Saturday, May 14, 2011

"What will a post-collapse society look like?"

Stage 0 Collapse: Talking hipster robot apocalypse. If you haven't had your fill of text-to-film yet, enjoy. Thanks, Marcus for putting this together.


Alexander Ac said...


nicely put, just want to mention that Gerald Celente recommends to buy gold as a good investment and Mike Ruppert is not taken too seriously by most people.

I would add the stage 6 of the collaspe - it is better to be dead, than alive :-)

Larkin said...

You've made it into celebrity culture. Just think, talk shows, Letterman, movie deals!
Now you must consider broadening your audience, a line of clothing maybe?

As an aside, that is what people fail to grasp.. It is exactly that that will hang in the balance. The fantasy culture is what will dissolve into nothing and then, reality enters...

Marty said...

xtranormal! That is so funny and actually so engaging. You would think that since reading something is so much faster than listening to someone else read it, this technique would be pointless. However, no! We must save society.

Jim R said...

Sounded like he said "Meetry Ortalog". Text to speech technology hasn't improved since 1985.

Rhisiart Gwilym said...

Alexander, you're 'most people' are you? Don't think Mike or I or lots of others would agree with that cockeyed formulation.

DeVaul said...

"Text to speech technology hasn't improved since 1985."

Yeah, well try reading the captions (I'm deaf). I had to use my imagination quite a bit. You might have a better appreciation for the text to speech technology after that (or not).

Since you can hear and read, you be the judge.

Actually, I was quite surprised to see that closed captioning was available for these movies, although it did warn that accuracy might be problematic (no kidding).

Dispatch said...

I think it would have been cuter and perhaps more effective if it was presented by a puppy and a baby panda bear or other anthropomorphized characters.

dont you?

pdxr13 said...

Stage Six: The living envy the dead. Especially in locations of former cities.

Dig in hard at Stage Three. The harder I work the luckier I get.

People on successful generalized farms may not have a lot of money, but they eat well all year. Their useful neighbors also eat well.

Cities will come back due to natural advantages. My city of Portland Oregon is the locus of 2 major rivers, draining 3 States and 2 Provinces. Grain, fuel, minerals, finished products on barges must travel past the City. No matter how stupid our local government is, this fact of geography remains.