Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Extraenvironmentalist interview

While the cultural foundations of the United States are unraveling the unconscious programs of American society lay outside of public dialogue. Where there was once an American Dream, a spiritual void remains.  As the framework of consumer society breaks down, will an economic system of inverted totalitarianism reverse become explicit? Why do our elites seem incapable of formulating a rational response to this crisis of civilization?

In Extraenvironmentalist #60 we discuss the current condition of American culture with Chris Hedges and Morris Berman. Chris describes the process of breakdown he’s witnessed in other countries as elites withdraw when they feel their system of control crumbling. Morris reflects the current crisis of capitalism against the breakdown of the feudal system hundreds of years ago to describe a broader historical process. Then, we speak with Dmitry Orlov about his new book: The Five Stages of Collapse. Dmitry talks about the psychological damage created by access to large amounts of money and explains how to think practically about a failing global economic system.

Listen to it here.


k-dog said...

Days of destruction, days of collapse. A great podcast Dmitry. Lots of ideas to think about.

Take the lavender link to these great podcasts. I put the soundcloud link on my page.

Don't be invisible on the street. Don't be another phantom in the dropout wormhole. Join me, listen to this podcast !!!

Jb said...

My copy of 'The Five Stages of Collapse' arrived today in perfect condition just in time for the weekend; thank you.

MCA said...

the statue on your blog is Vladimir Iliych Ulyanov or "Lenin" as history knows him. the "unfamiliar" writing is cyryllic, the written form of Russian and the Russian language.

Unknown said...

"The Five Stages..." arrived in my San Francisco mailbox on Friday... I'm thrilled to death.

Remonster said...

MCA: Wheels within wheels man!

Spirited Raven said...

Yeah, k-dog, that's Lenin (and not the Beatle!).

Elzbieta said...

Hi Dmitry, I have been reading your blog for 2 years now and love it. I am going to show the teenagers in my school in Brighton (to whom I like mentioning about your posts)this book as a visual support:
'Moore's photographs inevitably raise the uneasy question of the long-term future of a country in which such extreme degradation can exist unchecked.'
It supports what I have been telling them about the state of the US as opposed to the image of the US from mainstream media. They latter make them think it's still the land of dreams..