Sunday, March 08, 2009

Similitudini tra superpotenze

Many thanks to Michele for translating an entire chapter of my book into Italian.

La propaganda ufficiale ha sempre provato a dipingere il conflitto tra superpotenze come una conseguenza ovvia e inevitabile delle differenze non conciliabili tra le due parti.

Una parte era rappresentata come la manifestazione di tutto ciò che è buono e giusto nel mondo, l’altra come tutto ciò che è malvagio e repressivo. C’era sempre un’etichetta per descrivere il nemico, efficace nei confronti della propria audience, tipo l’aggressore Imperialista o l’impero del male...


Admin said...

Mr. Orlov,

How about translating your book into ... Russian? Do you think it would be appreciated?

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Michele.

Dmitry Orlov said...

Many people have inquired about a Russian translation of RC, and I am certainly in favor of the idea. The problem is with finding a Russian publisher who would license the rights from the English publisher. So, if you know a Russian publisher who might be interested, please send them my way.

Anonymous said...

I think for Russians and ex-Soviets,especially living in the ex-USSR, the works by Mr. Orlov will not present a big interest just because we already have lived under the collapse and within that collapse. So, why should we reread the same lesson outcomes over again? I am not against it, I just think that it can depress people here and it is hardly needable. Valery (from Astrakhan, Russia)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dmitry,

When the banks closed in Argentina seven years ago people made their own money to continue trading among themselves.

We did the same in hundreds of communities across America during the Depression Era.

Now that we know better, it feels that we should be busy setting up networks of trust and community currencies everywhere we still have community.

For starters I suggest reading: Money, Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender, by Thomas Greco

Best, Sergio Lub