Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's official: US stole Ukraine's gold

This just in: it turns out that the rumors were right after all. At least part of the reason the US State Dept./CIA staged a coup in Ukraine that overthrew its democratically elected government and installed a neo-Nazi puppet regime was to steal Ukraine's gold. Rumor had it that shortly after the coup the gold was quietly loaded onto a plane that took it to the US. And now comes the official revelation: Ukraine has no gold reserves left. The gold was sold to pay for a failed military campaign in Eastern Ukraine, and to prop up the fake paper gold market for a little bit longer. One would expect that once the fix is off, the price of gold will skyrocket, the US dollar will drop like a rock, and Americans will need to add the word “hyperinflation” to their list of national woes.


rapier said...

I'm sure the story will be that the US took the gold for safe keeping. So on some ledger somewhere there is a line that says Ukraine has XX tons of gold so it is still Ukraine's gold, in theory. Just like the US is holding much of Germany's gold which they recently decided they didn't really need to take delivery of after all. After getting a pittance of it last year the just said, 'what the hell, just keep it for us'.

On one level it actually makes some sense in that the so called government is so weak and corruption so rampant it could have become vulnerable. Of course our story will be we were afraid Puntin might steal it. I predict you will hear this formulation shortly.

Dmitry Orlov said...

Not quite. Check the official admission. Aaaand... it's gone!

Reverse Engineer said...

Hyperinflation of the Dollar is highly unlikely until after the Yen and Euro subsidiary currencies go through their collapse.

This Kabuki will take a bit of time to play out. Due to resource depletion, credit creation and distribution are hamstrung, and it is no better for the Chinese or Russians.

It's a deflationary environemnt overall.


Anonymous said...

inasmuch as

1)the supposed 8,000 tons of gold at Ft. Knox hasn't been audited for DECADES

2)the US didn't/couldn't hand over Germany's 3,000 tons of gold

3)the Ukraine is in the grip of billionaire oligarchs holding a certain dual-citizenship

4)the missing Ukrainian gold (plus the unaudited/unobtainable US/German gold) probably did NOT arrive in the US

5) it arrived instead in a certain middle east demi-state where, there to join the already hijacked US/German gold

TerraHertz said...

Was The Price Of Ukraine's "Liberation" The Handover Of Its Gold To The Fed?
A curious story, and one which should be taken with a mine of salt, has surfaced out of the pro-Russian newspaper Iskra, which reports - so far on an entirely unsubstantiated basis - that last Friday, in a mysterious operation under the cover of night, Ukraine's gold reserves were promptly loaded onboard an unmarked plane, which subsequently took the gold to the US.
Cue current Ukraine government pretending to be surprised and mystified to find their gold missing now, seven months later.


Unknown said...

A must read for European politicians in general and that of German ones in particular.

BRF said...

If one truly has an understanding of Comex then one realizes that the Comex exchange can go on for a very long time as very little gold is delivered outside of the exchange. Those saying that Comex is in imminent danger of not being able to deliver either don't know what they are talking about or are deliberately misleading the public. Don't take my word for it here's a Wall Street trader to explain...http://kiddynamitesworld.com/precious-metals-charlatans-freaks-of-the-industry/.

If Ukraine's gold was stolen it's either the Americans, the Kiev oligarchs, or the IMF....or all three or combination there of misappropriating the Ukrainian people's gold.

As for the basics of the western world's totally corrupted economy they are in the toilet as any economic prognosticator can tell

andreas said...

People have been predicting US hyperinflation since 1971. But don't hold your breath. One thing the U.S. does well is manage the dollar's value.
As for who stole the gold? It's the Ukraine we're talking about - if you try to figure who stole what you'll just get a headache.

Max said...

It is really disappointing that no investigative journalism exists anymore and that we have to go trawling to find this news on a blog in deep cyber space...

Thanks for the heads up - I hope the Ukrainians know they are being pick pocketed on such a mammoth scale. I hope Americans now know why people like Joe Biden smile so wide these days it almost looks as if he is laughing. What a heist!

Unknown said...

Mmm 40 tonnes of gold pitched up in frankfurt in Dec 2014. Wonder where that could have come from?