Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Road Ahead for Community Action

I just attended a workshop in Falmouth, Massachusetts organized by Community Action associations of Southern New England titled "The Road Ahead for Community Action: Helping People in Turbulent Times." (Clearly, trying to integrate poor people into a global economy that is collapsing before our eyes is not such a good idea, so I stressed relocalization and community self-sufficiency.) I reused the slides from last year, when I presented at CAP's annual convention in Boston, because they still work; if anything, they work better as time goes on.


Glenn said...

As with the previous videos, Internet Explorer can't find it. Curse Microsoft. Will be greatly obliged if you will post a link compatible with the evil empire.



Dmitry Orlov said...

Here are some links for those who need a new and better browser

Phlogiston Água de Beber said...


Your link to the "better browser" is malformed. Readers can follow this one to get the Chrome browser from Google.

harriska2 said...

Wow, excellent slides. I wonder what your thoughts are on:

1. Apprenticeship programs/unions for professional trades fighting against black market plumbers, electricians, etc.

2. Social movement that indicates we will die and the prohibitive costs to keep people alive for just a few more months isn't going to happen - and that's OK.

3. Will there be people dying in the streets? At what point are public hospitals going to be closed down to where those w/o insurance or those on medicare/medicaid can't get into a private hospital?

4. I'm predicting that brick and mortar schools will be too expensive to maintain and bus students to. What if we had really excellent electronic curriculum (scripted, free, with very short multimedia) to help homeschoolers, co-ops, neighborhood schools, etc. - especially in the very early grades k-5. Those years aren't rocket science but they are very important foundational years.

Thanks so much - from someone who grew up with parents from Hungary who had a pretty deep seated hatred of communism (even the color red).

Sandlin said...

Videos are great for those who have broad-band. I don't, so a short text summary would be appreciated for people like myself who still have dial-up and videos don't display at all. I'm wondering if the internet and the ability to read text is also going to turn into another version of the boob tube for those who are illiterate. When (not if) the SHTF, you won't be watching videos. You most likely will be reading if you are fortunate enough to have your info on hard copy to refer to. JMHO.

Lanterne Rouge said...

@ Dickey45 #4

see CHS' recent comments on why the credentialism model will fail (IMHO it has been failing since the late '90s from my experience in both the ed. and software industries)

he referenced the Khan Academy as a good start.

@sandlin - mobile broadband is the future, until the backbone goes. I remember going to a PC shop in Poland in '94 and getting games copied onto blanks while I waited. That's the future for multimedia.

Ien in the Kootenays said...

Love it, especially the ending. Have been living much of this for the last 40 years.

Jerry McManus said...

PBS just aired an episode of the series POV titled "My Perestroika".


Interesting documentary about a few 40-somethings who came of age during the last days of the Soviet Union. The stories of mostly unremarkable people living through interesting times.

One quote that jumped out at me, from a businessman currently enjoying success selling french shirts, about the coup in '91:

"Do you think everyone marched there for freedom? For democracy? For justice? That's all bull. In reality, there was nothing in the stores to eat."