Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On the Edge with Max Keiser

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Black said...

Mr. Orlov. Would you say Russia is more free than the U.S. in regards to sharing information with one another online or in general understanding of reality? I noticed RT.com news is completely opposite in style compared with the content of U.S. news outlets.

I was struck just now by the concept that the single biggest enemy of "the people" and their hope for self governance is centralized control of the internet by a few assholes.

With freedom to share ideas and information, the public is reflexively, automatically, unconsciously rising up together against all central authority figures. In time, this collaboration, if widespread, will find itself on the higher ground, outgunned, but outmanning the self declared authorities by several hundred million.

Would you agree that a free internet for any extended period of time is the equivalent to the inevitable demise of polyarchy and authoritarianism, and the beginning of a new breed of democracy never before possible?