Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New Review of RC on Dry Dipstick

Mick Winter of Dry Dipstick has just published an excellent review of my book, Reinventing Collapse. Many other reviews are available on Amazon. What more convincing do you need? Buy it, read it, and you will feel better even as your world continues to collapse all around you!


Connie said...

OK, OK, I'll buy it and read it - better to understand what is happening around us, eh?

Anonymous said...

I found out about the book researching the available documents on Russia-Georgian conflict online. Someone mentioned James Howard Kunstler and his article REALITY BITES AGAIN. That brought me to his website and his books THE LONG EMERGENCY, GEOGRAPHY OF NOWERE, and WORLD MADE BY HAND.
And he referred to REINVENTING COLLAPS as worth reading.

What can I say? I visit ClubOrlov and Kunstler’s site regularly. I bought copies of all books I listed above, not only for myself, but as presents for my children, coworkers, and friends. And that was the money best spent!

bryant said...

I read it. It was great! A whole new lens through which to view the present. It was my ticket onto the Schadenfreude Express...weee!

Michael Dawson said...

I used RC in my Environmental Sociology class, and it was the most electrifying (pun intended?) book I've used in years. One student wants to start a meet-up group around RC.

I'm going to use it in my Social Change class next quarter, too.

It's a freaking gem, folks!

Anonymous said...

Russian stock market still in trouble just like everyone else.

Unrealistic to think the rest of the world can "decouple" from the US crash.

US will take the world down with them.

Economic crash = less spent on alternative energy and the environment = greenhouse gases will continue to rise = all the ramifications and implications of that will continue to rise, i.e. Peak Water, dying oceans, continued loss of arable land = :

food shortages, riots, political upheaval, global starvation, increased disease, resource wars = at some point, someone will use nukes = ever downward spiral for ALL of humanity

Anonymous said...

Re Anon 11:20: Don't forget the other aspects. Economic Crash = less money being spent on fossil energy and a disruption of growth trends.

I remember reading a description of the 21st Century as 'the century of aging'. With reduced resources, these old people are going to die at a faster clip, and with birth rates as they are, overpopulation corrects itself with minimal suffering.

Anonymous said...

Anon of FL,

If the long term carrying capacity of earth is around 2 billion humans as some think, that is a lot of die-off.

True, the Black Death spread across Europe incredibly quickly and die-back was swift, but one of the problems was the sheer amount of dead bodies to be disposed of.

Imagine...just imagine when china and India start running out of fresh water, this after a global depression has devastated their economies. Imagine the famine, then disease that will engulf most of humanity due to drought and loss of arable land.

We could have a staggering amount of death in the poorer regions of the world, so at first, the "suffering" would be anything but "minimal".

Fossil energy will continue to be burned for heating, cooking, etc.. And, it will be of the worst kind - coal without the expensive technologies to clean it because most countries wont be able to afford it.

Remember, even if we stopped ALL greenhouse gas emissions right now, we still would not escape medium-level negative effects of global climate change.

Yeah, just imagine. I hope I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

i ordered it from amazon.co.jp yesterday. it arrives tomorrow. i am really looking forward to reading it after reading that chapter excerpted the other week. any plans for a Japanese translation?

Anonymous said...

Dmitri,I have read your book,and found the insights you have portrayed of my country to be accurate,fair,and damning.I do hope you are wrong in some of your musings,but I find no error in you evaluations and conclutions
As you have provided a road map of sorts of the future here,I have decided to purchase 4 or 5 copies to give those who may need themI think i will order them from you if it is possible...amazon has gotten enough of my money


Anonymous said...

Knik - I DID get your book, love it. I thought your comments on our useless military were especially great. Why can't I ever see that kind of angle? Well done for putting our faces in it. Best,

Anonymous said...

I've been gathering books & resources, talking about the The World We Used To Know,and giving away copies of your book. Until just recently, lots of people I know saw me as just a Chicken Little. Not now. Suddenly, I'm being asked questions and making suggestions. Times are kinda scary. Glad you market your book. Helen

Anonymous said...

I'm gathering books & resources, talking about the The World We Used To Know, and giving away copies of your book. Until just recently, lots of people I know saw me as just a Chicken Little. Not now. Suddenly, I'm being asked questions and making suggestions. Times are kinda scary. Glad you market your book. Helen

Energyscholar said...

Wonderful book, Dmitri!

I bought 10 copies this Spring and shared them out to friends and family, each with a label reading, "Time Sensitive Information! Read it and pass it on!"

Like Helen, my friends used to consider me a Chicken Little Doomer, but now they have all been doing the rounds, saying, "Hey Bruce, you told us it would happen just like this, 6+ years ago. So, tell me about ..."

So, I think we now get to watch Dick Cheney (secretly and via misdirection) cause a managed collapse before Jan 20 2009. Ironic thing is, since we know that Collapse is inevitably coming soon anyway, it's actually a good thing! After all, it would hurt much worse if the collapse was delayed as long as possible (2011?) and occurred in a chaotic and uncontrolled way. So I, for one, thank Mr Cheney for an activity (causing the US financial system to collapse sooner, rather than later) that the less-enlightened would consider treason. Thanks for doing what had to be done!

Anonymous said...

I strongly reccomment Reinventing Collapse by Dmitry Orlov. I will not summarize the book so as to not spoonfeed anybody. It is a book that makes you think, laugh and learn. Dmitry helps us understand what happens during a collapse and much more. I understand budgets are tight so if you can't afford it then have your public library, school library, or work library buy it for you.

Neil Lori Greenhawk Patriots.

Anonymous said...

Finished the book yesterday, loved it - WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!

The book is not too readily available in here in Toronto. Our big-box chain, Chapters and Indigo, has not been stocking it in any of its various outlets. I finally picked up a copy, perhaps 10 days ago, at Toronto's flagship radical-lefty shop, Pages, on trendy Queen Street West. It will be interesting to see if the book continues to be marginalized in the Toronto book trade as our social conditions deteriorate over the coming 12 months.

One's reaction to "Reinventing Collapse" is rather similar to one's reaction to Mr Jim Kunstler's latest, his "World Made by Hand". In both cases one feels a kind of HOPE. It's kind of like waking up, kind of like knowing that night and the lies of the dreamworld are gone - like knowing, in other words, that a world of reality awaits.

Toomas (Tom) Karmo
verbum a-in-a-circle interlog dot com

brell said...

Loved it. Dont think I can afford a 4th copy though. ;)

Anonymous said...

Bought it. Read most of it. Had the final chapters to go. Lost it in the pocket of an airplane seat. Gutted. I'll never finish it now, unless I can find it in the library. :(