Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Elephant, Anyone?

Just a quick note. This morning, Jim Kunstler published this:

"In my father's house are many mansions Surely one of them has a room with no elephants in it...."

And, if you read his piece, you may have asked yourself, "What elephants?" Well, how about this one:

Good night!


Anonymous said...

That. Is. Hysterical!

Dr. Doom said...

The thought occurred to me that this is an adult site.

Hilarous and timely, as I was indeed wondering why JHK was referring to elephants in rooms.

Loved the corrected, or uncorrected subtitles!

6damon9 said...

This is excellent! It also brings to mind the old parable of the blind men and the elephant. No one can actually see the elephant. We're all blindly trying to build a complete mental model of this creature from incomplete and conflicting data. The interpretations are all over the map, though some are more accurate than others. Maybe we might manage to collaborate & synthesize an accurate understanding of the beast, in time to avoid adding one more inaccurate description: the causal agent of human extinction...

ballondesssay85 said...

The funniest thing I've seen.

By the time Brown was getting quantitatively eased I was collapsing in hysterics.

Question Time will never be the same again!

Can we see Harriet Harman get some quantitative easing next,please?

Bill Real said...

lol! top link :D

dermot said...

Damn - the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

Americans: this is based on "Question Time", an actual BBC Q&A show where politicians are asked questions by a studio audience, and talk shite for an hour.