Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Color Counterrevolution Cometh

Alex Podesta
Had Sun Tsu co-authored a treatise on the art of sports with Capt. Obvious, a quote from that seminal work would probably read as follows:
If your team keeps playing an offensive game and keeps losing, eventually it will end up playing a defensive game, and will lose that too.
Stands to reason, doesn't it? The team I have in mind is the neocon-infested Washington régime, which is by now almost universally hated, both within the US and outside of its borders, and the offensive game is the game that has been played by the Color Revolution Syndicate, with George Soros writing the checks and calling the shots. Having lost ground around the world, it is now turning its attention to trying to hold on to its home turf, which is the US.

Behind the Washington régime stands a group of transnational oligarchs, including many of the richest people in the world, and the game they play is as follows:

1. Saddle countries around the world with unrepayable levels of debt, most of which is stolen as soon as it is disbursed, leaving a population perpetually saddled with onerous repayment terms. This used to be done by the US to countries around the world, and has most recently been done to the US itself.

2. This game often results in rebellion, and the well-bribed national leaders in the rebellious countries are expected to put down the rebellion using any means necessary. But if they fail to suppress the rebellion, or if they side with the rebels, then they need to be regime-changed and replaced with a more subservient leadership, and the Color Revolution Syndicate swings into action.

3. The first ploy is to organize young people into a “nonviolent” protest movement (“nonviolent” is in quotes because mobbing the streets, shutting down commerce and blocking access to public buildings are all acts of violence). Their goal is to erode the boundaries of what's allowed, until law and order break down and chaos and mayhem take over. At that point, the leadership that is to be regime-changed is supposed to jump on a plane never to be heard from again. But if they fail to do so, the next step in the program is...

4. Mass murder. Snipers are flown in and kill lots of people indiscriminately, while Western media blames the deaths on the soon-to-be-overthrown government. At this point most national leaders, sensing that their lives are at risk, choose to flee. This is what happened with the Ukraine's Yanukovich. But sometimes, as happened with Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, they simply retreat to a well-defended residence outside the capital and wait things out. And then a magic thing happens: the revolution chokes on itself. Local self-defense units form to protect neighborhoods; out of them emerges a partisan movement to thwart attempts by foreigners to further destabilize the country; and, after much bloodshed, law and order and a legitimate government return. This could have happened in Egypt, if it weren't for the efforts of traitors within Mubarak's own government. But then there is always...

5. Political assassination. If mass murder doesn't work, it's time to send in the assassins and physically eliminate the leadership. This has happened in Libya. As Hillary Clinton put it, paraphrasing Julius Caesar, “We came, we saw, he died!” Beware the Ides of March, Hillary!

By this time, it generally has to be conceded that the Color Revolution did not go according to plan, and the Washington régime starts doing its best to pretend that the sad country in question doesn't exist. If someone manages to make it past face control and has the temerity to point out that it does exist, then the point is made doesn't matter because it isn't a vital interest. As Obama just pointed out [paraphrased by Jeffrey Goldberg writing for The Atlantic]: “Ukraine is a core Russian interest but not an American one.” This caused one Zbigniew Brzezinski to spit up all over his shirt. To be sure, there is fine comedy to be had when things don't go according to plan for the Washington régime.

Recently, things have only been going downhill for the Color Revolution Syndicate. George Soros's NGOs, which have been used to organize Color Revolutions, have been kicked out of both Russia and China; the silly “Umbrella Revolution” in Hong-Kong went nowhere slowly; Russia used its military training budget to rescue the government in Syria and to thrash ISIS and friends, and then moved on to negotiating a political settlement. And when Soros, in a fit of pique, tried to attack the Chinese currency, the Chinese laughed in his face and beat him about the head and shoulders with a printing press until he retreated.

Not only that, but things haven't been going so well for the Washington régime either. The fake Democrat/Republican duopoly, which it has been using to simulate democracy and to disguise the fact that it's all made to order for the same bunch of transnational oligarchs, is in trouble: a barbarian is at the gates. His name is Donald Trump, and he's had the régime in his sights for many years. And now he is moving in for the kill.

Trump isn't even that good at it, but this is a super-easy job. As I said, the Washington régime is just as hated within the US as it is around the world, if not more. Trump's slogan of “Make America great again!” may sound overly ambitious, but what if his promise is to make America great again at exactly one thing—throwing members of the Washington régime on the ground and stomping on their heads until they pop? I am pretty sure that he can get this done.

Moreover, Trump doesn't even try to be that good, although he is certainly very good at causing people to lose their minds. I came across one commentator who bounced off Carl Jung's proto-new-age woo-woo on Hitler being a reincarnation of the Norse god Wotan and went on to claim that Trump is a reincarnation of Wotan's brother Loki the Trickster. But here is a much simpler idea: Trump is an epitome of Trump. He enjoys being himself, and the unwashed multitudes find this aspirational because they are sick and tired of being told how they should think and behave by a bunch of clueless puppets.

Lastly, Trump gets a lot of help—from his enemies. All they have to do for him to prevail is to carry on being themselves—saying politically and perhaps even factually correct things, toeing the party line, carefully distancing themselves from Trump, repeating the talking points fed to them by Washington think tanks and generally being as useless and boring as possible. Then all Trump has to do to win is to distinguish himself from them by being rude, crude, vulgar, crass, obnoxious and raucously fun. Can you figure out on your own which one the people will pick—useless and boring or raucously fun—or will I need to summon Capt. Obvious again?

The Washington régime, and the oligarchs that back it and profit from it, have finally groked all of this, which is why they have been huddling and trying to organize a Color Counterrevolution that can stop Trump in his tracks. Soros and the 'garchs started throwing around big bags of cash to get the counterrevolution on even before the actual Trump revolution happens. They were initially successful, shutting down a venue in Chicago with the help of Soros-owned Moveon.org. But it seems doubtful that they will prevail in the end. Instead, it seems more likely that they will give rise to a partisan movement.

You see, in the US hatred of the Washington régime runs very deep, with millions of people sick and tired of being swindled by various hated bureaucracies—in government, law, medicine, education, the military, banking... They hate those who took away their jobs and gave them to foreigners and immigrants. They hate those who stole their retirement savings and ruined their children's futures. They hate the smug university types who keep telling them what to think and how to speak, making them feel inadequate simply for being who they are—salt of the earth Americans, racist, bigoted, small-minded, parochial, willfully ignorant, armed to the teeth and proud of it. There is very little that the régime can ask of these people, because the response to every possible ask is “no, because we hate you.”

And when these people, who are already seething with hatred, look at the political landscape, what do they see? They see the Democrats pushing the candidacy of the banker-crony-crook Clinton, and the only alternative is the full-socialistard “I am from the US government and I am here to help” Sanders who seems to be stuck in some sort of Great Society time warp. (There may be governments that get socialism right; the US government will never be one of them.)

They also see that the Republican establishment, previously so full of pseudorevolutionary puffery, is now so afraid of Trump that it would rather throw the election to the Democrats than support their own candidate, and this fills them with anger and disgust. Take all that seething hatred, mix in lots of anger and disgust, knead it, let it rise, and now you can bake a popular insurgency.

And a popular insurgency, or a partisan movement, is exactly what it takes to defeat the Color Revolution Syndicate. You see, the official authorities, be they the police, the army, the secret service or private security, are limited in the things they can do. In some ways, their hands are tied: if they violate law and order in order to defend law and order, they become mired in self-contradiction, and that just makes it more difficult for them to defend it the next time around.

But the partisans can do anything they want. They can infiltrate the protest movement and commit acts of violence in order to provoke the authorities into taking perfectly justifiable action. They can act to misdirect, demoralize and splinter protest groups. They can use social media to “out” the Color Revolution's leaders and those who finance them (who, to remain effective, must hide in the shadows). They can liaise with the official authorities and trade favors for information.

If the Color Revolution shows signs of proceeding to the point where the tactics of Massacre and Political Assassination are about to be tried, they can form commando units, to make sure that these tactics lead to some massive unintended consequences, preventing their productive use. And if all else fails, they can form a guerrilla movement which, in order to win, simply has to not lose.

If all goes well then, starting next year, tens of thousands of Washington operatives, along with their friends in various politically connected industries, such as banking, defense, medicine and education, will evacuate to a variety of nonextradition countries (which will no doubt respond by raising the prices of their passports) while thousands more will begin their lengthy sojourns at federal penitentiaries. And thus the crisis will be defused.

And if it doesn't go well, then we'll probably be looking at a “deteriorating security environment.” How far it will deteriorate is anyone's guess, but if you are one of the Washington régime's stooges then you may want to get yourself a second passport before the prices go up and get out ahead of time.


rapier said...

Most likely Hillary will win, Trump won't in any case. If I am wrong on that then the collapse of governance accelerates rapidly. If Hillary does it continues to collapse slowly. Socially and in almost every way all depends upon the continued inflated values of financial securities especially bonds, which means continued low interest rates. This is somewhat independent of the political scene.

Nothing changes if interest rates remain low. They very well could remain low for many years. You will know when change has arrived when interest rates rise sharply in developed countries. Even then note that US rates will be the last to rise.

Unknown said...

Hi Dmitri,

The Tragedy of the Neocons has expanded from the US, where they were bred to now be most of the Western world. Their guaranteed failure is tied into a Human Condition.

Jonathan Haidt has done some wonderful work showing this. -- "Morality for we the people" has 5 basic tenets

a) Care and minimum harm to others
b) Fairness and mutual respect and reciprocity

In the American Political Construct these two conditions score high with the DEMOCRATS. (Liberal leaning in other systems)

c) In group Loyalty (no matter what)
d) Respect for Authority (because they are the boss)
e) Purity and sanctity (of the espoused doctrine)

In American Politics these three conditions score extremely high with Republicans (Conservative in other systems)

The Neocons are an ultra-conservative grouping of Republican thought which has become mindless as to any of its consequences to the US.

REALITY from all of the Social Sciences looking at all we know of human history shows that any Human social or political collection which does not REVERE ALL FIVE OF THESE TENETS is in for deep dissension.

In my opinion, Two Party Politics, divided along the above lines, is a guaranteed failure and the worst of all possible conditions. The US is not going anywhere anymore if this system prevails.


NowhereMan said...

Great post Dmitry. I haven't seen this much pent up political angst here in the "homeland" since at least 1972 in the wake of the psychedelic 60's. The sight of our political oligarchs quaking in their boots has the politically and economically disenfranchised masses worked into a frenzy of anticipation at their imminent demise. One senses a literal bloodbath is in the offing if the GOP establishment succeeds in their efforts to block Trump from the nomination. This time's been a long time in coming and couldn't happen to a better class of oligarch. Rather than worry about the repercussions of the furies about to be unleashed, perhaps we should all focus on the repercussions if they manage to suppress them yet again? Like the alleged pressure cookers used by the alleged would be terrorists in Boston, the US has been under physical and psychological lock down for far too long now, and the inevitable is about to happen no matter what - she's going to blow!

But as I type this I see that the empire is already striking back. Multiple explosions at the Brussels airport and subway, no doubt in part or in entirety a false flag attack by the usual suspects. Fun time to be alive these days!

RML said...

Reading this splendid piece a stirring happens. A question from the back of the room, "Sir, have the 'garchs sucked out our imaginative abilities as well? They have all the money in the world, and what do we have?"

It's quite fitting that one-foot-in-the-grave Bernie Sanders is championed by mostly young people who know they are in a rut that will keep getting deeper until it covers them (hence the simpatico). Seeing no way out, like Stockholm syndrome suffers, they superimpose a Kris Kringle archetype overlay on 'ol Bernie when he promotes a "Swedish" kind of socialism where everything is clean, organized and free...and other utopian spins on the joys of efficient bureaucracies.

If "yoots" could get their imaginations (which requires a sense of humor, albeit gallows) back, an entire industry of anti-establishment ploys could be enacted. Like ISIS, they could ride around in (probably have to be Priuses and such), with an attached non-lethal guillotine lashed to their ski rack. No placards, no proselytizing, just the symbol.

I miss Madame Defarge

Helix said...

"'Garks!!!" You've got it! We've needed an easy word to pin on these bastards for some time now. I think this one's going to stick!

Jim R said...

.. and there was 'Electric Yerevan', where they blocked traffic and had a big street party, but then everyone just went home. Except for being a satellite of Russia, I don't think there's anything worth stealing in Armenia.

Excellent essay, Dmitry! Thank you for once again sharing your insights.

simon.dc3 said...


finally...I remember when you wrote about hybrid wars and color revolutions, you mentioned some countries (you hinted at Russia and China) figured how to neutralize the "color revolution" part and that you'd write about how is done on a later post. But seemed to get very busy and never got around to it. After thinking on it a while I figured this is what you meant. Thanks for writing it up.

The fact the USSAn empire meat grinder is now turning inwards, after allowed for decades to specialize overseas, should be an after-the-fact dawning to USSAns. Sort of like the owl taking flight at dawn living one with a clear thought, after having lived through the calamity of midnight sans that nugget of wisdom what would have made things a lot easier:

"oh oh ooh, THIS is why we should have been vigilant in:
(1) limiting the growth of the Military Industrial Complex;
(2) making sure to keep internal security services and govt offices and corporate interests as distant as possible from each other for as long as possible;
(3) making sure our policies dealt fairly with all neighboring nations great and small...

Because when that machinery is allowed to specialize on sociopathy, it quickly consumes the very marrow off every other easy-pickings nation out there. And when those become too few and/or too denatured to provide more, the machinery will always turn inwards to eat its own."

Too little too late. Now changes for a more equitable balance will be come with varying degrees of loss, pain, and de-humanizing.
USSAns that get through this bottleneck may get more equality and justice at the other end, but will certainly have lost part or all that made it worthwhile had they not allowed its loss in the first place: loved one(s); health; limbs; the fortune to not have neuronal imprints of things better to have never seen, better to have never lived through.

candrich said...

At last you differentiated between the US people and the US government corporation. Too bad we're all still stupid and hateful.

Ivan Daraktchiev said...

Excellent piece! I enjoyed it probably more than everyone else since it is perfectly in line with my thesis about Nomenklaturocracy. The assessment here is the closest to mine in https://www.academia.edu/5804006/The_Revolution_within_Democracy and it makes me happy because at the time my American friends tended to see significant difference between the US and the rest of the Representative Democracies. Only of late do they not frawn when I use the term "Nomenklatura" across the board: see e.g. in https://www.academia.edu/4439386/Nomenklaturocracy_or_what_exactly_was_Orwell_right_about.

gerryhiles said...

Great article

I've been thinking along similar lines, but I could not expound SO well.

Excellent Dmitry!!

gerryhiles said...

Just for a "dessert", the man himself. Hail Putin! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxXIWzi_XLc

Last week a Russian pen friend wrote: "My faith in my leader is not a blind one - Putin has my faith because he has never given me any reason for doubt!

I am told by my non-Russian friends that I should not take it so personally and not let it upset me so. They do not understand. Every citizen of Russia IS Russia Herself, and when our leader or our culture is wrongly criticised, we take it personally because it is WE who are being criticised!"

I think that that is representative. I feel it deeply, having been a Russophile for about 55 years, though never having been able to visit.

Unknown said...

I think this neocon story of mine will give Dmitry either a good chuckle or the shivers, or both.

Back in the 80s I lived in the Boston area. While channel surfing I came across an interview of the neocon Richard Perle. He described how it would be a cakewalk (using the neocon post 911 terminology) to take over the entire USSR (it was the mid 80s) with nothing more than a fleet of aircraft carriers that would sail over the north of Scandinavia. As a result I take a recent article by Paul Craig Roberts about the potential of WW3 pretty seriously. These “people” are utterly insane and are totally incapable of learning from their failed experiences. Isn’t that Einstein’s definition of insanity.

Anonymous said...

Oh and don't forget:
1. Moldavia last year. An orange revolution chaging course in mid-air. Once Soros sensed losing grip he pulled back
2. Macedonia last year: a real masterpiece of counterintelligence. The anti-terrorist squad hit the terrorists just as they were about to start the "assasination phase" of the orange revolution, after "peacefull campers" were unsuccessful in overthrowing the government. Said to have a dozen of US, UK and French officers among the dead terrorists. The Macedonian government survived until this spring.
3. Bosnia last year: attempt to overthrow the Republika Srpska governemnt in a social unrest initiated by the US and EU ambassadors.

michigan native said...

Whoever is selected to "win" in 2016 is going to preside over the most catastrophic economic collapse in US history. It is if some know this is going to happen (the 1%) and have hand picked their witch of choice, Hitlery Clinton, to win at any and all costs to carry out their despicable agenda, which includes trying to impose world hegemony by engaging in all these military interventions and "regime changes" to install their US friendly oligarchs and dictators abroad so they can control or steal other nation's oil and resources when the dollar is finally recognized as worthless. At home, having ate the cake, they want the crumbs too, they went it all and this pathological liar and sell out, this big mouthed vile pig will give them the green light to steal what is left of the middle class and the poor until there is nothing left to steal.

This whole charade with Killary and her brain dead supporters very obviously cheating her way into the democratic nomination, while the repugs are in all out attack mode on their leading candidate, Donald Trump, very clearly proves the political collapse in gaining momentum. When Trump or Shitlery fail to resume growth and the commercial collapse gains momentum, the political collapse will likely have ran its course. Of course, if the wench from Wall Street is selected, the Trump people will blame the so called "liberals", and if Trump wins, the Shillary idiots will blame Sanders for not supporting the pig. They just don't get it.

Just what is so "liberal" about Clinton is a question they cannot answer. She proposes a "no fly zone" over Syria to give "us" (speak for yourself, bitch) "a bargaining chip against the Russians". WWIII because Putin made Obama and the neocons look like chumps, exposing them as the true liars and idiots they truly are ? No thanks. And make sure Chelsea is the first to volunteer for service and go straight to the front lines. Her frequent threats to "obliterate" Iran, even though they complied with open inspections, and her ass kissing speech to AIPAC dropped people's jaws. Rest assured, she will reopen those gaping wounds in Syria, bomb or invade Iran, and have us on the brink of war with Russia and China in no time.

Bernie skipped the AIPAC meetings, but did deliver a message to them. I will confess I have great fondness for this man, but the poor guy thnks the system will work, that they would let him do his job and enact his ideals, and that he can fix things. Of all the clowns running, he is the one I woud actually trust to manage a post collapse US. The guy has integrity and a good heart. This was his message to AIPAC http://edition.cnn.com/2016/03/21/politics/bernie-sanders-israel-speech/index.html

Then apparently Trump is too liberal for his party. In contrast to that despicable pig Clinton, Trump says he wants friendly reations with Russia and that he is thinking of pulling the US out of NATO. Seeing NATO is nothing but a mercenary army of the US and our good little bitch boys, the British that woud effectively end NATO, a very positive outcome. So many from the ever so benevolent GOP are now going so far as to encourage them to vote for Clinton.

The whole charade is a case study of political collapse. The empire is in its death throes, but sadly it appears the monster will not die with dignity. One last attempt that will bring on a great deal of misery, suffering, and death because too few in the US can admit the joyride is over. Very tragic, sad, because it could be avoided.

Ivan Daraktchiev said...

Yes, the Empire is crumbling, and - unless implosion happens before the new President is known - Americans will have to elect the lesser of the two evils, which thus far appears to be Trump. The "Round Table" may opt for a collapse under Obama, with the aim to impose martial law "until stabilization." We'll see.

In any case, the reasons for the Nomenklaturocracy failure are outlined in the papers in my earlier post. For the US currently the only chance of lifting the economy and avoiding financial meltdown is to provide business growth for the MIC, the single sizable segment of the economy, which has not been relocated offshore. But cutting down on a war or two, and stopping the weapons supply to terrorists, neo-nazi “legitimate governments,” keen new NATO warriers-to-be, etc. shall lead directly to exposing the myth about the soundness of credit-based economy... And you can not fool all of the people all of the time!

The American Nomenklatura has navigated the once formidable, venerated by all of us round the world US ship into dire straits. Now the bunch of top Nomenklaturchiks are in zugzwang – this explains to me the sudden desire by the US Secretary of State to meet in person the Russian President; the same one against whose people US has imposed economic sanctions (and forces their European serfs to do the same); the same one who is being portrayed as an erstwhile villain; the same one whose state is being described as an aggressor hence NATO should rearm and oppose the (fictional) aggression; the same one whom they tried to assassinate (granted, the idiots in Kiev might have acted on their own, although I do not think they forgot to ask permission); the same one US Congress gave authorization (Resolution 758) to preemptively strike the country of, including with nuclear weapons.

If you read a paper that I wrote at the turn of the year, https://www.academia.edu/20045616/USA_s_semi-hot_war_for_control_of_Russia_s_natural_resources_the_Syrian_episode, you will learn more detail about the war that started yesterday in Europe. Yes, the IS’ European campaign that I have shown evidence to be starting as a spring offensive. I was wrong in expecting it to first start on the Eastern front, and then on the Western one. And the reason was provided by our friends in Novorussia: apparently the ground is still too wet hence the heavy armor from Kiev can not be efficient enough. But there should be no doubt that we in Europe are in an all out war with the jihadis. Hence not just America is in the big… I can see only one positive contribution by Kerry here: sell out the neo-nazi gang and avert the explosion of the Eastern from. But that would be against the directives by The Round Table, the NWO, the PNAC, neo-cons, neo-libs and the rest of them parasites slash (inter)national criminals…

Stuart Cram said...

While I'm not an US citizen, I do live here/there. Would not vote for Trump even if I could but I do feel he is running a masterful campaign. When I hear the local people around me say "He says the things we cannot", see his MAGA hats when out and about, and see his dominant body language in clips of the debates on TV shows trying to skewer him it's clear that he's like a mind-virus. Even if you don't like him as a candidate you spend all your time talking about him. I think he'll destroy Hilary if he doesn't get swindled in the convention, happening about 50 miles from my house (hopefully far enough away!).

What is truly amazing is how much time the left-wing media spends advertising him. They think they're making fun of him but really he's coming out of top because being insulted by them appeals to the average American voter. And the news cycle moves so fast that his gaffes are forgotten 24 hours later. The protesters also almost seem to be on his side the way they're making him seem like the adult in the room and the victim of opression.

As for the colour revolution and counter-revolution tactics, I think Ferguson was a big show by both sides of what to expect in the future in the USA. I told anyone who asked my opinion at the time that this was just Afghanistan and Iraq coming home, boy did that make me popular.

Anarcho-tyranny here we come!

forrest said...

No matter how much money or propaganda one throws out there, one can't bring out a significant number of local people against their government unless there is considerable dissatisfaction among them, rightly or wrongly, whether appropriately-targeted or simply wrongheaded. While people are normally dissatisfied about everything, the effort to change any of it is so much trouble (and boring besides!) that unless they feel they're suffering serious pain with a legitimate claim to redress (and even then, they know they're more likely to find danger than satisfaction.

Also, you really should put more emphasis on the distinctions between 'non-violent' tactics, limited-violence ones (ie small rocks etc) and actual violence involving imminent threats of serious injury or death to opponents.

While the nonviolent stuff is often counterproductive (if the status-quo supporters have dominance over the local propaganda system, a demonstration will shrink (even disappear altogether) or be portrayed in a distorted, hostile fashion designed to make the larger public more afraid of demonstrators than the armed-&-dangerous organized mob in power) -- and while such tactics can be used just as readily for bad causes as good ones (depending on whatever ideology inspires a protest -- It's not going to break the peace as thoroughly as having even a few modern weapons in the hands of hotheads. There's time to talk to demonstrators, stall, behave better-than rather than worse-than.

Once you've got a few armed 'false-flag' guys in there on either side, with a foreign power hovering near by eager for excuses for intervention -- Yeah, you've got something to complain & worry about there. But trying to ban nonviolent forms of opposition is far more destablizing... And the best defense, if possible, is for a government to actually clean up its act.

Jim R said...

Hi, all.

Just thought I'd chime in with a hopeful note here. I too am worried about the insane "leaders of the free world". Indeed, they don't seem to have learned anything from recent history.

But there is one little ray of hope in all the fog. I think Russia accomplished what it set out to do in Syria with this, what was it, 22 week 'invasion', followed by the announcement that they are going home. I have concluded that the goal was _not_ to eliminate the 'opposition'.

I now think that what Russia wanted from this little encounter was to prove, for the world to see, that their military is not the antiquated horse-mounted cavalry of the 19th century, nor is it the tired, corrupt, bankrupt bureaucracy of most of the 20th century. The Russian MoD wanted to demonstrate that it can reliably and precisely hit a target from >1000 km away with a robot rocket. And it can master and dominate an air space if it so chooses. And it has proven that it has a remarkable level of discipline and restraint. It did not escalate in response to a frankly extreme provocation by the Turks. And this strength has been displayed for everyone on the planet to see. It can pull off the same 'modern warfare' as any other 'developed nation', regardless of what the 'mainstream' propaganda says. The discipline says more than the technology.

The hope I have is that this, this demonstration of strength, will convince the war parties of the 'free world' that it is a fool's errand to say "Oh no, a gas attack! We'll have to bomb them!" and then carry out a military campaign against any small weak country that does not kowtow to the BS out of Washington. That is to say, I hope the power of these 'flags', false or otherwise, has been revoked. Note that the conflict in the Ukraine has been effectively reduced to a ground war, for example; no more air support. And the soldiers of the Donbass can readily control the ground.

All of which is not to say that I'm anti-American, as some yahoos would assert in response to such a hope. I am not. I wish the USA would get its act together. But it has run out of time to turn around, and what's coming up is not going to be pleasant for it. I just hope the psychopaths can keep their finger off the 'button', or that said 'button' malfunctions from prolonged neglect and lack of maintenance. It is obvious by now that the Russian button would work.

DeVaul said...

As much as I would like to believe Trump would turn on Wall Street and send many to jail for massive financial crimes (such as those he himself committed), I doubt this will happen. An oligarch cannot save a country from other oligarchs. If he was a former KGB agent, then maybe, but that is not the case. I know of no historical case of an oligarch saving a country ruined by oligarchs.

I do believe he can bring about an end to the Republican party -- something that Ron Paul should have done, but didn't because he was too busy dining with the Romneys and collecting donations from desperate soldiers in the middle east who wanted to come home alive from the land of Mordor.

I've often wondered where our oligarchs will go when the game is up. Where did the Roman oligarchs go? There is no empire out there to protect them, and it makes my stomach turn to think that countries we abused would welcome them. I've seen some go to Russia, and get passports from Putin. This makes him small in my mind.

As for George Soros, I have never understood this man. Is he a Greek? Who allowed him to "destroy the English pound"? No single man can do something like that without accomplices in high places. Why is he financing Color Revolutions? What the hell is in it for him? Seems like Kissinger would be more interested in that sort of thing than a Greek tycoon. Does he not know he too can be assassinated?

Trump brings back images of Ronald Reagan to my mind, except without the smile. He is an excellent B actor, but is well known for his disgust of Untermenschen, so I may end up joining an ad hoc local defense militia just to survive if he succeeds in upending everything. Of course, the other candidates all believe they can win a nuclear war if we strike first, which shows just how insane they are.

Billionaires rarely come to the rescue of anyone. They are only interested in themselves, which is why they are billionaires. However, perhaps his failure to win or his assassination might be what finally breaks the American camel's back.

Mister Roboto said...

A bit off the specific topic: Russia has been quite militarily and diplomatically effective lately, hasn't it?

Hans Zandvliet said...

I'm not sure yet about who would best serve my purpose (Hitlary or the Donald); I just hope that the one who will auto-destroy fastest the US-empire will win (without causing a nuclear exchange). Not because I childishly 'hate America', but just because bringing down the US-empire is the only viable road to save our planet.

Larkin said...

The carrier strike force strategy and top-gun jet pilots are already obsolete. The new war brewing will bear no resemblance to any previous war in history.

In the last century, the US pioneered the mass produced TV and to save labor cost, exported components to Japan. In short, this is what created Sony. In time, the actual manufacturers will inherit the cutting edge. We lost the ability to produce it here because the profits are already spoken for. Out-sourcing is a one way street.

The lethal technologies being worked on currently, will have more in common with the mass produced smart phone than an expensive, lumbering robot that can walk up stairs. They will be produced, quickly in swarms of millions on assembly lines that have been out-sourced to China.

During WW2 the object was to destroy an adversary's ability to make war by destroying their industrial infrastructure. In the coming war, cities and entire populations will be the targets. And even more frightening, no one is ruling out nuclear weapons. This is a very bad sign.

Unknown said...

I feel it deeply, having been a Russophile for about 55 years, though never having been able to visit. http://bit.ly/22SBMVZ