Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wherefore Goes Germany?

About a year ago, in of a mood of despair and a sense of looming danger, I wrote an article, which Dmitry was kind enough to publish on his blog, titled Exit Strategy for Traitors. This article is an update. Nothing has changed fundamentally, but a lot has happened, and the situation has improved in just one single respect.

The daily influx of migrants heading for Germany through Turkey and the Balkans has dropped off significantly and the pressure on Germany has became manageable again, giving us some breathing space and making any sort of immediate civil war very unlikely. But we are still experiencing a steady deterioration in our security and our mood. The nation formerly known as Germany is dissolving before our eyes and being replaced with a half-assed dictatorship. The mixed bag of euphoria and shock of 2015 has turned into vicious trench warfare between the leftists, the ignorant and the rest.

Broken Borders
The borders of the EU remain wide open for any freeloader, criminal or terrorist who is halfway ambitious, and the numbers of the incoming are now at record levels for the sea route.

Frontex still picks up “refugees” by the thousands close to the African coast and brings them to Europe—the diametrical opposite of their original mission. People-smuggling is now happening on an industrial scale but is not paid for by the people being smuggled. Gone are the times of simple wooden floating coffins packed with dead migrants. Now well-equipped operatives now make sure that the invaders reach their destination. I wonder if any so-called “tragedy” with drowned migrants ever really happened. Remember those professional-quality photos of capsizing boats? What a nice coincidence that was—a disaster at sea and a photo op all in one!

In Spain, invaders violently storm the fortified borders by the thousands, yet no one does what once was a commonsense tactic in defending a border: shoot into the air, then take aim and open fire.

Deportations—once the proper procedure for those who manage to get through illegally—simply fail to take place. A short while ago, with major mass media fanfare, 50 Afghans where about to be deported by airplane. Leftist groups protested viciously. Only 35 got deported, the rest crawled back into the woodwork. Some of those who had been flown to Afghanistan immediately announced their intention to storm their way back into Germany. As this “mass deportation” exercise was running its course, some 3,000 new invaders landed in Italy; about 350,000 for all of 2016. Is there still any need to explain these are no refugees and that this is a deliberate, organized operation? The EU could end it within hours, but the standing orders say otherwise, because those in charge want them in.

There have been many more robberies, violent attacks, sexual assaults and murders to keep track of in 2016. A very small fraction of them is still being reported by the Refugee Crime Map. According to a recent official BKA report, the invaders are committing an average of 800 crimes a day. The counterintelligence operation, Hoax Map, did not last very long, quickly becoming overwhelmed by this reality.

No-go zones occupied by the invaders, where the authorities fear to tread, are spreading in Germany, but compared to France, Britain or Sweden the situation in most German cities is still far better. Nevertheless, over and over again people go to the police are told that their reports would not even be taken, or that women should just dye their hair dark or stay home at night. In other words, the authorities are unwilling and unable to help us. We are warned not to resort to vigilantism, but we are not informed of our right to self-defense. Days after the terror attack in Berlin the EU ratified a new law to disarm everyone in Europe even further—even gamekeepers and sport shooters. To which I say, those who respect laws that kill them do not deserve pity.

Then again, Germany is not quite Syria yet. Germany is small by territory, but it is no small country by population, and it is not yet overwhelmed by the sheer number of invaders. Because of that, Germans can continue live in denial even now—until any one of them becomes a victim. (And when you do, you better keep quiet about it, or your own people will call you a racist!) It is much less safe anywhere you might go, at any time of the day.

Some of my less able-bodied friends have no sense of danger while in public. I do, and so I never leave the house unarmed, if not for myself, then for the not so unlikely case that I would need to defend someone else. I consider them negligent, but then again, my situational awareness by now is certainly on a nearly professional level. Most people are simply not cut out for coping with this sort of situation.

What is nowadays considered a normal week would have been thought of as a national emergency in 1980. Anyone my age, in comparing our childhood to the current reality, should recoil in horror and disbelief. But social norms are malleable, and the younger generations cannot even see that there is something wrong with having unguarded, undefended borders, because they have been taught that borders are outdated and a nuisance. Why should they long for national sovereignty and unity if they have never experienced them? Instead, they are being taught to accept crime, terror and forced Islamization. Those who refuse to accept this state of affairs are persecuted for being racist, fascist xenophobes.

Lügenpresse—German “Fake News”
The press in Germany remains borderline useless, but unfortunately we are still dependent on it for the raw information. To be fair, reports of crimes by invaders and government failure to obey the law by prosecuting them appear far more frequently now.

Even though the raw data is more available, every interpretation or comment we hear aims to obscure the Islamic invasion, play down its effects and to belittle its catastrophic consequences for the country. No one dares call it what it is—an invasion—let alone demand that it be brought to an end using the simple means that have been known for millennia.

The anti-German sentiment routinely expressed in German media is simply staggering. Just like the contempt routinely expressed for Trump’s supporters by the mass media in the US, they make no effort to hide their hatred and contempt for the average German citizen. The anti-white, anti-male, anti-child, anti-western, pro-Islamist tone of the commentary is the same in Germany as in much of Europe and the US, pointing clearly to a centrally organized and well-funded propaganda operation designed to support the invasion and to neutralize anyone who might oppose it. Women in niqabs and burkas now get airtime on talk shows, appearing alongside leftist “experts” endlessly recycling the same bogus talking points: why Islam is “a religion of peace” and has nothing to do with anything (and not at all a totalitarian political ideology); why Merkel was right to let in the invaders (and did not commit a horrific blunder); and why anyone unwilling to go along with the leftist, pro-invader agenda is automatically a dangerous racist, fascist xenophobe.

This line of reasoning is not popular with most Germans, and some publications, such as Spiegel, are now in dire financial straits because of their blind obedience in following the pro-invader program. But state TV and radio are directly funded by illegal taxes, sucking about 8.1 billion Euro per year out of our pockets, and will keep cycling through the same failed talking points regardless of how much the audience vomits. But our choice is between “fake news” and no news at all.

When the beautiful daughter of an EU politician was brutally raped and drowned by a migrant in Freiburg last year, Tagesschau, the flagship newscast of state TV channel ARD did not report it at all and was forced to justify this two days later. They then called it “only a case of regional interest,” making an even bigger mockery of themselves, because by then even the Washington Post took up the story. Similar things have happened on several similar occasions, and in each case the exposure the story received through social media made these events into running jokes. So, not reporting the news at all will not work any more, and it is time for Plan B: actual, real censorship of social media.

This plan is now in play, with the Merkel régime threatening to heavily fine social media platforms for… “fake news,” of course! The Ministry of the Interior is about to create a Disinformation Defence Center, to battle “fake news.” If you think that it sounds like Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, or the MfS in the old East Germany, that’s because it is. To be located very close to Merkel’s office in Berlin, this center is supposed to “react very fast” to “disinformation” on social media, especially with an eye toward the general election in 2017, because fake news could “influence” said election and avoid the predetermined outcome (by making the voice of the people heard).

How effective this will be remains to be seen. The East German secret police (STASI) can’t be reconstituted overnight, but with full cooperation from Google, Facebook, Twitter and others, who seem ready to succumb to political pressure, the DDC could turn out to be quite effective. It would then become the second most effective part of the German government, after the tax collectors.

Loss of Control
If you take a look at the state of the German national government and its executive from a historical perspective—say, that of the 1990s—it now seems to be in total disarray and an advanced state of decomposition. Take, for example, the terrorist, allegedly responsible for the truck-based terror attack in Berlin in December who was, of course a “refugee.” He was the second suspect, after the first one was found to be “innocent”—just an illegal migrant with nine false identities! He was released, never to be seen again, probably collecting benefits using identity number ten.

The “real” perpetrator was Anis Amri, a Tunisian. He came from a “safe country,” Italy, where he had been sentenced to four years in prison and was released 2015. He had been denied asylum in Italy and in Germany, but deportation had been suspended, because most conveniently he had “lost his papers.” He has had at least fourteen false identities and probably collected benefits under each. He was constantly being observed even as he tried to buy automatic weapons from an undercover agent, then tried to get other Salafists to become suicide bombers. Yet the police saw no reason to arrest and deport this drug dealing, violent criminal and wannabe terrorist.

Even after he killed 12 people in Berlin, he somehow managed to get away. A full day after his attack his mobile was “found” in the cabin of his truck. It then took another day to “find his papers,” in that same cabin of that same truck. One day after that the police “accidentally” announced their intention to make a raid in North Rhine-Westphalia, an easy six-hour drive from Berlin. The press arrived there first and waited for hours for something to happen, but nothing happened because the police screwed up the arrest warrant. So, astonishingly, they did not get him, and the chief of police announced that “he is gone.” During the first two days the police made available a “wanted” poster of the terrorist with his eyes pixelated to—wait for it!—to protect his privacy! Only after Twitter and Facebook took over and released proper photos did they they change theirs, but then used an outdated photo, and put a 100-thousand-Euro bounty on his head. After making some number of detours across several EU borders he was eventually shot dead in Italy by some properly incentivized Italians.

Many people in Germany cannot make up their minds whether to be happy with the death of a terrorist or to call the whole story a pathetic farce/false flag/blunder/fabrication. Or all of the above. It is becoming harder and harder to tell truth from fantasy and incompetence from willful sabotage. But if their orders were to display complete incompetence, the German authorities could not have possibly done a better job.

When once in a while the police do a good job, our traitors in office now consider this to be rogue behavior. During this New Year’s Eve security measures in Cologne and other cities were extreme, in an effort to prevent the mass sexual assaults by migrants that had happened last year. Nevertheless, thousands of Migrants, mostly North Africans, drifted in from all over the country, and even from France and Switzerland, to “celebrate” again with the local women. Many of them where kettled early on by thousands of policemen, but even then the operational command was worried that the situation would again spin out of control. This was a clear case of “reconnaissance through hand-to-hand combat” conducted by the invaders.

The only acknowledgment of these events by German politicians was in the form of a harsh critique over the use of racial profiling against the North Africans. For every problem there is now a diversion, while solutions are not sought after at all. With the press docile and the social media about to be gagged, nobody will be able to ask any hard questions. If something is wrong, then it’s probably because of “Russian hacking,” and if somebody doesn’t like that, then it’s probably “racism.” That ought to be enough to keep everything afloat.

The Political Situation
How does German public opinion change in in light of all this? The normal political process has ceased to exist, replaced by complete political polarization. There is no longer any middle ground: either you pray to Holy Merkel, or you are an enemy of the state. Either you go along with every lie they tell you, or you are a Nazi. The government makes no effort to win the consent of the governed; instead, they rely purely on intimidation. Merkel is a de facto dictator, just because nobody challenges her in any way at all.

During the last party conference she faced allegations from party members that she was attempting to create a cult of personality, holding hands with migrants, yet they reelected her as the party leader by 89.5% of the vote on that same day. Merkel does not even refer to us as citizens or Germans any more. She repeatedly referred to us as “those who have lived here for quite a while.” The obvious implication is that we do not have any rights or privileges superior to “those who have not lived here for quite a while”—i.e., the invaders.

For reasons that should be perfectly obvious, this cannot possibly work. You cannot govern, even by force, by proclaiming your own citizenry to be the enemy. Hillary Clinton tried that, referring to half of her would-be constituents as “a basket of deplorables.” And where is she now? Same place Merkel is going. Total alienation of the Germans from their political class can have only one end result: total replacement of Germany’s political class.

Once voters becomes fully aware of the situation, they are lost to the old parties forever. That is the reason why resistance is building so slowly: most of the voters have to break with practically every political belief they have ever held, actively destroying their false sense of security, giving up on the backing they had once received from the state by being good, law-abiding citizens and by voting however their parents had voted because the government would always be on your side in the end. It is now very clearly on the side of their enemies—the terrorists, the rapists… the invaders.

But even those who no longer believe anything that the mass media dishes out shy away from talking about it in public out of both imaginary and justified fears for repercussions. Public denunciations are very common. Speak your mind just once, and you may never be promoted, or lose your career.

For those who do decide to leave the old politics behind, it is a bit like going underground. It certainly feels a lot more serious than just entertaining an alternative opinion. We are not complete outlaws yet, but if the ANTIFA [the “anti-fascists”] beat you up or burn your car, do not expect any sympathy.

There are some fringe groups that are working to form an underground resistance. Apart from the more international national identity movement, which is quite active in Germany, most of them aim at a new constituent assembly. Of course, this can only come to pass once the current political landscape has been overturned. Social media is full of well-meaning but for the most part powerless people. It is a giant Revolutionaries Anonymous that helps its members cope.

For those of us preferring the difficult, democratic path to reform, there is still only the AfD [Alternative für Deutschland]. The party gained massive support over the last year. By the end of 2016 they counted 25000 members and 300k friends on Facebook, and garnering about 16% of the votes nationwide. But compared to the behemoth CDU, with its 400k members, it is still very small. In perspective, however, their influence may become enormous.

But why should we rely on politics when our opponents are not really politicians at all but traitors—our mortal enemies, hellbent on destroying our country, ruining us financially, promoting Volkstod [national death], child marriage, acceptance of Sharia law and replacement of the population with criminals and work-shy trash imported from failed states? To me, their Cultural Marxism is now nothing but a mental illness. Those who practice it are sick and dangerous and do not deserve our consideration or even our condescension. We should work to expose them and their agenda as toxic to any society. To believe that a nation, or even the white race, should be made to cease to exist by violent means and be replaced by third-world semi-society, must not be given a pass as an acceptable political viewpoint. That is called suicide or genocide, and those who espouse it should be banned from public life.

That's why I believe we must fight them asymmetrically, on every level, and not only through the democratic political system. Everyone can and should do that. Completely ignore their hysterical attacks, and counterattack their every advance viciously. Exclude them from our midst, defining them as insane. Ridicule them at every turn, and never vote for them again, ever. Do not hope against hope that the miracle that happened in the US with the election of Donald Trump would happen here before the damage becomes irreversible.

This is the style that Trump embodies, and it is exactly what we need right now. He is no great statesman, and perhaps never will be, but he can and does speak clearly and without any restraint, bypassing mass media filters and ignoring the ensuing hysteria whipped up by establishment mouthpieces. He can be a shining example for others and will be, in my view, the most important ally of the people of Europe over the coming years.

In conclusion, I feel vindicated in almost every aspect of my last report. The trends are all still all there, but whether their final outcome will be war, social collapse or revolution is a question that remains as open as it was a year ago. Germany has been changed forever, and unless we undo everything that Soros and Merkel have done to us and become a conservative and self-aware country again, our prognosis will become increasingly dire.

By “Alex”


Rhisiart Gwilym said...

Alex sounds as much like a ranting crypto-nazi as he did the last time. Are things really this bad in Germany? And what does it say about Club Orlov if it gives space to such articles?

Note: I'm not saying that the incidents that Alex reports aren't happening. And yes of course, any self-respecting nation should respond to them decisively, absolutely not with effeminate weakness. The Russian response to such misbehaviour, as described by Dmitry in an earlier post, sounds quite right, and should be copied further west. But does the racist, xenophobic interpretation that Alex builds on these incidents really stand up? I don't claim to know; just asking. How would I get a proper perspective from either the Western lamestream media or the internet, for sure? I don't doubt that the worrying influx of people to Europe from other parts of the world is happening. (Expect a lot more such folk-wandering pressure, as the world's Long Descent continues, just as JMGreer foresees.) But does Alex's belligerent interpretation of it really stand up? Where does he get his authoritative insight? Or is this just a string of knee-jerk xenophobic assumptions?

A careful dividing line needs to be drawn between legitimate concern - and appropriate response - and racist, xenophobic hysteria. That way lies Der Volkische Beobachter...

Dmitry Orlov said...

Rhisiart, you are quick to use a bunch of adjectives most people would find offensive, but they miss the target by a mile. What is really offensive is that you are discrediting testimony based on your perception, not facts, whereas this article is fact-based. Its conclusions are based on observations, plenty of them firsthand. If certain facts sound "racist" and "xehophobic" to you, that's your problem. Deal with it. Don't attack the messenger.

Ivan Lukic said...

There was an information recently that of 1,2 million refugees that arrived in Germany in 2014 and 2015, only 34 thousands found job. All other will depend on German state benefits. One can have a glimpse where all this is heading by reading these two articles:



Social media are anti-social said...

Has anyone here read any of Sam Gerrans's columns published in RT? I've read 'em all several times over. Gerrans reminds me a lot of Dmitry.

These are the opening lines of Gerrans's last column, published in RT's Op-Edge section late last year: "Clearly, the fix is in: European countries are to be mixed and mashed out of all recognition by importing a wave of people from the third world. This has been decided at the highest levels, and you have no choice in the matter. None.

"The job of the liberal media is to label as 'evil' anyone who has any questions and to grease the wheels of the incoming traffic."

Michael Meier said...

Dmitry, the article might be "fact based", but facts are interpreted very differently by different people. Like the phrase "there are at least two sides to a story", we only got to read the one side from an AfD supporter. Instead of "Alex", I expected the name "Lutz Bachmann" as author of this article. The spin sounded almost exactly like what one hears from the PEGIDA demonstrators that meet for their regular "walks" (they don't even call them demonstrations).

Language is a very powerful tool. Sadly, both sides (government and opposition) try to use it to further their own agenda. The article by "Alex" only represents an opposition view. As with most opposition views, the most defining characteristic is that it opposes the status quo.

mmorgue said...

This sentence gives it away
"To believe that a nation, or even the white race, should be made to cease to exist by violent means and be replaced by third-world semi-society..."

It is not that facts, it is fear mongering, emotional judging and unwarranted predictions that I don´t dig.
And hey, since the invaders all have multiple identities, it follows, that their total number must be very much overestimated, hihi.

We Germans are more than 80 Million and who is going to wipe our behinds in the future after we failed to make enough babies?

In addition, Rome was also overrun by peoples from the periphery, that is the normal course of civilization in decline. There is no way of making this stop. I suppose the author will eventually move forward to the next level of his personal Kuebler-Ross, that would be bargaining I guess.

Anxiety free cheers from Germany,


Dan L. said...

Dmitry, with all due respect, "Alex"'s account is heavily editorialized throughout, and while there are references to ostensible facts, there are no specifics that could be used to independently verify "Alex"'s account of those facts, nor are there primary sources provided that constitute evidence for the facts cited.

Just as one example, he contrasts the account of Islam in the media as a "religion of peace" vs. the "reality" that it is actually a totalitarian ideology. There's probably something like 3000 flavors of Christianity, there's as many or more Muslims as there are Christians, and it's supposed to be "factual" or "fact-based" that Islam is a single totalitarian ideology full stop? This is not to deny that there is a strain of totalitarian Islam just as there have been and probably still are strains of totalitarian Christianity. Furthermore, it is not to deny that totalitarian Islam is vastly more popular and a much larger problem than any extant form of totalitarian Christianity -- it's just to point out that "Alex"'s account is the product of a biased and limited human mind rather than a crystallization of pure fact from the mouth of the demiurge.

The problem raised by Rhisiart (in an inflammatory way, but you can hardly complain about inflammatory statements after publishing "Alex"'s -- aren't we all supposed to be keeping open minds here?) is how much to trust "Alex"'s account of what things are like in Germany. I already know 100% because of what I mentioned above and a few other examples of "Alex" clearly overstating his case. But without any special trust for mainstream media and without a lot of personal contacts in Germany, I'm not sure about what parts of "Alex"'s account I can trust and how much I can trust it.

All humans are susceptible to error and it would be as stupid to credulously swallow everything I read on your blog as it would be to dismiss it all without serious consideration.

charries said...

The underlying problem is the US Occupation of Germany which makes it impossible for Germans to influence their governments except by making an enormous amount of 'noise.'
Because of this Germany and the EU have been paralysed by fear of offending their master throughout the long developing migration crisis, which reflects, with a relatively small delay, the intensification of the US attempts to establish its hegemony by military means throughout the middle east and south central asia.
Millions have been displaced from their homes and livelihoods in successive countries, from Somalia to Yemen. And there is only one destination for them: Western Europe.
In my view the solution to the problem is simple: Europe should act as a way station for refugees who can be viewed as a living petition for peace and non interference in their homelands. It should make every effort to assist the migrants in taking their case to the source of their problems, the United States whose government is the cause of their miseries and insecurities.
This is a course that would have to begin with European governments recovering their sovereignties and ceasing to assist the USA in its aggressions in such places as Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc, in fact to oppose such actions which are the direct cause of the impoverishment and breaking up of long established communities.
The effects of massive, uncontrolled movements of people on the countries through which they pass and in which they settle down are not mysterious or inexplicable. They can certainly not be attributed to anything more than the instinct to survive. It is not helpful to attempt to see them as parts of a genocidal plot or a conspiracy against cultures. In fact they represent the results of criminal wars, supported by western European governments, which are much closer to being both genocidal (of Arab or muslim majority nations) and contemptuous of rich and ancient cultures.
The solution, in short, to the problem that Alex experiences involves popular insistence, including through the ballot box, that the bleeding be staunched, that our governments end their complicity in the ruination of foreign communities.
Then there is the other big question, which I have no space to address here, namely the reasons why EU governments secretly want cheap, biddable, semi-slave pools of labour and the disintegrative effects of neo-liberal 'reforms'which, inter alia, have made it very difficult for working people to protect their living standards and regulate rates and conditions of employment.
It is not 'cultural marxism' whatever that may be that is at issue here but full blooded imperialism which tends to the homogenisation of humanity at the level of subsistence, or, in an era in which increasingly labour is found to be 'surplus', below.

NowhereMan said...

I'm not sure Trump embodies all that the author thinks he does here - the jury's still very much out on that - but the rest of this essay is spot on. The neo-liberal agenda has long since declared war on all of us; it's only fitting that we now return the favor - IN SPADES! Germany made the mistake of getting in bed with the US and what'ya know? They've now got a full blown case of broad spectrum, drug resistant, neo-liberal STDs. Ya get what ya pay for!

RML said...

It really has come to the point where namby-pamby, don'tcha jes luv everybody responses to this are a complete waste of time. This plague of an inability-to-connect-dots is not going to go away, like some gadet- replacement trend. We are living in a science-fiction movie where the peoples' brain/minds are severed and their bodies snatched from beneath them. They call it "social justice." To deny that this is more than a simple fad is to be a part of the very conditioning that is being socialized upon us.

We are dealing with very sophisticated psychological conditioning, that is on-going and always beta-tested. And yes, you can say this is of biblical-proportions because this conditioning mimics the attempt to remove the tares from the wheat [i.e., the only way to distinguish which is the tare and which is the wheat is to wait for their maturity; then you can readily see the difference].

Whether you're in a lab at the Tavistock Institute, the Frankfurt School or a subcontractor for the CIA, you know human and social engineering like the back of your hand. Yes, Pavlov was the progenitor, but his research was more a scientific inquiry than the later Skinner et al who received massive funding to make the way plain for social engineering and mind control.

We have gone over the horizon of sensibility and have upgraded the Delgado's "Psychocivilized Society" into a wireless world of brain manipulation. This is not an exaggeration. I wish it was. This entire pogrom is so well conceived, constructed and fully implemented that thoughtfulness, reason, compassion, etc., cannot extinguish it.

What would stop it or slow it down? A “Carrington Event” would do it. Anything that would disconnect the “connected” world from its own demise.

And for all of us anticipating being part of the Quidnon fleet will be heard quoting Rat: “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

Gott segne die Deutschen

Unknown said...

In August 2015 I listened to a (translated) piece on NPR about Angela Merkel's policy on immigration. She advanced a very balanced & sensible POV concerning the subject and why Germany could not absorb any more immigrants. Within a couple of months the flood started & she did a 180 on the issue. The question is WHY? I have not seen this addressed anywhere and am curious about it. Is she being blackmailed or paid off because there must be a reason.

Ekkar said...

Well yes, unrestricted immigration is a bad thing for a country. Let us remember, however, that the vast percentage of immigrants do not want to be immigrants at all. They want to (surprise surprise) stay at their homes, their towns, their countries. Unfortunately war ,for all it's various reasons, makes that impossible.
If mass immigration is to stop, we (the people whom buy iPhones, designer jeans, drive vehicles that consume oil, basically every activity that requires resources from "somewheres else") need to stop.
The world we have now, full of jihadist, million dollar bombs dropped on mud and stone homes, climate change, mass deforestation, ocean death, etc., is all bought and paid for by us. The ones so indignant of their national sovereignty desolving.
The words hypocrisy, and cognitive dissonance come to mind.
Thanks for the article!

WZ said...

Dimitry the author seem very childish in comparison to what we read here usually!. Being part of same thinking as what you read here you feel part of a higher league but this one is based on some false judgments and lacking an intelligent insight about how we got here in the first place.

Dead men don't tell tales, it boggles my mind how police cannot overpower a lone guy walking at night in Italy. The recent Florida terrorist is believed to be mind controlled into what he did...There is nothing wrong in asking questions...

The author uses at number of places "islamic" this "islamic that". I find it similar to everything soviet is bad...

the author seems to also not have personally interacted or travelled to these troubled islamic countries. Most of the people are very normal people and give respect to especially europeans...

If author wants to find a solution of the mess Germany or Europe is in right now the solution is not in solving the problems mentioned in this article...They should just try to evict the American bases from their country and start looking east!.

For heavens sake they have heard time getting their own Gold back from nice people across the ocean!

mmorgue said...

@charries spot on.
this is what I was hinting at above: imperial overreach leads to a slow degradation on the periphery. people on the outside are made to suffer up to the point where eventually the chicken come home to roost.
let's stand up to war and imperial overreach. to a certain degree we already headed too far in the wrong direction, but as it seems the ptb will still be doubling down.
instead scapegoating seems to be the order of the day, because it is much easier than fixing our system of imperialism. my country was just standing by and is even helping the empire with its drone war in the Rammstein airbase - it is here where a large part of the atrocities are being orchestrated. Shame on us, we deserve to enter the age of consequences. Who would have been so blind to not see it coming. Ghadafi has warned europe and we just went ahead, now the bills come due.

Mister Roboto said...

Since nobody else probably will, I would point out that if you care about things that justice-minded liberals care about, such as rape prevention and LGBT rights, letting in a surge tide of very socially reactionary Muslim migrants might not result in quite what you want for your society. Many Eastern Europeans take a rather dim view of homosexuality and don't much care for the idea of gender equality, but far too many Muslims translate their disdain for these things into crime and violence. And while I might not agree with all of the author's ideological prescriptions, it should be remembered that Islam is just as much a political ideology on now to run a society as it is a personal religion. Perhaps that may change at some point as it did for Christianity a while back, but that day seems pretty far off just now.

Veronica said...

I agree with charries in that ultimately the world, including the US, has to stop enabling the DC neo-cons/neo-liberals in their quest to destroy all the functioning states of the middle east to turn them into bombed-out but easy access gas stations, and rebuild them as homelands that the refugees can return to. We'll still be left with the criminal element, but that can eventually be dealt with. Trouble is, math is against us. Permanent growth on a finite planet is an open gate to the four horsemen. We haven't begun to deal with the wave of climate refugees - that party has barely started. We appear to be strapped in for the ride. It may well be that Quidnon-like nomads will be the remnant of our species that survives. I'd love to believe in an easy solution, but I don't.

Ken Barrows said...

The author's "anti-child" comment seems a little off topic. Facts but plenty of editorializing, too. Does he have an axe to grind--all liberals, etc?

Diogenese 5 said...

What is more xenophobic and racist than attacking the citizens of the country that took you in ?

Unknown said...

Glad to see so many people left critical comments. The first thing that made my jaw drop was Alex referring to the migrants drowning as a "tragedy" - yes, quote-unquote. If not a tragedy, what is it? Would Alex perform a happy little dance over a body of a drowned toddler? Perhaps in his version of the universe, decent family people just stay put and enjoy the war. This post reminded me of the Wall Street Journal article, explaining why the Americans are not sorry for the 224 Russian men, women and children who died in that plane crash in Egypt. Dmitry, our parents were children when our country was invaded, and it's citizens were killed indiscriminately. Many of them had to run for their lives and died in the process. Would you tolerate anyone calling this a "tragedy"?

John Shrader said...

Thanks for publishing this essay, Dmitry. I have never seen so many comments that read like establishment trolls. Where are the real humans?

Rhisiart Gwilym said...

No really, Dmitry: Not all just cold, factual reportage. A lot of editorialising commentary too, and obviously driven by strong xenophobic - and arguably racist - feeling. If people find such realistic, accurate describer words offensive, I hardly think that's my problem. I stand by my original assessment.

Certainly, something bad is happening in Germany because of this madly-permitted - encouraged, even - influx of crowds of migrants from other parts/other cultures. A paler version of the same pattern is simmering up here in Britain too. Of course it's going to cause trouble, and needs to be stopped. To that extent I and any sane person could agree with Alex. And I don't question the factual information either about the bad things that have already happened there because of the influx.

Nevertheless, my supposedly-offensive words describe Alex's editorial opinions quite fairly, I think. The responses of other commenters here make it clear what the root cause of the folk-movements is, and what we, of the Western states, could do to address them: stop thugging and thieving about in other peoples' countries; help them get back onto their feet; then help the migrants get back to their own homes in a viable state. Stop permitting 'our' governments to indulge in Western imperial state-terrorism, in other words. And - whilst we're at it - we could face up to the Synergising Global Crises - the intractable ones in the realm of geophysics such as climate shift and human population overshoot - and make some actually-adequate dampening response to them.

Will we do all that? Doubtful. I wouldn't give you short odds. But if 'our' governments (and the corporate-oligarch class who really own them) create these problems in the first place, and then refuse to help cure them constructively, and even try to deny culpability, and if we-the-people just sit with our heads in the sand, indulging in our temporariy-still-pampered lives, and let them do things this way, then how can any of that be fairly blamed on the victims - the migrants themselves? That sounds like a pretty racist tack to take, to me. And - unchecked - it points towards an upsurge of frank fascism - just as the Anglo-European history of around a century ago suggests...

Whyawannaknow said...

"Then there is the other big question, which I have no space to address here, namely the reasons why EU governments secretly want cheap, biddable, semi-slave pools of labour and the disintegrative effects of neo-liberal 'reforms'which, inter alia, have made it very difficult for working people to protect their living standards and regulate rates and conditions of employment."
(End quote)

Oligarchs and their highly paid, profit share driven managers who know they are beyond control of or loyalty to any individual state would certainly like to lower wages and destroy collective bargaining any place it still holds power in Europe, as they mostly have in USA.

Get a "2 for" out of the deal, destroy worker's cohesion with a huge pool of hungry and unemployed immigrants, while steering hard to the right the previously liberal social policies of the original inhabitants, simultaneously elimiminating a progressive tax structure on corporate profits?

Fragment underling unity while steering politics into a nice, easy to control right wing, corporatist/fascist vein... It's all good.

Looks like the conditions I live in, and soon any non billionaire Europeans will get to join us. Hey, if your opinion MATTERED, you would already be rich, right?

Tosha said...

So many concern trolls here it is quite impressive. Dmitry it looks like you are on the radar! Pozdravl'ayu!
And now to the essence - most of the comments are name calling - "racist", "xenophobic", "childish". You forgot the "bigot" and "homophobe" and you end up with a basket of deplorables.
But aside from name calling what did he say that was so racist? He is mostly talking about a failed government and establishment that does not have our best interest in mind. He is mostly attacking the police, the border control, the MSM media and the politicians for their failed policies and actions regarding the immigration crisis. He barely even talks about the immigrants themselves.

Anonymous said...


The word you're looking for is "bourgeoisie". They're the sources of adverse outcomes to nearly every drama and contest we've had for the past 100 years. In fact, they usually are the ones provoking the contest.

I'm with you on disciplining institutions from below, but on the basis of class, not religion. Yahweh needs to get back into his assigned turf and stop harassing the rest of us.


I too will be glad for liberals to stfu. Moral dispensation and self-regard really are all they got. Yet evangelicals fail to make a connection, and wonder why their attempts to sell the old boss -- on whose law liberal ideology and aesthetics are strongly based -- meet with so much hostility and opposition.

Mark said...

Meantime, in America, TPTB have concluded most consumers can no longer add 2 + 2 and get 4.
Real or Fake?

Everything is for sale, including the divine, including the sacred, including other stuff that doesn't even exist, quantitatively.
Real or fake?

Bytes slide without friction through fiber-light-cable, silicon repositories of virtual intelligence, and Edward Snowdens' keyboard. Everyone's keyboard.
Real or Fake?

Give me a home, where the Buffalo roam. And the Deer and the Antelope play. I think when you open the Heart, to sorrow and suffering, things get real clear.

Phillip Glass composed the idea of Satyagraha into music, with libretto in Sanskrit. Also did Koyaniskatsi - a Hopi word meaning "Life out of Balance". Premonitions of "Shrinking the Technosphere".

Anselmo said...

This post seems me some histeric and superficial, but shows very well the confusion generated by the Merkel call to the inmigration of one million of Syrians and the subsequent stampede.

I can´t understand why Merkel made such invitation. A feeleing of culpability for racist crimes commited in the past for the Germans?. The necessity of provide the german economy of very cheap work force, for to compete with sweat factories of thir wolrd countries ?. A plot for to destroy Germany or Europe?......

But I can say , as a Spaniard , that i feel that the prestige of Germany is very damaged for me.

Ivan Lukic said...

The problem with Germans is that they are too disciplined people. When they are instructed to be hostile and aggressive towards others, they follow the instruction. When they are instructed to feel guilt and to have collective Stockholm syndrome, they follow the instruction. Germans oscillate between extremes. The amplitudes are too big, almost self-destructive. How can Europe ever be a stable continent with such important nation in the state of mental disballance? Germans are the people that strongly depend on leadership. And what kind of leader is Bundeskanzlerin Merkel? By not solving the problem of migrants (because most of them are not refugees but the migrants that use the opportunity to migrate to a rich country) Bundeskanzlerin Merkel is making the problem bigger. And if the problem is not solved in time it will escalate and explode.

don said...

The United States has destabilized much of the Middle East with war after war, drones, bombings, forced "regime change," and ultimate ruin. And many people flee from the resulting chaos and hopelessness. Europe is the destination of most of them. Shouldn't the blame be place where it belongs? On the good ol' U.S.A.

Romandière said...

Tosha, read this again as an example.
"But why should we rely on politics when our opponents are not really politicians at all but traitors—our mortal enemies, hellbent on destroying our country, ruining us financially, promoting Volkstod [national death], child marriage, acceptance of Sharia law and replacement of the population with criminals and work-shy trash imported from failed states?"

Yes he talks about failed goverment, stupid politicians and more, but all this just serves as a setup to vilify immigrants and muslims.
His gravest mistake is generalising some events. His strategy reminds me of the deplorable author Dalrymple.

"To me, their Cultural Marxism is now nothing but a mental illness."
Cutural Marxism? ugh ... no comment

koen said...

A country like Japan, with the same World War 2 legacy as Germany, with an export oriented manufacturing economy and an aging population like Germany, accepted 27 refugees in 2015. Germany more than a million.

The refugee crisis is an exclusively West-European problem. Neither America, Russia, China want these migrants. Eastern Europe rejects these migrants. Only Western Europe accepts them. This dividing line runs straight through Germany, with the former East-Germany less accepting of migrant behavior than West Germany.

Rhisiart Gwilym said...

Tosha, your 'mostly' was carefully considered. Mostly, maybe; but not entirely. The racist xenophobia is clearly there. As one who was born into the start of the previous war against nazism, I assure you that it's more than just 'concern trolling' that makes me not want to see fascism resurgent in Europe. But that's exactly what the - deliberately-engineered? - influx of people from other parts of the world is blowing up amongst those such as yourself who try to excuse it - the fascistic knee-jerking - as simply common sense. There is plenty of real, reasonable ground for alarm. Something needs to be done to stop the influx, and to control the behaviour of the migrants already here, according to our customary law. But it doesn't justify sliding towards frank fascism. Discrimination between the two is vital.

Jef said...

As bad as it is in Germany and throughout Europe it is 100 times worse in the places that all of the refuges are fleeing from.

Why is it so bad in the Countries where the refuges are coming from? Hmmmmmmm?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Germany has NOT been changed "forever". These things can be reversed.

Tosha said...

Romandiere - I am not sure why Darlymple is "deplorable". A person having real life experience, actually working with real people and not pretty graphs and pictures in a nice office, and coming to the conclusion that the current progressive views of the Western Society minimize the personal responsibility and lead to negative side effects is a lot less deplorable than the talking heads with their absurd theories and zero life experience.
Second - how do you know his whole setup is to vilify the immigrants? Most of his essay is about the establishment letting some immigrants do bad things. Anyway - I don't care what Alex's intentions are. Let's talk about his arguments - not about the person. Do you agree these things are happening? Do you think the benefits of bringing these people outweigh the costs?

Rhisiart Gwilym - Again Alex could be a racist xenophobe, or he could be just an objective observer. Either way it is still argumentum ad hominem. I don't see any suggestions he makes that justify sliding towards fascism. Can you give an example of anything he says that justifies fascism?

Anonymous said...

I received the autographed copy of your book this past weekend. Thanks.
I initially was in favor of western countries accepting migrants from northern Africa since western countries either supported the illegal wars initiated by the USA and NATO or raised no objection to them.
I've since changed my position. The NATO and USA aggression is still immoral and illegal but so is the lawlessness of too many of the immigrants. The European population need not put up with such bad behavior. I assure you that groping women and thieving by Europeans in North Africa would not be tolerated by the inhabitants.
The European people initially accepted the migration for just reasons. It didn't work. Nothing wrong with changing your position when it is found to be not working.
As far as the posters throwing around the word fascist, accept the fact that the deep state of all industrial nations are now fascist although they be different shades of such.

pdxr13 said...

I can't see the "hate" in wanting to preserve your Nation and your countrymen, who embody your culture.

Who are these commenters to demand that others be sacrificed to violent opportunist coordinated invaders that the local defense agencies (news media/police/courts) are not allowed to defend against without criticism and threat of legal action/loss of position/assets personally? Trolls, many of them paid by wealthy foundations as well as "true believers" who work without pay. They dis-incentivize enforcement of law and demoralize generally. Thanks to the page-owner for allowing them to speak freely in favor of national/global suicide, so that good people might become familiar with the style of speech.

DeVaul said...

History is strange in how it changes even during your own lifetime. I can remember standing on a lonely subway platform in West Berlin in 1984 with only a Turkish girl standing to my left about 30 feet. She was uncomfortable being alone so late at night, and I wondered why she was out so late at night.

Suddenly, three German teenagers dressed in black leather and wearing chains and neo Nazi emblems came down the stairway and started walking towards the girl. I could sense her fear, and I immediately started walking towards her, which probably scared her too, but I just walked right past her and placed myself between her and the punks, who stopped to look me over.

We both glared at each other, and I showed them that I was armed. They didn't like it one bit, and when the train arrived, all of us got on even though this was not my train. There we all were in one car, with them talking quietly to each other. I guess they decided to pass that night, and I got off with the girl in the Turkish quarter, where I was truly lost. She kindly wrote instructions on how to get back to my hotel and thanked me.

Today, I would do the same thing for a German girl, only I would motion for her to run while I tried to hold back the mob of crazed religious fanatics that make up most of these criminals. It is my personal belief that many of them are the defeated rebels and mercenaries brought in by the CIA and Turkey, so their behavior in Europe does not surprise me at all.

I believe they are there because France, England, Germany, the US, and Italy have no where else to send these mercenaries now that Turkey does not want them back.

de amateureconoom said...

I live in Belgium and we didn't have the same problems on the scale alex is talking about, probably because the influx has been lower. I wander why people would flee to countries with strange cultures and languages. I live in a city which has 200 nationalities, so there is a drastic shift in population and studies about population say that in 2040 60 % will be of foreign origin. In classes where my children go to school50 to 70 % of the children have one or both parents from foreign background.
The local Belgiums stay single or only have one or two children.
I think it's more a economic maater then a war one


I should be working diligently on the tomato starts, but I could not help noticing that none of the commentariat,nor the author managed to mention the Magic Word -- not even once. The entire verbal exchange posted here surprisingly misses the point, centering around meaningless accusations of blame for what is so obviously the attempted dissolution of all nationalism, including Germany, and the creation of a global dictatorship that would replace national identities with an authoritarian overlay held together by the central control of all forms of money.
Oh, I almost forgot the global enforcement troops! Oh sure, blame the US for everything! I can assure you that they are on the same slide to catastrophe as yourselves, except that they, along with their lesser associates in NATO, have the job of destabilizing the planet and thus giving rise to the "migrants" that plague the hapless denizens of the EU and almost everyone else.
No, you cannot blame governments or countries or baseless religious dogma or various stripes of rigid political beliefs, nor even human predelictions towards bigotry and hatred of the "different." What is happening is the triumph of a very familiar theme running through our psyche -- greed. Perhaps I should say "acquisitiveness" just to put a less predudicial spin on the secret of our "success" as a species. Just as we learned to make better and more efficient tools, we learned to spin better and more efficient theories to better project our ability to acquire and control the world. Unfortunately, we are not as good at beneficially rational behavior as we are at irrational destructive behavior. Thus we have now reached the threshold of the culmination stage of the destructive nature within the majority of us homo not-so-sapiens.
We currently certainly have the means of destruction, and embedded in our core phyche is the motive and that motive is the magic word: "capitalism," specifically "disaster capitalism." I can certainly understand why Bob Dylan wrote: "I'm trying to get as far away from myself as I can." Self destruction seems to be an intrinsic and immutable component of our nature, and sadly I suspect we will continue to doggedly pursue it until we finally succeed, or could I say " die trying?"
In the meantime, enjoy the planet and the ephemeral, beautiful life force that runs flickering blue electric through our plasma. Oh, and maybe read " The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism." By Naomi Klein.

genepaul said...

The evaluation of events presented here seems very influenced by 'right-wing paranoia'

There are constant references in the article to a 'leftist' conspiracy which is actively engaged in the migration of people from MENA to Europe. This idea is attractive to that particular psychology which seems to affect the 'ultra-nationalist'. That scary "other", whether it be leftist or non-white, is "always out to get us!" What these people fail to realise is that their own personal insecurity is the source of this apprehension. If anything it is the paragons of their own in-group which do them the most harm. Dmitri may have explained that nationalism is not an aberrant phenomenon when used to foster good relations amongst an in-group that is geographically discrete. Yet we see now that in the modern era the forces of nationalism are just as damaging to the social fabric as the forces of 'multiculturalism'. In fact I would say they are worse, as it is the right's fear-mongering that magnifies the harm that comes from 'others'. Hence the influx of refugees is termed 'invasion' and unemployed men who can't find work are termed 'ingrateful layabouts'.

vera said...

I followed last year's report from Alex, and have read all the comments here. There seems to be more awareness that something is seriously wrong in western Europe, and that is good.

What is disheartening is that the strategy of "point and shriek" is still prominent among commenters. Shaming people to shut up inconvenient opinions shows you in poor light, not the man who reports. His report is not only experiential, but also, naturally, emotional -- and understandably so. Anyone in their right mind, watching these events unfold, watching the massive fail of governance in western Europe, should be horrified, IMO. If you are not, as they say you are not paying sufficient attention. So give him some slack, and do your own research. The info is all over the internet.

People speculate about the causes for this massive migration, but that speculation is too one sided. While commenters rightly invoke climate weirding and armed conflicts (often linked to NATO/U.S.) in some parts, most of the migrants come from areas that are not on this map. They are either economic or islamic migrants, or both. To mention Islam as one of the causes of this mass migration is still too politically incorrect here, it seems. Yet if you peruse youtube, for example, you will find endless evidence that Islam encourages conquest via migration, and if you familiarize yourself with the Koran, you will find heavy emphasis on the religiously mandated hatred of vile disbelievers and on islamic supremacy over all the world. Isn't it time people learn what Islam is about? Read the Koran, read the Hadith and the Sira. Find out for yourself from the sources -- we all need to be able to discuss this among ourselves with some measure of savvy.

Then there is the question of political intent behind the migration. That's a really interesting question, and there are no easy answers. But I have been looking into it closely for more than a year, and I think the evidence is there. At least in part, this is indeed socially engineered, and the steadfast refusal of west European authorities to enforce the law that would have protected their citizens from migrant depredations, as well as the migrants themselves from depredations of the more criminally minded among them, is clearly intentional, and not attributable to naivete or stupidity. So are the strenuous efforts of the German and other governments to silence and persecute critics.

Kudos to Alex for having the courage to report, and to Dmitry for giving him voice.

America Reforged said...

Here is a different angle on the politics of mass immigration. Western Europe is rich wrt the area from which immigrants flood in. Abundance and wealth make people soft and weak. It has diminished the utility of traditional masculinity. The media and educational system s teach men to act in ways that are traditionally feminine. While that new behavior is PC, on a biological, deeply rooted evolutionary level it is not sexually attractive.

Mena men come from an environment of relative scarcity in which strength, dominance and aggressiveness are necessary to compete. Europeans are not used to dealing with men of this sort. Considering that have the population is women, who crave aggressive, dominant men, and most of the men are culturally indoctrinated to give women what they want or be considered mysoginists, the vote will favor bringing in more outsiders. That will only change if the native men collectively man up and say enough.

WZ said...

Koran Hadith and sir and Islam in general has nothing to do with this...why to overcomplicate.

Europe is a bitch of USA...and islam has nothing to do with that...

all those people never wanted to leave their homes...they came because of (surprise surprise big news) all the NATO(USA) wars. Qaddafi warned about that!

Read Koran again and don't pay attention to Hadith thats just hearsay. But this is secondary no one needs to understand Islam because it has nothing to do with the problems Europe is facing...

There are lots of Muslim population in Russia and they don't have any of Europes problems...

koen said...

Let's play a game. You get to read three newspaper clippings about citizens returning from Syria. Two are from an Arab country; one is from a European country. You figure out which is which.

let's be frank, the overwhelming majority of Tunisians would not be offended if we took some liberty with the rules of law and considered all returning from the combat zones of Syria, Iraq and Libya guilty until proven otherwise. (L'economiste Maghrébin, 27 dec. 2016)

The return of these head choppers familiar with car bombs and suicide attacks causes feelings of anxiety, worry and fear amongst the population. (Kapitalis, 9 jan. 2017)

You need resources, you need to reintegrate into the job market, you need a license, you need a roof over your head. I fail to see why you should treat people who leave violent extremism differently (to young criminals). (The Independent, 20 oct. 2016)

Skydda Bråbygden said...

Rhisiart Gwilym said...
I tend to agree.

Fact based? The situation in Germany is however better than for instance Sweden, the writer says.

I live in Sweden. In 2016 we took more refugees per capita than any other European country, almost three times more than Germany. It has put a strain on us, but we can handle it. We've done it before.

Stirring up whining and xenophobic reactions is of course the intent of those powers that orchestrated this huge influx from the Middle East and Africa. You know, most of us here are human beings. As such we can see the difference between political schemes and other human beings in need. As a matter of fact, we have the space and resources and we know these people have suffered. Nothing special about that.

So, if it's "worse" in Sweden than in Germany, well good for you! It's all in all very good here. Dark and cold perhaps, but apart from that - we're doing fine here in Sweden!

Unknown said...

Just who has decided that foreigners have a "right" to come to any other land? Can you or I demand some country just let us in, and take care of our needs? We can tell they are being brought in, but by who, just who is behind all of this? Why aren't the leaders of these European nations stopping this?
Europeans will be replaced by foreigners. Africa is a huge continent, while Europe is so small, yet...the whole premise is that Europeans owe foreigners something and must mix with these people.
It will be the downfall of Western Civilization, and the pollyannas who go around and say there's plenty for everyone will be wrong. History does repeat itself

Banastal said...

Rhisiart Gwilym,
I have a friend in Germany. He's not as sophisticated or can't write as well as Alex, but he pretty much says everything what the author says.(and he's half Pakistani, born and raised by a german mother and german step father) It's just terrible. I can only imagine how german people feel, having their country destroyed by this flood of people.
This is a great account of what is going on and how Germans feel.

pdxr13 said...

If you feel the need to comment on the world, and you believe that Islam is irrelevant, you are wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0U12mvphx4

Unknown said...

"Any comments mentioning Mad....", ok then....

I want to thank all readers here who posted their comments! The opinions differ and sometimes the emotion is rather hot, but overall I find this discussion MUCH MUCH more interesting than on any of the usual platforms, be it newspapers, youtube etc.!

Yes, this is a difficult topic...it's THE determining topic of our time and age in Western Europe. I think it shows something we can still debate on this on the internet, but it well shows something that there are is now a clear, unmistakable public intent to introduce censorship.

This whole reality affecting us all is truly a fog that is hard to see through - we have our pesonal experiences, and then we have a body of media that cannot be trusted entirely, but is still anchored in reality to a degree without a doubt.

I say, keep on discussing while you can, accept that both factual and emotional tones have their place in a discussion and stay open for new information! Often times in the heat of an argument the emotion overcooks and every opportunity to exchange information rather than insult is destroyed. Keep that mind.

Kind regards from Austria.

Stone said...

I am white and European. I live in Europe and follow what is taking place with the alleged refugees on a nearly daily basis (via several sites that specialize in reporting about the invasion of Europe by extra-european clandestine populations), and I find myself in complete agreement with Alex.
All the talk in this thread about racism and xenophobia is little more than leftist moralizing, totally unacceptable and completely off the mark.
The white peoples of Europe have not asked for this invasion; we have not voted on the matter; it has simply been imposed upon us by largely socialist and globalist governments (who hate themselves and the white race) and various, often violent, leftist organizations such as No Borders (an organization funded by the transnational criminal George Soros). The level of crime and violence of all sorts (including nearly daily street violence in France, where the situation is particularly dire (cocktail Molotovs are now being used with increasing frequency) and could easily tip over into low intensity armed conflict) has dramatically risen in Europe; its prisons are full of Muslims and black Africans.
As I said, we have not asked for this situation, and, as such, we have no accounting to do to the immigrants, we are under no obligation to adapt to their ways, customs and beliefs. We owe them nothing at all (we even have the right to be racialists, that is to prefer living with folks that are like us: yes, race is real and matters). If they are not happy with our way of life, which clearly they are not in view of their behavior, they may simply return to their allegedly racism free and freedom loving countries of origin. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone here read "March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race ".

Ivan Lukic said...

Compared with 80 million Germans, one million migrants does not seem like huge number, but Muslim migrants tend to reproduce fast. You can see that in Kosovo, where orthodox Christian Serbs were majority just several decades ago. Albanian Muslim families usually have 6 0r 7 children and Serbian families have 1 0r 2. In a relatively short time Muslim Albanians became majority. And the problem with Muslims is that when they become majority they tend to be hostile and aggressive towards native population.

As a Serb, I do not feel solidarity with Western Europeans. Western Europeans and USAians helped Muslim Albanians and Bosnians against Serbs. It's their turn to see all the "advantages" of "human rights", "free press", "open economies", and other dogmas used to cause mental block in native population.

show me one socialist success in world history said...

Wow. The apologists' comments casting doubt on Alex, his 'facts', the nature of or actual existence of any threat are all made while the camel's nose is under the tent. Free and open debate about what to believe, what to discard, is a hallmark of ONLY WESTERN CIVILIZATION. While you debate the shape, size and nature of the camel's nose, the fact remains not one single takeover of a country by muslims has improved that country, in any way.

Debate while you can. Your grandchildren will not be allowed to.

Paul Bonneau said...

No matter what the truth of the story, Germans would be wise to arm themselves. To do that they will have to learn to break the law. To do that they will have to stop being "Good Germans". Do they have it in them? I sure don't know.

Unknown said...

I stopped reading when he said that the situation is worse in some ways more in the UK than Germany. Total non-sense, I've been to large Muslim areas many times and never once have my friends and I felt threatened or intimidated. Muslims in the UK are well aware it is a liberal society and their beliefs are at odds with the vast majority of people living in the country, but don't make a fuss.

I often feel more of a kinship with Muslims than white Brits because they too have a more conservative outlook at life, which I share with them. If anything I'm far more concerned about how Britain has become a more joyless place the more liberal it has become.

What Germans feel about Islamic immigration is up to them, but I will always defend the largely hardworking and well behaved Muslims that we have in the UK.

The Zionist Rebel said...

Alex, you are Paul Revere ... ignore the eruropussies and islam-o-apologists. Thanks to the threat of Hillary I stocked up on food, guns and ammo.. The future is bight, with Brexit, May and T R U M P! Merkel and the NWO needs to be sacked.

The Zionist Rebel said...

Skydda Bråbygden -- I am confused... do you mean that Swedes volunteer cultural DEATH and welcome 3rd world savages? Or are you the guy in the unaffected gated community?

WZ said...

by the way it boggles my mind how the people of a country who took on the whole world not once but 2 times and then 3rd time on the table (EU) have trouble with few rag tag miserable refugees!

someone above mentioned that Germans like ever need labour to run their factories...in that case Germans you just relax let the refugees integrate that just means more free time for you...

as for they touching inappropriately your ladies thats not a big problem all you need is to grow back the lost alpha male population amongst you who were mostly killed in the wars (there are too many beta of you around)...so let the time take its course...relax...Ms Merkal is on it...

King Tuthill said...

All the paranoid right wingers need to get a grip. The idea that there's some sort of master plan on the part of Western political leaders to allow their countries to be destabilized by immigrant hordes for some mysterious ulterior motive is so preposterous as to be laughable. If anything, it's their shortsightedness, disorganization, lack of coordination, and impotence with respect to monied/military interests that is the root of most of our problems. In attributing to them the ability to devise such a vast conspiracy, you're giving them way more credit than they could ever deserve.

Have any of you ever run across a concept known as humanitarianism? Or is that just the domain of "Europussies"? Granted, some of the migrants are merely opportunists looking to suck off a fat tit (though the same could easily be said of a certain percentage of "native" citizens), but most of them are legitimate refugees whose homelands have been turned into a living hell. There but for the grace of God.

"Unknown" asks what right "foreigners" have to "come to any other land", failing to recognize/acknowledge that the "country" he, or anyone, lives in has its origins in conquest, not in some divine decree. Just because someone has had the good fortune (dumb luck?) to be born into a privileged first world existence doesn't mean they have the slightest entitlement to it. And considering that that existence is built to a great extent on the exploitation of the people and land in the third world, the idea that one can insulate oneself from the consequences of that exploitation is the height of arrogance. If you've partaken in the spoils, you're a party to the crime, and if it's finally blowing back, well, you/we kinda had it coming. It's called responsibility.

The only thing "miraculous" about the election of Trump is the magnitude of the cognitive dissonance and gullibility of those who bought his snake oil. Personally, as an American, I'm much more fearful of him and his nationalist followers than I am of immigrants who are mostly just looking to make a better life for themselves. In two days, a madman is moving into the White House. To all of you who helped to put him there, don't come running back for a refund when tshtf.

herepog2 said...

"The Father of the European Union--The Real Mover & Shaker Behind the Cutain"

6-20-16, by M. Armstrong

Most people have never heard of the real man behind the curtain who inspired the whole idea of the European Union, probably because his books are only in German. They certainly do not realize that his idea was to stop the inbreeding within Europe by mixing people and races to create the United States of Europe. The idea was to intermarry all Europeans to end nationality.


"The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe"


Mass immigration is a phenomenon the causes of which are cleverly concealed by the political elites, and the multicultural propaganda is employed to falsely portray it as inevitable. In this article we intend to prove once and for all, that mass immigration is not a spontaneous phenomenon. What the elites try to present as an inevitability of modern life, is actually the product of a plan conceived around a table and prepared over decades, to completely change the face of our continent.

The Pan-Europe

Few people know that one of the main instigators of the process of European integration, was a man who also conceived the genocide of the peoples of Europe. He was a sinister individual whose existence is unknown to the masses of our people, but the political elites consider him as the founder of the European Union. His name is Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi.

Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi


European Prize for the Chancellor


"The European Society Coudenhove-Kalerg" has awarded Chancellor Angela Merkel the European Prize 2010. The prize is awarded every two years for exceptional contributions to the European unification process.

. . .
Angela Merkel is the second German head of government (after Helmut Kohl who received the prize in 1990) to be awarded this prize. The last time the European Prize was awarded in 2008, it went to the former Polish Foreign Minister and current Secretary of State in the Polish Government, Władysław Bartoszewski.

The European Prize is based on the vision of the diplomat, philosopher and publisher Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. His family had its roots in several European countries. In 1922 Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi founded the Paneuropean Union, the oldest European unification movement, which attracted illustrious members including Albert Einstein and Konrad Adenauer. For this, he is deemed the founder of the modern democratic vision of Europe.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Foundation was established in 1978 by the Paneuropean Union to strengthen the vision of European unification. In 2008 it became a society, with headquarters in Vienna.

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DeVaul said...


You know what, let's just rewind the human reel back to Roman times, and in particular, the time of Attila the Hun.

The Situation: Thousands of refugees along with heavily armed mounted Gothic warriors have suddenly appeared in front of the walls of the eastern Roman border on the Danube, begging to be allowed to cross into Roman territory and in dire fear for their very lives. This was unprecedented. No one had seen anything like it. How could Gothic warriors be so afraid, and of what? Was this a ruse?

According to the refugees, a mass of savage mounted warriors were bearing down upon them quickly. A horde that had conquered many tribes and destroyed entire villages and massacred everyone. The survivors wanted refuge, but the Romans were reluctant to allow in such heavily armed warriors.

It was decided that only a major emergency would cause Gothic warriors to flee their homeland along with their women and children, but they would not be allowed to enter and then go anywhere they wanted. Instead, they must pledge their allegiance to Rome and to defend the border against the Huns along with the Roman garrison in exchange for refuge and food that would be sent for and brought to them. The refugees agreed to this and a treaty was signed.

They crossed over and settled inside Roman territory, but they needed the promised supplies as soon as possible as they had fled with only the clothes on their backs. When the Huns arrived, the Goths and other tribal remnants fought them as promised and helped guard the border and slow Attila down, but the Romans never delivered the promised supplies needed by the refugees. Rome broke its promise.

More promises were made and all broken, and the Goths never forgot this. There was no grand conspiracy, just another superpower exerting its force on everyone around it and looting and pillaging everywhere it could. The Goths gave up and changed sides and the Romans were overwhelmed. The Goths would later sack Rome as revenge for how they had been treated in the past by a now exhausted empire.

Today: the Anglo-Israeli empire loots and pillages all over the middle east, and the refugees flee in the only direction they can -- to the north. There, they are abused and used by the empire and its vassal states in exchange for refuge from the ongoing pillaging and massacres by the empire itself. The imperial leaders bungle everything and break all of their promises, causing grief and anger among both the refugees and the citizens of the vassal states that harbor the refugees.

A strange twist on an old story.

You can read one version of it at this link, but there are many others:


dermot said...
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koen said...

More important than war or hunger, it is money which determines whether you are able to become a refugee.

"Those who get to Italy are those who are able to pay the traffickers. A trip can cost 10 thousand euro, which is a considerable sum, even more so for Africa. Two years ago I was in Niger, the starting point for immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa who go through Libya to Italy. Those were not people dying of hunger, but people who have financial resources, maybe from selling a home or business. … Those who die of hunger do not have the money for food, let alone to pay a people smuggler." (Il Populista, Italy, 11 january 2017).

Of course, the cost of traveling is an investment, which needs to be recuperated. This is what it looks like on the receiving end:

"The number of asylum seekers from Algeria and Morocco has risen sharply in recent months. Morocco and Algeria are on the list of safe countries, so there is little or no chance that immigrants get a residence permit. While they wait for their asylum procedure, some asylum seekers commit crimes. … Asylum seekers work in groups, targeting the purses, jackets and phone numbers of drunk people in Groningen nightlife. Secretary for Asylum Klaas Dijkhoff announced that the voluntary departure scheme, which includes a grant of 1,950 euros per person, is no longer available for asylum seekers from Morocco and Algeria." (Elsevier Magazine, Netherland, 15 november 2016)

Unknown said...

In this age of Victim Politics the Jew Reins supreme. If you question this title you may be jailed in most European Countries. "Judea declares war on Germany" said the New York Times in 1933 it seems they never ended that war with non stop anti German Propaganda, and the never ending promotion of Diversity in the Jewish Owned Media.with endless excuse after excuse for "mixing the gene pool"And if you don't like it you're a Racist. I mean if there's anyone one who doesn't really know whats going on then they are extremely naive.

Jim Yost said...

They had better get rid of Merkel before it's too late.