Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ask Me Anything on Reddit

A wide-ranging Q&A on Reddit's Collapse sub-reddit.


D.Mitchell said...

I loved the AMA. SOme people were really nasty, but others were sweet. By the way, bought the homesteading book you published. Still haven't read it all.

Rhisiart Gwilym said...

That Q&A is a fun read! Still wrestling with bank bureaucracy. Patreon sign-up coming soon.

lisllys said...

Dmitry, a few years ago I sent you a donation from Australia. It was in 2013, I think, after you had requested financial aid, and an amount of roughly $1000. The interface did not let me put in my details though so I inadvertently became an anonymous benefactor!

Now I wonder whether I could cash in, so to speak, on that by being granted access to your posts without having to join patron. Is this something you could arrange?

Dmitry Orlov said...

lisyllis -

Thank you for your support, but I have no way of granting you guest access on Patreon. I'll ask them about it, since this is something that comes up periodically.