equal partner: Washington is dead set on being the “world leader” and the “indispensable nation,” even as its influence steadily dwindles in the wake of a string of foreign policy and military disasters such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and the Ukraine. Continued American global leadership is something that neither Russia, nor China, nor most of the other countries are willing to accept. This gradual but apparent loss of power and influence has caused the US leadership to become hysterical; and it is but a small step from hysterical to suicidal. America’s political leaders need to be placed under suicide watch.

First and foremost, we are appealing to the commanders of the US Armed Forces to follow the example of Admiral William Fallon, who, when asked about a war with Iran, reportedly replied “not on my watch.” We know that you are not suicidal, and that you do not wish to die for the sake of out-of-touch imperial hubris. If possible, please tell your staff, colleagues and, especially, your civilian superiors that a war with Russia will not happen on your watch. At the very least, take that pledge yourselves, and, should the day ever come when the suicidal order is issued, refuse to execute it on the grounds that it is criminal. Remember that according to the Nuremberg Tribunal “To initiate a war of aggression… is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.” Since Nuremberg, “I was just following orders” is no longer a valid defense; please don’t be war criminals.

We also appeal to the American people to take peaceful but forceful action to oppose any politician or party that engages in irresponsible, provocative Russia-baiting, and that condones and supports a policy of needless confrontation with a nuclear superpower that is capable of destroying America in about an hour. Speak up, break through the barrier of mass media propaganda, and make your fellow Americans aware of the immense danger of a confrontation between Russia and the US.

There is no objective reason why US and Russia should consider each other adversaries. The current confrontation is entirely the result of the extremist views of the neoconservative cult, whose members were allowed to infiltrate the US Federal government under President Bill Clinton, and who consider any country that refuses to obey their dictates as an enemy to be crushed. Thanks to their tireless efforts, over a million innocent people have already died in the former Yugoslavia, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, the Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia and in many other countries—all because of their maniacal insistence that the USA must be a world empire, not a just a regular, normal country, and that every national leader must either bow down before them, or be overthrown. In Russia, this irresistible force has finally encountered an immovable object. They must be forced to back down before they destroy us all.

We are absolutely and categorically certain that Russia will never attack the US, nor any EU member state, that Russia is not at all interested in recreating the USSR, and that there is no “Russian threat” or “Russian aggression.” Much of Russia’s recent economic success has a lot to do with the shedding of former Soviet dependencies, allowing her to pursue a “Russia first” policy. But we are just as certain that if Russia is attacked, or even threatened with attack, she will not back down, and that the Russian leadership will not “blink.” With great sadness and a heavy heart they will do their sworn duty and unleash a nuclear barrage from which the United States will never recover. Even if the entire Russian leadership is killed in a first strike, the so-called “Dead Hand” (the “Perimetr” system) will automatically launch enough nukes to wipe the USA off the political map. We feel that it is our duty to do all we can to prevent such a catastrophe.

Evgenia Gurevich, Ph.D.

Victor Katsap, PhD, Sr. Scientist
NuFlare Technology America, Inc.

Andrei Kozhev

Serge Lubomudrov

Natalya Minkovskaya

Dmitry Orlov

Irina Petrova, RP

The Saker (A. Raevsky)

[Пожалуйста, напишите мне, если вы хотите добавить свою подпись. Мой адрес можно найти справа наверху.]


Kevin Hester said...

Every nation in the world aligned with the US is now a target in a war that seems inevitable.
Far off NZ is a target as we are part of the Five Eyes Spy partnership, an illegal spying network in it's own right.
Brace for impact, it is almost certainly coming.

Rhisiart Gwilym said...

Just read this on Saker's site. Well done you guys! This needs saying out loud. Though not Russian, I'll sign this declaration willingly, if you're collecting signatures generally.

Keep saying it! With you one hundred percent. Let's hope that this realisation of what could happen will break through with enough sane and decent US common citizens, as described in JMGreer's near-futurist story 'Twilight's Last Gleaming', to cause them to whip the neocon world-domination-obsessed loonies - the US equivalent of the insane Nadezhda Savchenko - back into their holes.

don said...

I am afraid Hillary Clinton could be the president that ends it all for us. Her record as SoS scares the hell out of me. The carnage and ruin in Libya and Honduras are her present legacy.
As strange as Trump is, he is probably a more reasonable person than Hillary as he at least has some ability to negotiate and make deals.

Unknown said...

I hope the clowns running the US government read this. I agree whole-heartedly with your viewpoint of the situation. I have mentioned to several people that if I could, I would vote for Putin for president of the US. He has a brain and uses it, not like the idiots in the US. Folks here are so wrapped up in their "smart fone" that they have no earthly idea of what is ACTUALLY happening on the global stage and how close we are to "THE" worst mistake that could ever happen on planet earth. In the meantime, the power hungry mobsters that are pulling the strings in this country have their greenbacks stuffed so far up their arses they couldn't see daylight if we plopped them on the surface of the sun. The media doesn't have the stones to tell the truth about ANYTHING, and I believe that includes NPR. All the while, we have a circus being played out between 2 morons. Aren't we great????????

alex carter said...

I agree. Our leadership in the US are doing their best to surround Russia with NATO bases and then they wonder why Russia gets worried. We back neo-Nazis in Ukraine, and then wonder why Russia doesn't want to be our snuggle buddy.

Writing from the US, the "History Is Bunk" country.

Unknown said...

I just want to say that this letter is an action of information addressed to the USA people very honest, very human, very corageous, very timely and necessary and it is 1000% exact, regarding the military thecnical aspects and capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces and the Russian history and the strong and patriotic caracter of its people.

99% of the USA people are totally misinformed and cheated by the corporate USA media, fully controlled by CIA and, more tahn that, it is 100% property of the Corporations owned by the Zionist Bankers, who are the ones who planned and provoked the 1st, 2nd and now 3rd World War.

The main obejctivs of those Zionist Bankers are to establish the so called New World Order, with a single World Government to enslave forever the world in a perpetual Tiranny and Hegemony under their boots, through their USA Politicians... it is their dream and so far is going quite well... this process has been going on since at least 1800.. succesfully.. it has been a quite long project.

Unfortunately I thing it is already too late... those Bankers have planned this 3rd WW long time ago, the war against Russia is already rolling in all aspects except direct military and final confrontation USA/ NATO against Russia... the political, diplomatic, economical, financial, propaganda and info war, cybernetic and proxy wars are raging since long time ago..

It is missing the final act :- the holocaust... the armagedon... and it is going to happen along the next two years.. likely before the next President takes over, except if it is Clinton... what will mean 100% 3rd WW.. but a litle bit later ...

I fully agreed that:- 1st, Russia will never take the initiative to start any war, 2nd Russial will never back down or surrender under whatever NATO and USA pressures will do .. 3º Russia is fully ready to the war now.. and its answer will be immediately Nuclear and Global 4º Under the point of view Nuclear, Russia is more advanced than USA and its Nuclear and non Nuclear Missiles are impossible to destroy by the present USA anti missile defenses 5º For example, the new ICBM Sarmat 2, just 1 of them, has the potential to destroy the entire TEXAS State... 6º There are quite a number of Russian Subs everywhere with ICBM´s, some of them just drones... and many of them not detectable... 7º Either as a retaliation or as a preventive action, those missiles will hit USA within 20 to 30 minutes... from Russian land. 8º Even if that crazy idea of a First Surprise Nuclear Attack will be launched by USA... Russia is prepared for it... and, if it succeeds .. there is that system in place called "DEAD HAND", the PERIMETER SYSTEM which, authomaticaly, with all the Russians dead... will launch all the nuclear missiles still remining in land and sea against USA...

So it would be advisable, to save the Mankind, that USA citiziens be aware that they are on the verge od extinction, together with the rest of World, due to SOME USA POLITICIANS warmongers, the so called Hawks, the NeoCons, acting upon orders from the Zionist Bankers, who are clearly doing their best to provoke the war against Russia... thinking stupidily and surprisingly, that USA will be not hit by the war.. they believe at their own lies..

I know also that such a war already came to analmost non return point, but up to the last moment it will be still possible to stop it; apparently Donald Trump is willing to stop it, but..

I hope God, whatever He is, will intervene to save the Mankind.

My congratulation to the USA citizens from Russian origin by its courage on behalf not only of USA but also on behalf of all the World.

Scott said...

Could there be a possibility of defanging them with an electromagnetic pulse instead of toasting them?

Siggy Galaen said...

A powerful and concerning warning indeed. I'm sure many Norwegians and Scandiavians in general, and citizens of other European countries, can agree to this worry.

However, as with most of the West, the masses are presented with one-sided representations in the mainstream media. Paul Craig Roberts describes this as Washington's propaganda and the demonization of Russia. It also has to do with domino effects and little investigative journalism. As The Saker pointed out recently, a large portion of modern warefare is informational.

Yet, there are signs of a growing awareness and some people taking notice of other sides of the stories and distractions presented.

Leaders of the West (and Isreal) really need to be more intelligent and consequence oriented. But as Dmitry describes in his post "Always attack the wrong country", the reason for making problems worse while pretending to solve them is that problems are profitable — for someone.

One problem with warfare, historically, is that it doesn't distinguish sociopathic leaders from the general public. The consequences of warefare hits everyone and probably civilians more than leaders, since the latter have access to usefull information while the former mainly to distractive information. The public needs to become aware of what their leaders are pushing them into in order to protest against it. Most likely, people want peace and harmonic cooperation between nations, not war or looting.

Siggy Galaen

Mister Roboto said...

I'm not sure how our illustrious blog-host feels about religion and metaphysics (my guess would be he could "take it or leave it"), but I would say that prayers or affirmations or whatever focused on stopping this thing wouldn't be a terrible idea right now. I really do think focused thought and feeling can affect what we call "the real world", and tackling this thing on the spiritual level might be the only action open to a lot of us reading this. At least until November. (Six months ago, I would have been hard-pressed to imagine myself actually wanting to vote for Donald Trump, but I like the idea of being vaporized in a mushroom cloud or surviving a nuclear war even less!)

Jayhawk said...

Our HOA has been failing to do proper maintenance of termite damage in wood infrastructure for at least 15 years, probably more like 20, in order to keep from raising the monthly fees. The problem has reached crisis level where it can no longer be ignored. We do not have the manpower to address it ourselves, and do not have the money to hire a contractor to deal with it. So the board of directors came up with a project whereby we would replace all of the wood with composite material which is termite proof. At $1.5 million, this will cost twice as much as dealing with the existing damage, but it allows the baord to avoid admitting that there is a problem.

The upcoming war with Russia/China is a similar distraction. It is deliberate mismanagement designed to cover up the botched job that government has done of allowing this nation to become a rotted, corrupted mess of crumbling infrastructure with an obscenely wealthy handful presiding over the declining lifestyle of the working class.

Zoltar said...

Thank you for this wise and eloquent warning. There is not a word of it with which I disagree.

As Russians living in America you may have heard the expression “preaching to the choir.” You have, here on Club Orlov, both a forum that permits publication of this message and an audience including many Americans who are willing to see the truth of your argument.

Unfortunately, the great majority of Americans either ignore the news altogether or accept the deceptive rubbish provided by the corporate media. They will not see this message, nor would they believe it if they did.

The biggest danger is that Hillary Clinton will be elected president. She is owned by the banks and “defense” contractors who irrationally believe they have the most to gain from war with Russia and, as the Middle East has seen (most Americans see nothing) is more than ready to invade any country her handlers instruct her to destroy.

Granted, Donald Trump is a dangerous buffoon, and completely without merit, but he seems to understand how capable and resolute Mr. Putin is, and to apprehend that it would be foolish for the United States to persist in goading Russia.

We should also recognize the significant possibility that one or both of America’s corrupt and decadent political parties, now in their death throes, may break every rule during their conventions to substitute another candidate, perceived as capable of winning the election in November.

Regarding your message, the most helpful thing that Club Orlov’s American readers can do is to convince their friends not to vote for Hillary Clinton. With her repellent personality and devious nature, she is quite capable of destroying her own candidacy. We must help her do so.

Howard Skillington

Unknown said...

The neo-con banker system has been playing chess, preparing for some ill conceived idiotic end game, for awhile now while the populace wallows in ignorance and indolence and the gloves haven't even come off yet. With a string of successful nefarious schemes under their belts (japanese baited into WW2 then finally unnecessarily nuked, JFK offed in a coup, 9-11 still basically unquestioned, and tactical nukes likely already played with here and there recently) it's a virtual lock these folks will go down swinging wildly and recklessly. The awake contingent are still too small to make any difference to stop a neo-con runaway suicide train. I love my United States culture but we left 3 years ago and headed south under the veil of inevitable countrywide destruction or despotism. What this article leaves out is scientific evidence a nuke exchange will make the whole northern hemisphere uninhabitable. No electrical grid left also means current nuke power plants will melt down eventually. Patagonia just keeps looking better and better.

skeptickc.com said...

Even Bernie Sanders, as far as i know, has said nothing about the neocons that seem to dictate our foreign policy. According to Max Skidmore of UMKC, almost none of the neocons have ever served in the military or have even gone hunting except for the next juicy war somewhere around the rim of the world.

Unknown said...

I have a very hard time understanding how americans can be so asleep. My own friends only call me a conspiracy theory person when I tell them to read Dmitry or others like him (Roberts etc). I apologize on behalf of US citizens. Were more of us awake this would not be brewing. I really do not understand it. Thank you Dmitry and others for you're efforts to stave off this sheer Lunacy. It is sad that the neocons have taken over. There are many good citizens in US but they do not have the mass media to get the attention of Average Joe. Andy

Unknown said...

Neither improved race relations, nor financial/banking reform, nor reform of the medical insurance rackets, nor any other reform or improvement imagined by any of us who see our country as sick and growing sicker, could possibly rise to the level of importance of the possibility of nuclear war between Russia and the U.S.

Assuming that we are to be presented with the choice of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in this autumn's presidential election, the question for the voter becomes: "Which of these two is most likely to resist going to war?" This question is a head scratcher. On the one hand, we have a candidate who has aligned herself, for political gain, with the neocon policies of aggression, and who has made little indication of changing that alignment. On the other hand, we have a nearly incoherent loose cannon whom one feels would be capable of embracing any half-baked idea, depending on what he breakfasted on.

The thought of voting for either of these two is repugnant to me. The decision as to which would be the "safer" president is iffy. But this is what we are faced with, assuming the elections are only somewhat rigged, as in the past, rather than totally rigged, as seems possible. "Sing about it, laugh about it, when you get to choose...." Simon and Garfunkel.

Unknown said...

I have been reading Dmitry Orlov for over 2 years, and never commented here before. That is the most powerful thing I have read today. It is simply awesome - who wrote it?

I would guess Dmitry.

Thank You,


Dmitry Orlov said...

A lot of you seem to be bashing Donald Trump because you've been misled by his rabble-rousing rhetoric on Moslems, immigration and other tangential issues. But perhaps you will agree that preventing all of us from dying is a bit more importnat? Clearly, none of you have bothered to listen to his address on foreign policy. And yet if you did, you would have found out that the questions he asked are well-reasoned, that nobody else is asking him, and that his proposals are realistic and statesmanlike. Furthermore, you seem to have completely missed the point that Trump has declared war on the neocons that are behind Hillary, and that the neocons have declared war on Trump. I am not telling you how to vote; I am not even telling you that you should vote, seeing as the whole system is a fraud. But the battle lines have been drawn; which side are you on? If you had the power to choose, would you really choose "Death by Hillary"? Somehow, I doubt it.

jetstove said...

The current war with Russia and China is not going well. There seems to be some sort of stalemate on all fronts. The western strategy seems to be to destroy all social cohesiveness by dilution of sovereignty (mass foreign immigration), distraction by circus (BLM, Green blob, media bling, PC), warfare, and the destruction of free thought/skepticism. Western society is being anesthetized like a pig is distracted by a pail of slop just before being given the "coup de gras". The current western model of society is unsustainable and is to be given a merciful end.

Will the west instigate a nuclear conflagration? No, because it cannot win...nobody will win. The idea that a one world government will rise out of the radioactive dust and melted glass is a laughable one. Can the west win a conventional war? No, most of the industrial capacity has been relocated to the "enemy" camp in China or third world countries that owe no allegiance.

The parasite class will seek a new host in Russia and China since these are the obvious new world powers. The only way to achieve this is to take over the reins of government in Russia and China. For that to happen, the west must fall and be absorbed into the sphere of Russia and China. The wealthy will simply buy their way into the new society, slowly insert themselves into the new elite class, and be in a position to affect policy. As always, money and power will be the great corrupter.

On an individual basis, the western societal collapse will be sudden and severe. Many will die because they lack the simple skills that are still common in other countries. The "winners" will be the scroungers and survivors largely imported from other nations.

Unknown said...

Am I correct that the "suicide watch" comment was one of Dmitry's contributions?

Unknown said...

Real 'Mericans' will never read this or if they read it would disregard it completely because, after all, they (believe they) are exceptional. Why should the indispensable nation share power with anyone? I never thought I would fear nuclear war after Reagan. Sad and scary times we live in where, ironically, people have the ability to be very informed, yet are completely disinformed. Peace.

Unknown said...

Regarding the statement that "American antiballistic missile systems are incapable of shielding the American people from a Russian nuclear strike". It's far worse than that.

In 1996 then-President Clinton instituted a new, secret, nuclear arms policy PDD60 for the US - which is that our armed forces are to ABSORB a nuclear strike". And this was accomplished by withdrawing all the nuclear codes that arm the missles so that only our "leaders" in Washington DC could arm our nuclear weapons. In effect, we currently are defenseless sitting ducks!

Here is Robert Bell's comment - he was then Senior Director for defense policy and arms control at the National Security Council:
"in this PDD we direct our military forces to continue to posture themselves in such a way as to not rely on launch on warning--to be able to absorb a nuclear

strike and still have enough force surviving to constitute credible deterrence."
In essence, this PDD directed our country to absorb a first strike and retaliate later. A frustrated Marine General is said to have exclaimed, "Retaliate with WHAT?"... This is not deterrence. This is suicide, or a very carefully planned agenda to make the US vulnerable.


Mister Roboto said...

It's worth noting that even a nuclear exchange of a few hundred warheads would devastate life on this planet by creating a nuclear winter that would diminish the ozone layer and create an ultraviolet radiation situation that would be very deadly to plants and to human life. A massive die-off in human population would be pretty much inevitable.

Unknown said...

Scott said...
Could there be a possibility of defanging them with an electromagnetic pulse instead of toasting them?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at 5:43:00 AM EDT
мира тебе,добрый американец ;)

pleiotropik@gmail.com said...

The scenario depicted, grim as it is, does not take into consideration the fact that you will have dozens of meltdowns in the nuclear power generators across both countries even if they are not directly targeted (highly unlikely from both sides). Do the math for a 200kt strike at ground level on a 1,500mw nuclear plant containing 100 tons of fresh fuel rods +200 tons spent fuel. Doomsday shroud anybody?

Brow Furrowed said...

Well all I can say is the US top brass must be out of their minds to even consider it. In the event of a mobilization for a ground war, I can't think how any European countries would supply enough motivated grunts. Just look at those pitiful bastards in the Ukraine forced to go to the front line and to fight fellow Slavs. There are a lot of Europeans who, if they don't exactly admire Putin, despise their own pathetic, cucked bunch of leaders enough to give him some grudging respect for his strong leadership. And many of us are genuine fans of the way he resists the Soros Brigade of SJWs and progressivist cultural and moral subversion. You see progressives, there are a lot of us out there that have been denied a voice due to your expression policing threatening our livelihoods and we rue the loss of our lands, customs and cultures, to this multicultural dystopia that you call progress.

In Europe right now there's a real groundswell of anger and agitation at how our leaders have handled the mass influx of immigrants and even a lot of chatter online of possible civil war if, as looks certain, they continue to force EU member countries to take in unreasonable quotas of incompatible and often hostile, 'refugees'. So if the US thinks the Europeans are going to provide the cannon fodder, they're going to be disappointed. Even the threat of pulling the plug on all that funny money won't be enough. The only way they'd get the vast majority of Europeans to fight is with a gun pointed at the backs of our heads. Of course getting them fighting fit is a whole other conversation.

I would've hoped that living in the information age had provided enough evidence for people to grasp that they're pawns in a game that never ends well for them and turn their attention to the players at last, not the other chess pieces. Unfortunately information also comes in fast food form, nicely packaged, immediately gratifying and seriously bad for your health.

And the information war is also hotting up it seems. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all the other controlled social media playgrounds have recently been Stasi-fied up a few more notches by new EU legislation. Resorting to the usual EU parlance of Orwellian rationalizations they have justified a clampdown on online 'hate speech' due to the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels being the result of radicalized twitterers and Youtubers--all willing to go play with celestial virgins by tweets of mesmerizing rhetoric no doubt. Of course it's really about ensuring that they have the monopoly on providing those information MacPizzas. And perish the thought that those attacks were not a part of some Diocletian problem-reaction-solution event. Expect more to come. It's the American way.

Larkin said...

Gore Vidal once refereed to this country by calling it the United States of Amnesia.
They've stopped teaching it in school so it is no surprise that Americans do not know history nor its relevance in the context of current events.

Al Qaida was just too nebulous, too intangible too full of flaws for people to believe it for more than 15 years. They even had to re-brand it.. Islamic State. The term state is a Western concept not used in Islamic countries. In the Middle East, the only exception is Israel referring to itself as the Jewish state. For an adversary, this would be reason enough not to use the term state. This causes me to believe that the Islamic State is a contrivance.

What is so amazing is how quickly, how unquestionably, Americans lapsed back into the Cold War narrative. It just made simple and easy sense to the intellectually lazy.

The collapse of the Soviet Union went largely unnoticed by everyone except the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon and the CIA who were worried about explaining this sudden surprise to Congress. If anyone should have seen it coming, they should have. They were more concerned about the potential cut-backs the sudden end of the Cold War might bring.

Americans did not know or care about the privation resulting from the collapse and the inflation that quickly followed. But McDonald's and other corporate enterprises were quick to seize opportunities within Russia. I don't know for sure but there is probably a Taco Bell in Novosibirsk.

Not long after the Soviet collapse, the Project for the New American Century was conceived by William Kristol and Robert Kagan and signed onto by Cheney, Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz to name a few. The post Soviet world would be a unilateral world headed by the one remaining world super-power. The United States. The core tenant of the paper was that no power was be permitted to rise to a level where it could challenge the US. I believe that a unified but multilateral world would have been the wiser choice.

Paul Craig Roberts refers to this group as the Neocons and this group has been present in every administration since, regardless of party. They are pro-active and been instrumental in shaping an aggressive foreign policy. This policy is characterized by the phrase, “It's our way or the highway.”
Victoria Nuland, wife of Robert Kagan, the Under Secretary of State for European Affairs is just one example.

This group of individuals have not only rekindled the threat of nuclear war but have advanced the possibilities considerably by destabilizing the Middle East.

For sometime now, there has been PR coming out of the Pentagon about the production of “mini-nukes” for use on selected targets, achieving surgical accuracy.

What's the mater with these people!? Once one device is used, no matter how small, All Bets Are Off!

Fred said...

In my humble opinion, the problem, at its core, is that our race (the disgraced, poison-of-the-Earth human species) long ago decided that it's acceptable for a few degenerates to "rule" over the rest...

But I digress; at this juncture in this country (and the entirety of the so-called west), perhaps it's no wonder that the majority of the serfs in and around here [[having been brainwashed by various means, a multitude of so-called entertainment venues (news??, mind-numbing TV shows, sports, movies, etc.)still coming at you, your credit cards still working (to pay for your $4 shitburgers, fries and 44oz soda), walmart still a short drive away in your behemoth SUV, etc., etc., etc.]], will, quite likely, NEVER heed the words of the poet Shelley:

Rise like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number!
Shake your chains to earth, like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you-
Ye are many; they are few!

Anselmo said...

I wish you good fortune in the achieving of your noble and philantropic goal; philantropic because you are not trying to stop a catastrophe only for the peoples of Russia and USA but for all the humanity.

Dmitry Orlov said...

Сергей Каменский—есть перевод получше. Спишемся?

Runtothehills said...

Leon musk believes we may be living in a simulation or video game. I frankly concur and have said for years we need to figure out what the name of the game is. And have hoped it wasn't global thermometer nuclear war or missile command, as most games are about destruction. That said, my wife is Russian and has been echoing this piece for a solid year now. Hillary's elected and we are heading to the mountains. Literally. Gotta leave the city. Biblically, if you roll that way, the final war is 27 years. I peg the start at 17 January 1991.

V. Arnold said...

Damn straight Dmitry; well spoke and thank you.
I self exiled 8 weeks after March 19, 2003 and have been watching the steady march to total insanity for 13 years.
A genuine sickness of character has overtaken the U.S. citizens; and I fear the outcome...

Anonymous said...

"the neoconservative cult, whose members were allowed to infiltrate the US Federal government under President Bill Clinton"

This is factually wrong. They ascended to powerful positions mostly during Bush senior, and in the case of Rumsfeld as early as the 70s under Ford. Please correct this asap, as it seems relevant regarding the current election campaign.

C T Skinner said...

The entire east coast usa intelligencia has swung behind a crazed war program based on anti Russia propoganda.
However enlightened on certain issues the anti Russian spell is United.
Even that bastion of rationality, Scientific American has an article by Andrew Holland (american security project think tank ) blaming Russia for global warming. Joining 'the Atlantic' NYtimes, NYreviewofbooks in a campaign of War against all. Bring on Donald, the incoherent voice of the common man, lest these pointy heads trash our world.

Unknown said...

The global war must occur so the globalist's daddy can save the day. That's what this is all about. The elites use politics as a cover for their satanic plans to be accomplished!

Headsails said...

Thank you for the common sense article. I too perceive the hubris and absurd one-dimensional attitude of the US and its shadow masters. Of course I quit watching and listening to MSM many years ago. Russia has grown so much and been through so much over history, it can't be denied she is emotionally deeper than other countries. I actually envy the Russians because of that fact.

jmccollam said...

Every nation should be able to look at America and see that righteousness exalts a nation and sin destroys it. America has become so filthy and vile even forcing her degredation on the rest of the world. Had she repented and turned back to God and his righteousness that made her great in the first place he would have pushed judgment off to a later time. Because she refused to repent God is personally using the military forces of several nations to destroy her in one hour as the scripture declares. Jeremiah 50 and 51 Revelation 17 and 18.

pyrrhus said...

You can add my name to this statement any time, as an American. A war against Russia is insane, and would lead to world catastrophe. Of course, such a war could only occur under a Clinton.....Viva Trump, peacemaker!

Gabriel said...

As an American Adviser I AGREE with you 100%. The problem is Washington and the Parasites that infest it live in a fantasy bubble. Washington is out of touch with the American people and with anything resembling reality. They live in high ivory towers and think of American citizens as nothing more then sheep to be fleeced. I have many Russian friends and wish no evil upon them nor Russia.

Know this the American people have NO say in American politics. American citizens know that the war on terror is a lie and a waste of hum,an lives, just like the war on drugs, the War on poverty, etc.

We have no say on what Washington does either. I will say that the American people do not want WAR with Russia or anyone else.

Dr. Dan said...

NATO cannot beat ISIS/AlQueda/AlNusra.
NATO Troops will have to consider their wives and families are being raped and murdered by Refujihadi Invaders while they "fight" a war.
NATO Troops should be hanging their traitorous MISleaders throughout Europe.
NATO defeated itself by being invaded and overrun by the REFUJIHADIS from the wars NATO started but can't FINISH ............. THAT has to be a FIRST in all history.

Roberto said...

What a fun litany of comments to read. Perhaps it is all kabuki theatre and a simulation of sorts. Putin meets with Kissinger, Trump meets with Kissinger, Hillary meets with Kissinger, the chinese leader meets with Kissinger. All appear somewhat chummy. Alien tech, planetary terraforming, secret drone space planes buzzing around, more UFO sightings, satanic rumblings.... take your pick for the delusion of the week. All else is speculation about the end game. If you get it figured out please call the orifice.....

Paul Bonneau said...

All countries are ruled by madmen - particularly the US.

Maybe the thing to do would be to remind them of what happened to Mussolini.

Dmitry Orlov said...

Robert, reading these comments is your own fault. I only look at them to sift out those that are obviously insane. The regular readers tend to be mostly sane, but since this post has gone viral the insanity quotient has been running very high. It's all about Revelation, Rapture, UFOs, contrails, space lizards, Illuminati, blah-blah-blah. And a lot of the non-insane ones are "angrygnorant." The US seems to have turned into an open air insane asylum. A lot of them seem to actually want the Russians to put them out of their misery and are sitting around waiting for that merciful nuke to strike. Once this sort of mind-rot spreads to the federal government, it's good-bye cruel world.

Anonymous said...

Dear Russia,

It's not middle America's fault.

However, the Bilderberg Group is meeting from 9-12 June in Dresden, Germany.

You're closer.



~ Occams said...

Dear Evgenia Gurevich, Ph.D., Victor Katsap, PhD, Andrei Kozhev, Serge Lubomudrov, Dmitry Orlov and The Saker (A. Raevsky);

JUST NUKE D.C. Or a small, thermobaric weapon. Problem solved.

"The US and Israel are the 2 greatest threats to world peace today" ~ White House analyst.

~ Occams (Disqus)

Travis Kelly said...

Bravo for this editorial. I have always been a great admirer of the Russians. Am doing my part with a weekly email newsletter, encouraging people to vow not to vote for Hillary Clinton, the biggest hawk in the race now. Here' an excerpt from my last:

History Lesson: Stalingrad

By the time German armies attacked Stalingrad the entire Soviet air force and most of its army had been destroyed in HItler's invincible blitzkrieg. The entire city was leveled by a massive bombing campaign, then the Germans gradually pushed the dwindling defenders back to a small pocket, their backs against the Volga River. The Germans controlled about 90% of the city, with total air superiority. Commanding Genral von Paulus ordered campaign "victory" patches for his troops, informing Hitler that the battle was all but won, guaranteeing the Caucacus oil fields and endless energy for the Nazi juggernaut. Just this stubborn, badly mauled and outgunned pocket needed to be wiped out.

But the Russians hung on, feeding new troops across the Volga river in barges under constant bombardment (Rodimtsev's Rifle Division). They secured the pocket and the vital river crossing. Then Chuikov, the Russian general, ordered his troops to "hug the enemy" in the rubble, negating the German's air and artillery superiority, with vicious house-to-house, hand-to-hand fighting -- the "Rat War" the Germans called it -- basically an Iwo Jima that dragged on for 6 ghastly months, until Stalin and his old ally, General Winter, launched the completely unexpected pincer counteroffensive that trapped von Paulus,. The entire 6th Army -- 91,000 German troops -- eventually surrendered. This, more than our vaunted D-Day, was the real turning point of the war. The U.S. lost a total of 400,000+ KIA in both the European and Pacific theaters combined. The Russians lost 400,000+ in Stalingrad alone.

Immediately after the disaster, Himmler made a visit to Auschwitz, ordering that all the bodies buried in mass graves be dug up and burned. The Slavic untermenschen had proven to be tougher than expected. Maybe Hitler had forgotten that the western Russians were descended from Vikings colonizing the Volga -- now the grim evidence of Nazi genocide was suddenly vulnerable, and the unthinkable was now possible -- the Germany could actually lose the war.

So the history lesson, folks, is this: we really, really don't need to fight the Russians, whose aerospace technology is equal to our own, with an emphasis on relative simplicity ,reliability and quantity over complex multi-billion$ white elephants like the F-35 fighter. And old Russian saying: "Perfection is the enemy of good enough." And they still have an arsenal of nuclear weapons sufficient to bring about Mutual Assured Destruction.

D.Mitchell said...

I was taught as a child never to poke bears with sticks, apparently my governmental leaders have not been. I have warned everyone I can to stay away from Russia. Not because we can not annihilate each other, because let's face it...MAD still exists...but because neither the American people nor the Russian people want war. I know, in my heart, my fellow countrymen want no foreign entanglements. We too are tired of war. We are tired of always being the bad guys on the world's stage. We need to take care of our own country and stop this nonsense. We need an America first policy in our own country! We, the American people, are being ignored and systematically destroyed when we dare challenge the status quo! Just look at Snowden! He had to run from here for doing what a lot of people consider to be honorable. We have political prisoners. We have journalists being imprisoned for doing their job. Our country is no longer free. We are prisoners and the saddest thing is very few people dare speak about it above a whisper.

So I ask you, I implore you, from the peasant class of the United States, avoid the killing of the innocent if at all possible. There is no need to lay waste to the whole of the United States. During WWII it was not necessary for the United States to obliterate the whole of Japan to end the war. Additionally, remember that we too have nukes and unfortunately someone somewhere will retaliate. I hate war. I know some wars are unavoidable. Some wars are even justified...especially when you are invaded. However, this kind of war can and should be avoided.

I personally think that the U.S., China, and Russia are about equal in military strength overall. It would be a tragedy for us to engage either country militarily. I remember back in 1986 when the USSR and the US relations started to thaw, we all breathed a collective sigh. Before that we had nuclear bomb drills twice a year at my Kindergarten. I remember the air raid sirens going off and our teachers taking us down into the bomb shelters telling us to cover our heads as she said the Lord's prayer while fumbling for the radio to see if we were going to die. We never knew if it was a drill or not until it was over. I don't want my children to grow up that way. I'm certain Russia doesn't want it's children too either.

I will be hoping for a miracle. Until then, my friends in Russia, we hope that Mr. Trump is elected so that he and Putin can come to a mutual agreement. I believe Mr. Trump is more likely to work together with Russia than Mrs. Clinton. Please watch our elections and help us make sure they are fair, for your sake, and ours.

Unknown said...

I will not comment, I agree with that. I will give only a link to the essay student of 11th grade of a small school district. http://blogoved.net/posts/532-pavel-rozumovskii-lichno-ja-dar-rechi-poterjal-pochitaite-ka-druzja.html
Everyone has their own truth, but one must be humane, wise, and humane!

Little Bright Feather said...

Many of us Americans (true Americans)stand with Russia and we love Putin. Russia is fighting for the right thing against the OWG. Trump fights it too. That is why they are all so after him trying to stop him.

WE know how censored we are and how we are lied to by the DC media and how they are there to mind mold the public. We know many of the so-called "conservatives" are fakes and plants such as Gingrich. WE know this is a Communist country. DC is not really our govt and has not been since 1861 with the Lincoln coup on DC. It's not really a "government" at all.

WE have had so many Communists brought into America that they now have THE voice. Hillary, Bushes and Biden and Sanders and Obama are all Communists. Most of the Congress are as well. The entire system is total corruption and fully controlled.
Some of us are very ware of it all, but our hands are tied by the DC Federalists (Communists) and the poverty they have forced us into. . But we know you are right. Not all of us are in the dark. WE are aware.

e-address has been changed from what appears on this forum.
It won't let me change it.

Dmitry Orlov said...

Спасибо, Роман! Прочитал с удовольствием, и сам на некоторое время потерял дар речи. Жемчужина среди всего этого словесного хлама.

mm said...

Sorry for the post questioning the existence of nuclear weapons Dmitry. I forgot you’re trying to become some kind of public intellectual and thus your image is way more important than asking searching questions!

LAH said...

There are so many lies flying around provided by both Russia and USA propaganda machines that there is no way to say where is the truth anymore.
I really doubt the letter authorship. First of all who are the authors? Are they the Russians who work in America or the Russians who are the American citizens? For either category they are too well informed on the military capabilities of the Russian armament.

Dmitry Orlov said...

Clive - No, I just try to keep the level of idiocy nice and low. Certainly feel free to peg yourself as some kind of intellectual lightweight by questioning what everybody knows.

LAH - Paranoid much? Yes, given how little Americans tend to know, I suppose well-informed people from another country can seem like an existential threat. But if all they are trying to do is keep your own crazed countrymen from getting you killed, then maybe they are not the ones you should be afraid of. And what are the "lies provided by Russia" of which you speak? Russians hate bullshit; Americans live and breathe it.

Unknown said...

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Спасибо,что делаете свою работу вместе с долгом.Хотелось обойтись без патетики,но не везде получилось.Вы правильно пишите,что не надо воевать с русскими,ведь "If the Russians love their children too"Sting.А еще напишите американцам,для лучшего понимания ситуации,про наш взбалмошный,где-то идиотский и непредсказуемый менталитет.Где главное,на мой взгляд,это отсутствие чувства меры во всем,в работе и отдыхе,любви и ненависти,радости и горе и т.д. и это все на фоне врожденного фатализма,вместе это дает воистину ядреную смесь.Последнее предложение может показаться весьма спорным,но я и не настаиваю.
С уважением,Александр.

Unknown said...

"Спасибо, Роман! Прочитал с удовольствием, и сам на некоторое время потерял дар речи. Жемчужина среди всего этого словесного хлама."

Владимир Илвич также презирал своих последователей за их спинами. Стыдно.

Unknown said...

It looks like Russia goes serious about mobilization readines on eve of Barbarossa anniversary-


Pete said...

Really it's kinda humorous and not at the same time in a nuclear scenario the everyone dies all of the country's involved will be obliterated both sides at one time us and Russia were supposed to get rid of nuclear weapons but both sides didn't I'm sure, so don't talk like someone will walk away from it because that will be unlikely and if anyone survived the initial blast would die from radiation first strike from space both probably have that capability and deterrent really in that scenario nobody lives not me not you not anyone!

Unknown said...

Wow! Nice run-on sentence Pete. Maybe try some punctuation, and then it's possible that others can understand your point.

Unknown said...

Я по́нял :-)

14 june 1941
TASS issued a report, labelling groundless the statements about the forthcoming war with Germany, spread by foreign and particularly British press

14 june 2016
TASS June 14. /TASS/. The Russian Defense Ministry has notified foreign military attaches as well as parties to the 2011 Vienna Document through channels of the OSCE European security agency about the start of a snap inspection of the Russian Armed Forces...

Just a coincidence, and Putin as Commander in chief would not notice possible historical meaning.

Not very likely.
Unfortunately, I am afraid few western analytics will notice...

To have idea about Putin historical knowledge see this example:


Jackson Davis said...

Nuclear War is only one of the pathways to Near Term Human Extinction. See: http://guymcpherson.com/2016/01/six-paths-to-near-term-human-extinction/

Unknown said...

Извините,снизойду до банальностей!Русские войн не начинают - они их заканчивают!
Russian do not start wars, they end them!

Anonymous said...

I am an American and I would like to give a simple explanation of why I think the US is goading Russia. The USA leaders in the highest levels of government are feeling that they are losing control over other nations, and especially Russia. This was very noticeable with Iraq and Saddam Husein. When one finds himself losing control he then seeks to force control over others who seem to be exerting their independence. This is clearly happening in regard to Russia. The USA is becoming clearly paranoid and its leader's minds are becoming more and more radicalized. Presently, the USA is a very dangerous country because of this. As we can observe when a "cult" leader loses control, he puts his cult in great danger such as with "Jim Jones" and the suicide of all his people. In another way the Branch Davidians also went to the flames. The USA put them to the flames because they were perceived as living independently from the nation's authority. What I am saying now, is that the USA is so morally bankrupt and losing much international respect, that it may very well bring the whole world into the flames with it rather than give up its imagined authority over the rest of the world. The USA is having a very hard time just letting go and letting people live out their own lives except they do allow people to corrupt themselves. A strong mind and pure morals are not respected in the United States anymore. So, the bottom line is that Mr. Putin will cooperate, but not worship at the feet of this beast, so this beast must provoke Russia and may even bring on the end of our world rather than yield up its authority.

JohnMuthukat said...

I fully agree with every word of this article. But the fact is that we live in a cynic world today. We all live BIG LIE in this highly delusional world.

“When the world goes mad, one must accept madness as sanity; since sanity is, in the last analysis, nothing but the madness on which the whole world happens to agree”, wrote George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950).

How is right and wrong decided? Neither Nature nor any species in Nature ever depended on majority approval or others opinion to know as to what is right and wrong for them to follow, or how to live their social life. Nor did the pre-modern humans that lived on Earth for millions of years depend on the ‘majority’ yardsticks. However majority dependency has become the main yardstick to establish right and wrong, good and evil in the world today. If the ruling class in modern society is insane, the situation today warrants that the sane must go to the hospital for treatment. “When the world goes mad, one must accept madness as sanity; since sanity is, in the last analysis, nothing but the madness on which the whole world happens to agree”, wrote George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950).

We normally think that those that are mad are in the minority but what if we, the majority, are the mad ones and they are in fact the sane ones? Just because we are in the majority does not make you right or sane etc. Great historic examples are Nazism, genocide etc. That is why it is said that ‘in a mad world, only the mad are sane’.

It is an apparent fact that today 95% mankind today suffer from some kind of degenerate mindset. However, when nine out of ten people are sick, it is impossible to even think of solution/remedy especially when majority (being sick) is the norm. Majority is presumed to be right and normal when, technically, these degenerated minds are in majority. For, being in majority, degeneration becomes right and normal, whereas healthy people, being in minority, become abnormal and wrong. Everything in society turns upside down. What were wrong, evil and irrelevant for millions of years in the past suddenly become right, good and relevant.

When the whopping majority suffer from some disease, especially degeneration diseases of both mental and physical variety, the occurrence become normal and usual, and the thin minority who are safe from this development are viewed as abnormal or even considered as sick. Most frequently, this is the situation wherein the overwhelming (usually underpowered) majority of observers willingly share in a collective ignorance of an obvious fact, despite individually recognizing the absurdity.

Unknown said...

Speaking as someone from Britain, I'm deeply saddened by our politicians who've done nothing but try to keep us in fear the whole time. They're completely unfit for purpose, they've no idea how to govern properly. All they care about is lining their own pockets, & if, God forbid, we actually vote against them on something, like the EU for example, there throw a huge tantrum & push us closer to WW3. Cameron actually hinted at us having WW3 if we didn't vote to stay in the EU. What an utterly dangerous little child. Making threats against his own country. This is more about bringing WW3 to the British people since UK politicians didn't get their way. British politicians are childish & spiteful, the ones who actually care are forced out by various methods.

Taras Bulba said...

The whole world is suffering an unprecedented, unbelievable, unseen way of thinking. Engage in wars is a normal behavior of humans. Unlike the ancient wars, this century wars are product of propaganda. But, the late situation is unbelievable. 2016 must have Quentin Tarantino as Director. Nothing make sense until the end of the movie. And if this movie end like is meant to be, the people is going to figure it out during the Judgement Day. May God be with us.

Tosha said...

It always amazes how the general public in the US is sure that Russia is America's biggest enemy and Saudi Arabia is our biggest ally.
I'm Russian, born in Eastern Ukraine, but whenever I tell my wife's 10th generation American relatives what is really going on in Ukraine, the place I was born in, where I still have family members, they have this mixed look of disbelief and pity. Sort of - "this poor kid, he was so brainwashed by Russian propaganda". Why would they believe someone who is actually from there, when CNN keeps telling them the "truth". They are so used to the idea that Russia is their enemy that they would rather stick to it, then believe me.

We need to stop this anti Russian sentiment in this country. We owe it to our children. A war with Russia would mean no world for them to live in.

Anonymous said...

Russia is a sovereign nation. The United States is moving away from that. The New Order is what Americans are signing on for. So, Russia and the USA are on two different courses. The American news slants everything to the negative against any country not going along with its political agenda. It is done intentionally. It appears that the final confrontation is very near.

Unknown said...

The insantity of the present administration in America and the vassalage of EU States to it is
beyond comprehension.