Thursday, February 03, 2011

Announcing: Reinventing Collapse 2.0

The Soviet Experience and American Prospects – Revised & Updated

Pre-order this book direct from the publisher and get a 20% pre-publication discount, valid through April 15th, 2011.

While updating the text for the second edition, I have been careful not to add any new predictions, but I did take a few out because, as I now realize, energy and financial trends are too volatile to call over as short a term as the publication cycle of a book. But the longer-term trends, which I identified in the first edition over 3 years ago, are unmistakable. Global oil production has peaked for good, but is yet to start seriously declining, and this has produced a slow-motion crash rather than an outright collapse. Financially, the high volume of debts going bad has so far outpaced the government’s printing presses, keeping inflation out of the picture, while creative accounting at the Federal Reserve has so far prevented a run on the US dollar, though how long this can continue is anyone’s guess. Washington continues to set new records for political dysfunction, while the American empire is unraveling at an ever-increasing rate. We are in uncharted territory; all we know is that there is a cliff up ahead.

Here is what Michael Ruppert said about this book:
Reinventing Collapse in its original version has more than stood the test of time and events as a propphetic vision of the challenges that are being so clearly defined for us as a civilization today. The new and revised edition is priceless because it incorporates current events and emerging trends and views them through the eyes of this terrific writer and thinker. And Orlov's sense of humor always plants a minefield full of laugh bombs in the right places.


Anonymous said...

Man - I just bought V1 from Amazon -

Cascadian Chronicler said...

Can't wait to read it!

Unknown said...

I read -- hell, I devoured the first edition and am eagerly anticipating the second. The first edition was not only insightful and instructive but also laugh-out-loud funny, and I'm sure the second will be the same. To use the local New England vernacular, you're wicked smaht and wicked funny, Dmitry, and I'm happy to know a second edition is on the way; it'll be most excellent company as we go over that cliff you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Swap you for my next book when it's done ;-)

Anonymous said...

Something clicked today because of this sentence:

"...the high volume of debts going bad has so far outpaced the government’s printing presses, keeping inflation out of the picture..."

I have finally realised that inflation and deflation are always at work, fighting each other for supremacy in a battle that often gives the impression of relative sability.


Lance M. Foster said...

Love reading your stuff, and the Nation interview was FANTASTIC!

In the middle of my own little slice of collapse. They cut off service to my phone, TV and internet today at home. I only had the one phone (landline). Now I only check my email every few days at a local school or the library, as long as this old laptop holds up. When it dies, that's all she wrote.

I work as an adjunct instructor at a community college. It's all I could find, and it is only part time. No connections. We didn't get paid this month (the gap between semesters has a lag, though we do work, not getting paid), so I have to go begging around for rent and food this evening.

Welcome to the American Dream. At least the school loan people can't call me anymore about a loan I will never be able to repay- I don't have any phone after all. Sucks when you are 25. It's even worse when you are 50 like I am, also with a wife too sick to work.

Jeff said...

Wikileaks cable 'saudis have oversold ability to increase production':

Peddler on the Hoof said...

I see more and more formerly middle class people riding around on bicycles... skid row is growing in SF and Oakland. It's everyone for him/herself now.

RanDomino said...

Austerity is being rolled out in America. Wisconsin governor is trying to break the public worker unions, large protests all over the state. We have entered a new phase.