Thursday, May 31, 2018

My interview on Europe's ARTE Vox Pop

Last month I flew to Paris for a day and recorded an interview for ARTE channel, which broadcasts in a bunch of languages all over Europe. Unfortunately, this interview is not yet available in English. Here it is auf Deutsch and en fran├žais.


Wolfgang Brinck said...

I watched the German version of the interview which also included coverage of a prepper convention.
I am curious how seriously the possibility of collapse is being taken by the French media. Is this interview an attempt to raise the visibility of collapse ideas or is it an attempt to trivialize these ideas? Hard to tell without knowing what kind of company this interview keeps in its native environment. Is it treated as a serious topic or is it treated as a freak show? Next week, coverage of a UFO convention, people who keep tigers as pets, etc?

Dmitry Orlov said...

Wolfgang, this is definitely part of an effort to keep the Eurozombies pacified for as long as possible. The only bit of truth that filtered through was my point that countries that don't respect their own borders and refuse to enforce their own immigration laws aren't going to be contenders for long. Actually, I only made half that point, but that was shocking enough. I am amazed that they actually broadcast that. I suppose it helped that I said in a context that made me look like a "crazy Russian".

Gioavnni said...

Just watched the German version. The part I liked most was when it came to Europe's "policy" of open borders which is a blatant violation of the existing law (the usage of firearms against intruders who try to enter Germany illegaly is set in German law).
It became downright funny watching the interviewer struggle fo words when Dmty laid out to him that it is ok to change the law but it is not ok to violate it (in response to the interviewers claiming that the immmigrants to Europe are fleeing war implying that law enforcers should surrender).
I am not sure whether the interviewer got the message that if governments can violate laws at will for in this case purportedly "humanitarian" reasons one essentially abolishes the rule of law for good. But the application of logic does is not among the strengths of a western scocial justice warrior.

Nicolas Huillard said...

I was pleased to see you in Vox Pop. I regularly watch this program, and I think that was a real attempt at raising the visibility of collapse. John-Paul announced you as a bit cynical, and I think he was referring to this sequence about immigration laws.
It was refreshing to see this subject. This program doesn't talk about UFOs or tigers as pets, and brings up serious and underrepresented subjects.

Marcelo said...

I watched the German version,around 2 minutes before the end the journalist says "but these people (He is talking about the people invading Europe) are fleeing wars"...I really "love" how these pseudo journalists sell propaganda, Goebbels style. Dmitry, you should have said that most of the people invading Europe ARE NOT fleeing wars, just a few of them (and all of these are fleeing NATO wars), I would have liked to see his face after hearing this.
By the way, I am reading your Collapse Chronicles, volume 5. Great Book as all the other I read from you.

Anonymous said...

Arte broadcasts in 2 languages (German and French). They will not release it in English. You probably can ask for it privately.