Monday, December 09, 2013

Press Release—Project Unspell

Powerful New Tool Helps People Learn to Read and Write in English Without Years of Schooling (via SBWire)
Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- The creators of Project Unspell, a revolutionary software program that is currently being developed to help people learn to read and write English, are pleased to announce that they have launched a fundraising campaign on Project Unspell offers an exciting new approach to circumventing the complexities of English spelling by providing a platform that allows people to learn proper pronunciation, read English text phonetically, and then easily convert it back into standard spelling.

Project Unspell will be the first spelling aid to capitalize on the Internet’s vast ocean of text, which provides a virtually unlimited resource that can be used to fully automate spelling and pronunciation. Project Unspell is designed to help people quickly and easily learn to read and write in English without having to learn to spell, improve their pronunciation without going through the laborious task of memorization, look up the definitions of unfamiliar words without having to guess how they are spelled, and spell perfectly without having to learn how to spell.

Project Unspell has the potential to change the lives of countless people worldwide, as it will allow adult illiterates as well as non-native speakers to experience a professional level of fluency and writing ability without the years of schooling such mastery typically requires. The many who stand to benefit from this technology include native English speakers whose schooling did not provide them a high level of written competency; special needs students who are unable to learn English spelling; students learning English as a second language; non-native professionals with competency in written English who lack the many years of education it takes to learn to pronounce it correctly; people who have dyslexia or impaired sight; and many others.

The $50,000 goal the group has set will provide enough capital to design and implement a functional demo by early 2014 that will demonstrate the power of this tool and hopefully garner enough investor support to launch Project Unspell on a much larger scale. The fundraising campaign not only gives people the opportunity to participate in a cool Indiegogo project; it also allows contributors to obtain all of Project Unspell’s downloads for free, request all materials the group will be publishing at cost, become an alpha tester for Unspell products, and display the contributor’s name, organization and web link on the contributors page of

Anyone who is interested in learning how to raise money is invited to visit the campaign.

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