Friday, August 15, 2008

Radio Interview

I was recently interviewed by Marianne Barisonek of KBOO-FM in Portland, Oregon. The MP3 is available here. Marianne did a great job of pulling key points out of my book and letting me comment on them.


bryant said...

Dear kollapsnik,

I can't find your interview at KBOO...I looks as though it takes about a month for interviews to show up in the archives. Or am I not looking in the right spot?

Is there any way to access the .mp3 prior to next month?


Dmitry Orlov said...

I just tested the link, and it works for me. I added it to the logo as well just now.

bryant said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful interview!

when I pour, I reign said...

I have recently come across your blog and your articles on collapse..all very interesting.

Not sure if this has been covered by previous posts,but I think the situation unfolding in Zimbabwe also gives us excellent clues as to what happens when a seemingly well functioning, mostly capitalist society with a middle income GDP per capita collapses amid inflation now running at 11 million %. How the Zimbabwe people survive and deal with economic, social and political failure can provide us with perhaps important insights into such calamitous processes.

Anonymous said...

No, @Kusniati. I don't think so, just because over there isn't over here. Maybe it depends on where you live exactly and how 'it' (the collapse or whatever you want to call such a process proceeding) will be reflected in the media. The Internet will give those who can think the possibilities; but those who didn't at anytime earlier will just do what mostly films and series propose: looting and shooting... :/
We all should remember that african ppl are used to such conditions; worsening economy means for them "just don't buy with money". Do you know anybody who can imagine and could go through with an economy whitout interests, e.g.? Or just banks for that matter... :D