Sunday, March 28, 2010

Interview on Max Keiser's "On the Edge"

Part I:

Part II:


forrest said...

When you say "No one knows why" we're getting diminishing returns, you're probably saying far less than you know.

Most of our economic stimulus efforts of the past 50 years, for example, have been analogous to putting fertilizer on a plant's leaves. The leaves get less and less light, serve their proper function less and less, while what trickles to the roots is pretty much toxic. More of this sort of same... like more money for the parasitic elements of the healthvending system-- is bound to be counterproductive. More money for education would be helpful... if it weren't tied to efforts to suck profit out of solution-pretense schemes. If you put a newer, bigger Microsoft Eats Everything
Opera-oravishing System in your mere 200 GH motherboard, you're going to get a screen frozen by a million little tasks it's doing that you haven't even thought of disabling... which you won't have time to disable because your screen is frozen.

Counterproductive efforts have extremely poor returns...

And why knock the internet? People have to talk somewhere, and we haven't been doing it out here. Maybe we need to put more thought into it where we, in fact, are meeting!

Unknown said...

Some time ago I decided to stop learning about peak oil and the coming global collapse/descent in order to have more time for action. I still spend some time on the internet on those subjects but mostly to know where the barriers are coming and wich needs I will need to self provide first, also I have learned a lot about how to be self suficient and have applied some of it.

I see a lot of internet adiction in the collapse ``comunity``, but the internet is a good tool, we just have to spend more time doing than learning.

Scott said...

Hi Dmitry,

That was a great interview with Max, lots to think about. It's always refreshing to hear intelligent people like you making sense of the disaster that is modern economics.

Hope to hear you speaking again soon.