Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Superpower Similarities

realitysandwich.com has published Chapter 2 of Reinventing Collapse. You can read it here.


X said...

Typo: "Belomor Canal, which links the Baltic to the North Sea"

That should say '...Baltic to the White Sea'.

Admin said...

I'm reading your book "Reinvented collapse" and enjoying it immensely.
A breath of fresh air. I mentioned your famous lecture on my blog:


and now am going to review the book (chapter by chapter).

Once again, a great read!

Cheers, DM

Dmitry Orlov said...

Just heard from some Israeli lobbyist who picked up on the phrase "countless walls carving up Palestine into a pattern Jimmy Carter accurately labeled as 'apartheid,'" and thought he'd pick a fight with me over that. I asked him, politely, to go talk to Jimmy about it, and then he insulted Jimmy. Go figure. As my great grandmother on the maternal side would have said, "GAY GA ZINTA HATE!"

Joe Bloggs (a la head-fi) said...

That last paragraph was comedy gold! :) :D