Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Black Hole of Debt

The latest installment of consciousness-raising audio from KMO featuring Richard Heinberg, whose soon-to-be-released book, The End of Growth, offers a most necessary flossing between the ears for the growth-addled, and me. Stay conscious!


savale said...

is there by any chance a downloadable version of this (like an mp3 file or something) ?

thanks is advance

miltonics said...

Try KMO's website C-Realm Podcast

escapefromwisconsin said...

Listening to it now.

You can dowmload the episode from the C-Realm's Podomatic site:

I'm interested in your take on this: American versus Russian Notions of Friendship:

Could it be prosperity has destroyed traditional notions of frienship in America, since technology has made as all "independent?" Is this also behind the "every man for himself" ethic and fears of "collectivism" in America? And will people realize they depend on each other once again as the economy begins to unravel?

RanDomino said...

Excellent, except for one thing. The asset stripping largely already happened, in the form of NAFTA and similar shifts of manufacturing to places like China, aka offshoring.

People like those who spoke in this podcast have the concepts down absolutely thoroughly and it shows in the clear and straightforward expression of them here. It demands either contrary evidence and reasoning, or acceptance.

rpauli said...

Came across this today: