Thursday, January 23, 2014

Announcing: MassTrails 2.0

Javier Pérez, the world's most complete database of maps of wild places in Massachusetts to which the public has access is now even more complete. It has also been redesigned, and the search engine overhauled. Now is not the time to venture out into the woods (unless you happen to like frostbite), but as the weather warms I hope that those of you who read this blog and who live in Massachusetts (about a thousand people) try it out. There is a good chance you'll find an interesting place to go and spend time outdoors that you otherwise wouldn't know existed. Also, please spread the word among your friends and family. Thank you. Many thanks to Will Kilburn for compiling the database, Colin Owens for the design, and me (yes, me) for writing the code.


Unknown said...

I would love this for California. Any plans?

Kevin said...

Sounds like an excellent resource. Speaking of maps, I'd be very interested in seeing any hi-res maps of global climate forecasts, such as one displaying likely desertification in North America, as is predicted for the western region. The same goes for maps that show how rising ocean levels will alter the forms of coastlines and bays, at varying levels of sea rise. I'd like to get a glimpse at the geographic shape of things to come. I've done a search or two, but found nothing much so far. If anyone happens to know an appropriate link, I'd appreciate the tip.

Mike said...

Hey, Dmitry.
I'm in Western Mass, which is already pretty spectacular for hikes. I'm really looking forward to MassTrails. Thank you for your contribution!

oji said...

Love the name. Very populist.

I guess Indiana's might be InTrails.
For the diviner in all of us.