Monday, August 25, 2008

Combler le « retard d'effondrement »

Everything sounds better in French, even collapse:

L'Union soviétique était mieux préparée à l'effondrement que les États-Unis !

I am happy to announce that my Closing the Collapse Gap slide show has finally breached the language barrier into the francophone world: Combler le « retard d'effondrement » is now available on Qu'y a-t-il sur orbite ?


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Anonymous said...

Merci mille fois! The paucity of data (or its apparent lack) in French is surprising, considering the francosphere is probably more receptive to such claims--a step in the right direction. The only significant source of French info that I know of is Oleocene. Do you know of any others? Communicating the realities of peak oil to my friends is often difficult due to language barriers; I would prefer it if they could inform themselves. Cheers for the effort.